Vape Review of Chill Vines by Quiet Owl E-liquid (60mL)

April 21, 2018 11 min read

Vape Review of Chill Vines by Quiet Owl E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Chill Vines by Quiet Owl E-liquid (60mL)

By Elena Ognivtseva

Chill Vines vape juice by Quiet Owl & Element E-liquids is an opulent medley of fresh off the vine red grapes with a crisp and pure hint of menthol. An extremely smooth and satisfying blast of flavor provides a refreshing fruit vape that really ups the ante. This juicy pairing provides you with a superior grape inhale while the exhale has a beautiful cooling finish. Cool off and buy your 60mL bottle of Chill Vines by Quiet Owl e-liquid today!

Vape Review of Chill Vines by Quiet Owl E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Chill Vines by Quiet Owl E-liquid (60mL)

hi everybody and welcome back to my
channel today we're gonna be looking at
the Washington RDA by 5gv so let's go
ahead and get started okay so here we
are with the Washington RDA and this is
by 5g date and this is the box that it
comes in and it's got like your warnings
and it's plain Washington RDA and on the
back it shows you what's inside which is
one-piece 316 stainless steel Washington
RDA one piece screwdriver two pieces of
a rings two pieces of screws one piece
of a bottom-feeding pin and it's
designed by 5gv
tech and then of course the website and
the copyright information and then your
scratch and check for authentication and
there you go so when we open it up we've
got this beautiful RDA and then here are
your extra pieces and again this does
come with the screwdriver the o-rings
the extra screws your bottom-feeding pin
is right there I'm not gonna be putting
on the bottom feeding pin so I'm gonna
leave it there but we'll go ahead and
take the screwdriver out so we can use
that I think I love these little things
so we'll pick that out believe the
o-rings and then we're gonna take out
the star of this show and here is the
RDA the RDA does say Washington on it
here there is nothing here
it does have air flow on both sides
whatever you do to one side does happen
to the other and then the bottom of it
does say by 5g vape and then it gives
you your serial number it does have a
silver 510 pin not the normal like brass
or the gold-plated so it does have that
one it does protrude some if you want to
use it on a hybrid I mean I've heard
that you could but you know that would
be up to your discretion just please be
very very careful on that and then it
does have this delrin drip tip and I
thought this was so cool because not
only does it like have top air flow
right where the drip tip is but it's
actually held together by magnets
it's literally magnets it just clips
right on just magnets so
you have your magnets here it has right
here as well and again like I was saying
it does have the airflow so it's got
like a little cutout here and you can
have it with the airflow open if you
face it this way or if you don't want
the airflow to show you just turn it the
other way and it still locks in place
it's not going to come off or fall off
or anything like that it does hold
pretty good and then this will block off
your airflow so I thought that was kind
of unique I haven't seen one like that
so to me it's unique other people might
say differently but I think it's unique
so we're gonna go ahead and look at the
deck on this I'm just gonna put this on
here so I can open it up now of course
because you know I don't have a build in
it nothing is in it or anything like
that it is a little hard to show you
that it does the air flow those clothes
off so I'm just gonna put on here so I
can turn it and that's how you open up
the air flow and then if you close it
just keep turning and again I have a
number of sides so there you go so then
what we're gonna do is go ahead and open
up the cap and take a look at the deck
itself and the deck here if you notice
it does have this little cutout here and
that's so that your airflow will go up
underneath your coils so to go up this
way I'm gonna and hid right underneath
your coils as long as you place them you
know regular diameter to where the post
holes are and then this side same thing
there's your little cutout and then the
juice wall is about I would say about a
four millimeter juice wall so it's not
that really deep um but we'll see you
know how it builds and how it vapes and
then you can make your own opinion about
that it does have this right here this
actually when they first made it it they
did make it with a peek insulator but
they have replaced it with ceramics so
this is now a ceramic insulator there
I'm not sure the reasoning behind it
they really didn't tell me but there is
a ceramic part in between the post holes
and then of course your screws are the
flathead screws
they are both silver and there right
there and yeah so what I thought was
unique was when I first looked at this I
was like what how do you get your leads
in here this
crazy like how would you do that so if
you actually unscrew these it's got like
a little pocket thing that goes up yeah
so when you put your leads in there it's
supposed to clamp down on them which I
thought was a little bit unique so um
yeah so that's the RDA and again this is
the Washington Rd 8 by 5 g8 and we're
gonna go ahead and put a build on it so
I'm just gonna unscrew these so we can
go ahead and put the build on it sorry
