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Chubby Bubble is a mouthwatering bubble gum that brings us a new twist on our favorite classic bubble gum flavors, except this bubble gum will never lose its flavor. Chubby Bubble Razz is a tangy and lightly sour blue raspberry flavor with a sweet and chewy bubble gum. To top it off Chubby Bubble also comes in a BEASTLY 60mL bottle at the same price as a 30mL! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: Large 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - 60mL Bottle of Chubby Bubble Razz BEASTLY BECAUSE Chubby bubble will bring you back. A combination of fruity flavors and chewy bubble gum will have you blowing BEASTLY bubble gum flavored clouds! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CHUBBY BUBBLE RAZZ

the fuck is going on they fan grizzly
squads mmm friendly neighborhood hosting
vapor net back at you guys with another
chubby bubble bee juice review I think
that's like the fucking ok how many are
in there suck in line there's like a
bunch there's like seven flavors I think
because like the fifth one we reviewed
you get this off of premium vape 1795 for the six you know
bottle you can also save 20% off using
discount code and Cali 20 so make sure
we've got down below as well the flavor
description on this is blue raspberries
and bubblegum so basically a blue
raspberry bubblegum I mean very the
bottle gives it away itself um I was
going to say this is a 70/30 juice mix
and that comes the nicotine levels at
zero three and six off premium beef
supply so anyways the run into this bad
boy give her a smell
like you full-on it smells fire um
legitly you can smell like a blue
raspberry hard candy and bubblegum
like the smell it smells like some
fucking not even a big lead to this
reminds me of a blue raspberry blow pop
that's really what this reminds me of
like smell straight on so uh go and drip
this shit up I already got a drift I've
been vaping on it had actually tried
this juice out and I don't know what I
think I'd like tried a little taste off
of it I don't know if it was fucking
instead of yeah whatever was but it was
just how a weird because it did it was
kind of weird it was a cold like you
know this juice smells really fucking
good but it's not tasting as good as it
smells like I have no idea just try
dripping something else a different
flavor of that line so he did we just
skipped on from this one but I decided
to drip it tonight oh so sorry bro that
I forgot whoever this wise but someone
had comment in one of the prior videos
about like they're like the blue
raspberry is their favorite one we have
to try it
so they fucking I'm gonna drip that shit
tonight that's what I did so I'm going
to tell you I'm really happy that I did
we'll go over the flavor right now so
I'm using the Smok X cube ultra got the
twisted messes version two squared on
top got some alien Clapton's sittin in
there the Roman out to a point - got it
at 75 watts right now not as high as I
normally do and I'll explain why right
now I'm get a basin
it tastes just like a fucking smells so
if you're eating a blue raspberry blow
pop you're probably like halfway through
it and what I mean by that is normally
when you're was unwrapped blow pop go
normally you know suck on it for a
little while or whatever and then by the
time my kids you say you're a kid and by
the time he gets to so small you would
bite right fuckin threw it right into
the gum well you know when you bite
through the gum and you're crunching
basically the hard blue raspberry candy
and they come together that's literally
the flavor you get out of this spot-on
to handle good spot-on
I was really surprised with this one
because I was thinking it was going to
be bad after what that would seem but
this shit's hella good it's honestly
fire I mean the whole line has been
really really fucking good so far really
good totally good um flavor-wise flavors
definitely moderate it's not strapped in
your face but it is definitely moderate
flavor is there my opinion could be a
little bit stronger but that's alright
throw it hit on this one is smooth as
well there's not a throw kick to it or
anything I definitely feel like it's
under nicked or maybe it was the
flavorings and the other ones but a
couple flavors in the wine world or more
harsh than the others hmm so fucking
good this one's just as good I want to
give this one you need at a time just
like the others it's really good spot-on
blue raspberry blow pop like no fucking
joke spot-on blue raspberry blow pop
another all Divi another all Davi I
definitely you know I could probably
beat this few days in a row and stuff
it's good definitely something I'm not
going to be putting down show you that
fucking label same as the other ones
still simple
we're very nice the same time kind of
makes it feel like you know an old
fashioned like bubblegum packaging or
something like that fucking tasty man
don't I give this one a thumbs up maybe
you're definitely a blue raspberry
fucking that's your flavor profile you
love blue raspberry flavors or you love
blue raspberry candies in real life and
stuff I'd definitely recommend you
checking this out and giving it a shot
there's fucking straight fire it is
really fucking good in my opinion
umm I'm not even that hugest fan of blue
raspberry you know what I mean I
definitely like blue raspberry but you
know I mean it was never like the go to
candy mine you know what I mean it of
course who doesn't like the blue
raspberry candy you know I mean when you
get some Jolly Ranchers or something but
I was always a type of person I went
with the watermelon and the cherry
person show like that but definitely
fired definitely hella good give us all
a thumbs I recommend you to try it free
shipping off a premium to on orders over
25 so I mean there's any much more I
think I need to cover thanks for
shout out to little grizzly squad
appreciate you guys having the support
or support in the channel appreciate all
new beers as well - he shoutout to all
of you guys - you guys in the next juice
review I hope you have a nice fucking
moist night nah keep it moist as always
I'll see you guys in the next one
thanks for tuning in please

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