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Chubby Bubble is a mouthwatering bubble gum that brings us a new twist on our favorite classic bubble gum flavors, except this bubble gum will never lose its flavor. Chubby Bubble Melon is a juicy and smooth watermelon flavor combined with a sweet and chewy bubble gum. To top it off Chubby Bubble also comes in a BEASTLY 60mL bottle at the same price as a 30mL! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: Large 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - 60mL Bottle of Chubby Bubble Melon BEASTLY BECAUSE Chubby bubble will bring you back. A combination of fruity flavors and chewy bubble gum will have you blowing BEASTLY bubble gum flavored clouds! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CHUBBY BUBBLE MELON

what up YouTube today I'm going to be
reviewing an e liquid by chubby chubby
bubble vapes let's get to it
alright welcome back again I'm gonna
talk to you guys about this liquid they
either see liquid double bubble vapes
they have three different flavors
watermelon grapes and raspberry okay I
got the watermelon one you know I tried
all of them on my local vape shop they
actually introduced me into this they
said you got to try it I'm not big on
candy liquids they just don't taste
right to me sometimes it's too sweet
sometimes it's just it tastes fate okay
but when I tried this one out man man I
liked it it it actually tastes like a
bubble gum
watermelon flavor I mean it's literally
like when you know when you go to a gas
station and you know you're looking at
stuff to snack on or chew on or whatever
you see this on bubble gum just you just
grab it or whatever flavor you get I
usually get the watermelon flavor but it
just tastes just like it that's why
that's why I got it okay again I'm not
big on candy liquids but this one I just
had to have it
okay um is a 70/30 VG PG okay I had this
for a week guys I had this for a week
miss it comes in a 16 mil I got it for
like $30 not bad not bad price okay not
a bad price haul okay um again you got
three different flavors raspberry grapes
I get the watermelon one okay I thought
I just you know put this out there on my
on my channel this is my first video I'm
gonna be doing a lot of reviews I'm
gonna do a review on this um
Tesla invader 3 I know I'm kind of late
but I'm gonna do it anyway okay but um
I'm gonna beat this up for you guys but
you guys gotta try this okay try out the
other flavors too raspberry and a great
that I mean to me is not my taste but
you guys might like it so justjust try
it anyway
alright but I'm gonna cut all my Griffin
alright my Griffin tank here alright
again I'm gonna I have it on my Tesla in
video three and this is my Griffin
I already have some I already have some
in there okay and no I don't have other
liquids in here this is the actual
liquid okay
double bubble liquid in the tank right
now I'm gonna fill it up a little bit
more close
I will I have it on my Griffin tank
god damn the the flavor is spot-on it
tastes just like the bubblegum
watermelon flavor literally the inhale
smooth very smooth when you when you
inhale it though like you taste the
bubblegum when you when you you know
when you - and then bubblegum you taste
that on exhale you taste the flavor the
watermelon flavor it's so freakin
interesting it's fucking good man
I'm telling you fucking good okay y'all
got tried it shit
y'all got tried again man 60 mil okay
three different flavors if you like
watermelon it exactly tastes like
watermelon in my opinion this is my
opinion it exactly tastes like
watermelon right um but it's all I have
for you today um but you know okay a lot
of people out there in the youtube when
they're reviewing products and stuff Eve
Grady ranking so I'm gonna rank this one
for you guys for flavor taste this
I'll give it a four and a half out of
five it's just spot-on for um for clouds
I'll give it a four and a half - as you
can see I mean he creates fuckin clouds
it's pretty spot-on it's good I love it
I just love it I just love to juice all
right um this is my first video on my
channel so look out for more
Protestant abuse all my products it's a
bite with my own money
okay I have no sponsorship with nothing
like that alright so just look out for
those I'm gonna give you a real review
okay again I have no sponsors whatsoever
when I review something this is my own
opinion and you know I'm gonna you know
give it to you guys before you buy it
but I thought I just put this one first
because I really like it
okay um so yeah just try it
alright peace

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