about the lighting and then we're gonna
be using these alien coils that were
sent to me just to try them out and see
how they're doing and these are from
Scott DC area
I'm not sure if I said his name right
I'm sorry I'll leave those his
information down below but these are the
nichrome 80 aliens they are three
millimeters diameter a 26 gauge times
three for the inner core and then 36
gauge on the outside so yeah so we'll go
ahead and use these to build today and
they're really nice you see them very
so check those out get ready for those
and then we're gonna go ahead and just
put this on here so what I'm gonna do is
I'm actually gonna put this in because I
like to have something to actually help
me get the quills in so I'm gonna put it
on this little stick here know that and
will feed it through so of course I'm
trying to do it where you can see it I'm
gonna make one well yeah one of these is
longer than the other so I'll put the
longer one in first and then the second
one and there
of course this one doesn't want to
cooperate put that in there put this one
in here let me open up the screw a
little bit more on this one top if my
lighting stayed in place more we should
be able to just slide that right in
of course one's gonna be a little bit
more difficult than the other there yeah
know what I mean yeah hey don't fret
what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just get
them in there and then I'm going to go
ahead and cut the leads on this side so
that's easier to put the other ones in
just go ahead and cut the leads on this
I'm just holding them in position over
here and I can always straighten them
out afterwards and so leave that one
there and then go and get the other
coils so let me get the other one in
and I know what you guys are gonna tell
me you can cut the leads beforehand and
you know what you're probably right so I
think I'm gonna guess it but I'll put
him in first yeah
I'd rather put them in I'll put that one
hand the cup with me these are really
really pretty coils like that so I just
like to tilt them up a little bit so I
can kind of easier helps me when they're
a little bit up to cut up a little bit
there we go and I'll go ahead and make
sure that those are in nicely we don't
want them touching the sides because if
you do touch the sides and of course it
will short so let me go ahead and screw
this down to tighten them so that they
don't move with my hand in the way and
out of focus that's the way I would like
to do that shoot that one down
this screwdriver like literally falls
right out yeah alright I can position
them again but I'm gonna cut these leads
I cut the one not both and when it
sticks in your finger it's just perfect
let's take a look at that yep got my
leaves cut got that in there this one's
still a little bit long yeah yeah okay
so I'm just gonna go ahead and just
position these which actually they look
to be a pretty positioned already get
that one there make sure that they are
even Stephens you know that looks good
to me so we'll go ahead and start
driving Stryper ninis okay so since
these coils were our reading below 0.1
it wouldn't read it on my funky 160 so
what I'm gonna do is just go ahead and
position this one up just a little bit
here more and then we'll go ahead and
start firing it I have this one on my
one 67 which is a DNA 250 so you guys
it's going to take
firing them get them to gloat evenly
pinch um make sure my screws are tight
hmm there we go they're starting to glow
now all right class
out that's up just a little bit some
pretty colors blowing nose pinch these
and get all those hot spots out anything
you see this like that is a hot spot
around the side for you pinch those who
trying to do it with my hand out of the
way yeah I guess my hot spots finally
get in there
everybody strums everyone's differently
this is my way okay so we got them
glowing so we're gonna go ahead and cool
it down and wicker up I start this oh
there we go nice and pretty
no hot spots in them so yeah so let's go
ahead and get some happiness so for
today's weekend we are going to as usual
do some ving vendo candle faith got in
the gold edition which is my favorite so
I've gone ahead and cut some strips
already so we're gonna go ahead and wick
this baby up at first I thought that the
juice ball wasn't really that deep but
now that I've got my my coils positioned
actually this one's down a little bit up
a little bit there we go
I think when I was pinching it I kind of
turned it there we go much better yeah
we'll go ahead and with this one
try looking at the RDA itself and not
through the camera go and do this sign
hmm there we go and we'll go ahead and
start cutting these wicks and animal
send them out and get to be bit cut that
cut that make them look like nice little
bow ties even very very picking on my
working yeah well let's go ahead and
flip them out because that's what Wendy
does Wendy whoops on her cartoon that
nice of left out I'm really not sure
with that ceramic piece is meant for if
it's supposed to help the vape in any
way but yeah those clothes oh it looks
really pretty nice and blue turn those
out I don't want them too much but wanna
just flip them up then I'm out just go
ahead and stick them into our she's well
why is this focus there we go
okay so no focus and stick that over
there this piece over here I'm sure not
to block the airflow
and this was sent to me for the purpose
