April 24, 2018


Chubby Bubble is a mouthwatering bubble gum that brings us a new twist on our favorite classic bubble gum flavors, except this bubble gum will never lose its flavor. Chubby Bubble Purp is an intense grape flavor combined with sweet and chewy bubble gum. To top it off Chubby Bubble also comes in a BEASTLY 60mL bottle at the same price as a 30mL! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: Large 50 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - 60mL Bottle of Chubby Bubble Purp BEASTLY BECAUSE Chubby bubble will bring you back. A combination of fruity flavors and chewy bubble gum will have you blowing BEASTLY bubble gum flavored clouds! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CHUBBY BUBBLE PURP

what's up guys what's going on welcome
welcome to another installment of the
liquid King Chronicles and of course
guys I'm your host the liquid King your
mom's favorite vapor not too long ago I
got a request to review this specific
illiquid and as you know avid viewers of
the channel know that I do too many
custardy deserve liquids and I need to
start mixing it up a little bit and
myself being a little bit more
open-minded to try fruit flavors to try
candy flavors and to try drink flavors
so that's what we're gonna be doing
today today we're gonna be basically
reviewing a bubblegum flavored a liquid
from chubby bubbles not to be confused
with a stripper at the Kings in chubby
bubbles this is a completely different
this is a completely different beast in
itself this company chubby bubble vapes
has for a liquids in their collection
one of them will be reviewing the
liquids go as such you've got bubble
wrap bubble melon bubble punch I think
will be released very shortly and the
liquid that we're gonna be reviewing
today is bubble purp okay and this stuff
already smells phenomenal when I put
some on the coil I'm in the cotton I
mean I'm very excited I'm very very
excited to try this out so shout out to
Jen more she wanted me to review this so
well Jen wants Jen gets so we're gonna
basically do the review so basically on
the bottle what you see is really cool
stuff May in the USA made in the
certified ISO six lab at the cleanroom
nobody under the age of 18 should vape
this please recycle pretty much prop 65
warnings and then it actually has a
born-on date which is 5:12 2016 it's got
the badge number and 70/30 VG
Jiji so that's pretty cool and I like
the fact that they didn't put like gum
balls all over it it's a pretty classy
label and I don't feel that this is
marketed towards children and they
didn't put it in the 60 mil removable
cap with the unicorn top it stays true
to be childproof so kudos to mr. Sears
for doing a good job on this this liquid
comes in 60 mo bottles only okay and
MSRP s for $24.99 and is available in
zero three six and twelve milligram
nicotine so that's pretty much the
regular information on this liquid I do
have it loaded up and they're very
simple indestructible on the rx 200s and
we're gonna have ourselves a vape and we
will go through vapor production overall
flavor which is pretty simple great
bubblegum and then pretty much that what
I feel is it delicious or does it suck
that's that's the main thing is I want
to stay true to the flavor profile and
if this is not a tasty bubblegum I will
give you my opinion I did purchase this
with my own money okay so that's pretty
much it
let's have ourselves a vape
fantastic vapor production absolutely
fantastic vapor production coming from
this e-liquid okay
really really really tasty stuff too but
we'll get to that in a minute but yeah
it gives great clouds great great great
clubs let me put a little bit more on
the cotton here I haven't figured out
how to rate cloud production yeah like I
said I notice not another channel they
do one through five and I don't want to
basically duplicate anything from
another channel so I want to come up
with my own wording for basically cloud
production so for now I'm gonna say it
gives great cloud production it gives
big thick really good milky dense clouds
it's gonna fill up your room if you had
a couple of buddies and you're vaping on
the stuff you are gonna fill up the room
pretty quickly so over to flavor okay
this stuff is absolutely delicious it is
very indicative to bubblegum and tastes
exactly like a great Bazooka Joe except
I can keep vaping this and get
consistent flavor rather than chew it
and turn it into a ball of rubber in two
seconds and have no flavor so this is
really really cool
you get a very very prominent bubblegum
flavor on exhale but you get mostly a
really strong grape flavor which is good
and it's a candy grape flavor it's so
good I don't know why I don't think more
candy flavored things I mean I enjoyed
circus peanuts
I enjoy this bubble gum flavor what I
also just got in which we will go over
pretty shortly is this I want to just
regular bubble gum flavor for a long
time and this was sent to me I want a
little contest so I got these two and I
got a new little mod so I'm pretty
excited to try that as well we'll be
reviewing that shortly I don't want to
bombard you guys with a bunch of bubble
gum flavors but this stuff is damn tasty
as always if you're into stuff like this
I'll post a link in the description of
the way you can get yourself a bottle of
this yeah I mean I really really like it
it's really it's really tasty
that being a 70/30 it's pretty thick I
don't know if it's got a ton of
sweetener and sucrose in it I can
imagine it does have some sweetener I
don't know why you would be able to get
that discipline flavor organically but
it's not syrupy it's not it's not crazy
and let's see
I've been vaping this for a little while
and I'm not seeing the coils really gunk
up much and I have myself an 18 gauge
Kanthal in here wrapped about seven
times it's reading it at one I'm sorry
0.11 ohms 60 watts and it's it's it's
giving really good flavor
I like it I recommend you guys go out
and get yourself some chubby Bubba
leaves for real it's good stuff
well sorry this isn't going to be a
really really long review not really a
lot of complexity to this it is a
bubblegum vape it's delicious I like it
I stay away from candy so this is
definitely gonna fill that void that
when I'm in the mood to have some bubble
gum I can just grab the mod and chew on
these clouds so yeah guys have a
wonderful 4th of July ok this is 4th of
July weekend please please be safe while
you're out there ok there's a lot of
irresponsible people that are out there
on this weekend drinking like a fish and
getting behind the wheel and that'd be
the last thing I'd want to hear in the
vape community is that somebody got in a
car accident and got really really hurt
or worse so please be safe and you're
out there enjoy yourself and I
appreciate each and every one of you
guys we're still over 400 subscribers
we're a little ways away from 500 but I
never thought that I would get this many
subscribers from doing some reviews I
mean I'm just a fat guy behind a camera
who loves the Red Sox and loves
neighboring so I started this channel to
make sure that people that started
vaping could have a channel to turn to
and get an honest opinion and laugh
while you're at it so I hope they watch
this you're entertained you laugh I love
you guys so much again have a great rest
of your weekend be kind to one another
and always keep your vape and strong

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