Vape Review of Chill Bro E-Liquid - Icy Grape

April 20, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of Chill Bro E-Liquid - Icy Grape

Vape Review of Chill Bro E-Liquid - Icy Grape

Icy Grape E-Liquid by Chill Bro E-Liquids features the flavour of grape and a hint of menthol. Available in a single 60ml (50ml of e-liquid bottle).

Vape Review of Chill Bro E-Liquid - Icy Grape

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Chill Bro E-Liquid - Icy Grape

hey guys tom from nyx here today we're
taking a look at some of the chilli
liquid and in this video we're going for
some purple grape let's check it out
alright let's take a look at this
beautiful purple sparkling vape juice
chill can really nice-looking cane I'm a
sucker for purple so you know this one
this one's really doing it for me here
we got some grapes on there we got some
raspberries on there too the sparkling
grape juice refreshing soda flavor 60 ml
can inside here we've got our nicotine
strength sticker on the top this one's a
three milligram pop this guy open here
pull this driveway what they got a nice
little foam in here you know you could
curl this around your truck juice is
still going to be safe I don't recommend
that you hurl it in your truck but you
know she can handle it look at this nice
metallic finished label chili liquid
similar thing that we're seeing on the
cam but with a nice label design here
purple grape a little bit of raspberry
let's go ahead and give this one a drip
alrighty we're going to jump in here and
give a big old drip of this purple grape
oh yeah I could smell that grape drank
flavor coming off this cotton right now
and I'm pretty excited to give it a vape
all right let's get this cap on here and
give her a rip all right cough so we
just finished ripping some of our purple
grape from chili liquid there's nothing
left to do now but give it a rip mmm
first thing to know about this juice
this is not your typical grape I got to
do one more here you got that sparkling
carbonation you got that great accented
with that raspberry on there really
unique great super light super flavorful
it's in your face but it's not too sweet
like a lot of grapes that we've tried I
definitely like this one camera guy you
got to try this one buddy get into it
oh yeah oh yeah see
cameraman approved and I bet you guys at
home will love it too
thanks for watching

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