of this review by 5g feet because why
not have my perspective on it I think
that I have a really good perspective so
we're gonna see and then of course above
we're gonna go over the pros and cons of
what I've found with this RDA so far but
yet some sure that air flows open so
there we go and we've got our nice and
waked up looking pretty and for today
for the juice
I found this through an instagramer that
actually was posting it and she knows my
flavors and she had told me about this
it's called chill vines by quiet owl
this is actually great and menthol YUM I
tried that and yeah it's I've got a
little bit left and yeah so I'm gonna be
leaving the information for quiet owl
down below which is actually the brand
that this came in they do sell it in the
60 mils and mine is in a three Nick so
yeah so let's go ahead and start juicing
this one so as usual I do like to pry my
quills and my cotton so I put a little
bit on the coils and then fire them up
so that I make sure that my cotton is
actually wet from the inside out a lot
of times people will get dry hits or a
cotton flavor and the reason why you're
getting that is because the cotton
inside the coil has not been um whipped
up so being that it's not got the juice
on it you're getting the dry hits doing
it this way never a dry hit never never
never dry hit I've never had a cotton
taste ever so yeah I'm down there but
I'm out there yeah my wigs I'm getting
ready to vape I'm very excited so yeah
make sure my Cotton's all in there it's
nice and moist
ready baby
up and I'm gonna try it both with the
top airflow and the side airflow as well
as just the bottom air or the side
airflow so yeah we'll do that on top so
let's go ahead and take this Washington
up top okay so here we are with the
Washington RDA by 5g babe I do have the
side and the top airflow boat open so
let's take a bait very tasty
I'm gonna now close off the top airflow
by just turning that little magnet okay
from here to here I'm go ahead and take
it back this way
I actually like it more restrictive with
the top airflow closed from the top cap
then I do the both of them being open I
think it's just way too airy that way
Wow clouds
okay so pros and cons I'm gonna start
with the cons on this on the cons I've
actually got a couple of them one I'm
not sure what that peek insulator or not
peek insulator but the ceramic the
ceramic bar or what do you call the
ceramic part between the two coats I
don't know what what that's for but I
don't know what it's for I don't know if
it's enhancing the flavor or not because
it it tastes like an RDA a really good
flavorful RDA so I'm not sure what
that's for um the second is the drip tip
I would have liked to have some options
on the drip tip I do like this I like
the style of it I like the fact that you
can just turn it I'm just scared that if
I put in my purse I'm gonna lose it I'm
not that it comes off easy because it
doesn't it's really really a good magnet
it's just that for me I just feel like
I'm gonna lose it so I would like to
have an alternative also um it doesn't
have a 5-10 adapter which for most RTA's
I don't really think that there's a need
for a 510 but some people do like to
have a quick 5 10 drip tips so that
would be part of the con as well as
having like a different style drip tip
where you can put like the goon style
drip tips I mean those are like the most
popular now is the goon style so a lot
of people are liking that so we don't
really have that so everything that I
have that the con is basically about the
drip tips um the posts I like the post I
think that those little crampy things
are fine they're a little wonky to begin
with but they're fine afterward I
thought that the
juice flow wasn't going to be deep
enough but it's giving good flavor I
think that it's working up nicely I
didn't have any problem wicking it or
anything like that so I don't consider
that a con
again the flavor is really good I do
like that I like that it's got the top
in the side and that you can pick and
choose I do like that and I love the
fact that it comes with this funky pen
so those are my pros yes so I think
that's about it it's a 24 millimeter
diameter RDA it's all made of all 316
stainless steel um the cap has the two
air holes in it where and he talked
about that and brass positive pin bottom
feeding pin for you yes so and it comes
with the extras so you can't go wrong
with that
I like extra o rings because they do
come loose I'm not gonna be a problem
with it loosening up um now that it's
got juice on it um the o-rings to me
seem to be good I'm beeping the shutter
so let me go ahead and put some more
juice on this I haven't gotten a dry hit
but looked white but I did get a dry hit
yes so that's a pro pro for me so yeah
so um so far I'm really liking it um
except for the constant I told you which
are really subjective cons I thing
massive clouds good flavor I know
exactly what that juice tastes like
because I've been beeping shit so yeah
again this is quiet
owl and this is the chill vine so I'll
be leaving that down below as well as
the coils the RDA where you can pick it
up and yeah if you liked the video
please give it a thumbs up if you
haven't already subscribed go ahead and
hit that subscribe button excuse my hair
and I'm all my social media links are
down below so take a look at those and
until the next one bye

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