Vape Review of Cheeky Monkey - Smokin Aces 10ml x 3

April 24, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Cheeky Monkey - Smokin Aces 10ml x 3

Vape Review of Cheeky Monkey - Smokin Aces 10ml x 3

By Nataly Komova

"Smokin Aces" is an e-liquid with the flavours of RY4, tobacco, custard and apple pie made by Cheeky Monkey.

Vape Review of Cheeky Monkey - Smokin Aces 10ml x 3

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cheeky Monkey - Smokin Aces 10ml x 3

hello fellow vapers and welcome to the
devil vapor Veit reviews today we've got
six flavors from cheekymonkey kindly
sent by the people at UK vapor brands um
yeah so let's get rid of that logo and
we'll go through a bit more information
now it's not every day that you have a
five-foot monkey behind you
they sent me that a long wave like a
whole promotion package basically I've
got like a t-shirt air fresheners USB
thing pins posters stands the whole
kitten caboodle
um and it was absolutely lovely to
receive a package like that I'm going to
use all the bits and bobs although the
t-shirt was a little bit small small
being the word there it was a small
t-shirt but know that the thought was
there thank you very much for that and
but yeah let's get into the review I've
got the Box down here this is what they
come in now this foamy stuff makes my
teeth carnage so I can't touch it on cam
because I'll wince like a little girl
and but yeah comes in this these are
coming up soon they are mister Chadwicks
artists and eliquid another brand that
they're selling and but yeah cheeky
monkey they come in these little pots
you get free bottles in a pot and
they're in there like that in those free
little holes there which is pretty cool
nice little pots free times ten mill
which is twelve pounds and 99 pence and
they are 2575 pg/vg and they come in two
zero three and six milligrams nicotine
so yeah we've got six flavors today for
your eyeballs to see we've got
Californian pink fondant under pop my
cherry big melon twist smoking cases and
berry my nuts so they're all kind of
like innuendo he themed illiquid so
they're bringing a little bit of fun
into the vaping scene oh yeah I also got
these postcards which are kind of like
your cheeky
postcards on they're a bit
tongue-in-cheek and stuff like that but
that's that's what their um their brand
is about just having a little bit of fun
cetera so yeah good for them for doing
that so I'm gonna tidy this away and
then get this all worked up and then
we're gonna go into the reviews and we
are back and whilst you're here please
do not forget to click that subscribe
button and comment down below which
juice stands out to you the most or
which flavors appeal to you the most so
these are the little toe meal bottles
you get free of them in a 30ml pack
obviously and so let's take it for a -
we're gonna be dripping this up on the
Berto 5 a porous RDA which is on top of
the Tesla cigs Y 200 watts we've got it
at 60 watts on a nought point two ohm
fuse cracked and build air today so
let's take it for a toot and see what
we're gonna get from a Californian pink
citrus as a citrus vape there's
something in the aftertaste there as
well there's berries in the aftertaste
like a fruitiness nice cloud production
I'm getting a slight throat hit on this
but it's not bad for out here it's one
of those that kind of reassures you that
you're vaping and so I'm liking that
throat hit there lemonade
for lemon berries Anja saya is a pink
lemonade and that is the thirst first
thought that is coming in my head
there's a pink lemonade and a pleasant
one as well you haven't got any
freshness in there no no like coladas or
mint falls in there to freshen it up a
bit it's just like a normal glass of
pink lemonade not children anything like
that it could really do to suit me a bit
better to have a bit of cool order in
there just to bring that freshness out
of it to make it feel a bit more like a
drink rather than just kind of like a
combination of flavors there so yeah
that was Californian pink we're gonna go
on to fun down under next so I'm gonna
reek read rip and I'll see you in a sec
right so we are back with fun down under
let's take that for a to tropical vibe
straight way very very topical tasting
and I would say that is blatantly a
passion fruit we've also got some citrus
fruits in the background now this is
more of like an orange concentrate but
it's more of your orange squash rather
than your orange juice
it's kind of not a true orange as such
you know it's not a real tasting orange
it's kind of like not candied but a
sweet tasting orange kind of like your
orange coughs sweet kind of thing
I'm loving the passion fruit in there
and then this one as well these are free
milligram yeah they're free milligram
and you are getting a nice reassuring
throat hit on this and free milligram on
a dripper absolutely fine I'm really
liking the throat hit on these
orange passionfruit sweetness it's a
nice round of vape no call orders or
anything in there as well just a simple
orange and passion fruit nothing to
complain about in his flavor so that was
down under so next up we have got pop my
cherry so I'm gonna wreak read rip and
I'll see you in a sec right we're back
with pop my cherry so hopefully this is
a cherry tasting eliquid
let's take it for a tote right right
this this takes me back to kind of about
a week ago I was in Amsterdam oz in the
Netherlands sorry and I was drinking
some cherry beer remember it's called
summit max anyway this reminds me of
that as well as cherry drops remember
the little sweets this is just a replica
of cherry drops now think this could be
done we've turning down a bit I'm gonna
go to 54 54 watts
it's mellowed it out a bit it's less
warm it's more of a pleasurable vape
down at a bit lower wattage there yeah
cherry drops charge up sweets all the
way through nothing to complain a nice
concentrate of cherry in there yeah no
complaints with this flavor either so
that's a nice one
I'm liking that we've got a good free
flavor so far so next up we have a big
melon twist so I'm gonna rework read rip
and I'll see you in a sec right so we're
back with big melon twist let's see what
that tastes like
watermelon on the inhale that flips - I
would say let me test it again I'd say
there's a strawberry in the middle they
are strawberry when you flip from the
inhale to the exhale and then you have
to taste that it's like you're you know
like your bubble gum balls from the
gumball machine it's not my favorite
from the range I'll give it that
yeah it's just your watermelon flip from
the watermelon to a strawberry and then
a bubble gum aftertaste
not my overall favorite from this to be
honest - hey snot it's not distasteful
but it's not you know appealing to my
taste buds so that was that next up we
have smoking aces so we're gonna find
out what that tastes like
I'm gonna reread rip and I will see you
in sick okay so we're back with smoking
aces let's take that for a - strange
I'm getting Apple like a tart apple kind
of like a cook down Apple slight hints
of sweetness caramel sugar custard like
a thick creamy sensation possibly a
vanilla custard in there I'm getting
like a slight hint of vanilla but then
in the aftertaste I'm getting like the
dryness and like leaf enos of a tobacco
the tobacco is really like in the
background so find a background you
won't even notice it and for a tobacco
vape it is quite reassuring and quite
like tasty this isn't your usual tobacco
vape it's kind of like they've added
tobacco in there just to change things
up a little you've got like an apple pie
custard like a vanilla custard you've
got caramel sugar in there and then like
the tobacco in the background just kind
of melds things together and makes it
like complete and you know they all go
together very well so yeah that was a
nice one again not my favorite from the
range but the flavors do go together
very very well so that was that one next
up we have berry my nuts right so we are
back with berry my nuts the last flavor
from this range let's take that for a to
a fruity berry inhale up say that's
raspberry it's quite sharp but it's kind
of subtle as well I'm getting cream
coconut and cream so I might be coconut
milk in the aftertaste really when
you're smacking your tongue around your
mouth you're getting like a spongy
caking this going on there now I'm not
overly liking this one this is probably
my least favorite from the range and
it's just a weird combination of flavors
there in my personal opinion no flow
rate from this one but yeah
raspberries like a coconut cream or a
coconut milk a bit of cake in the
aftertaste yeah it's alright but it I
won't be vaping this again I don't think
you know em it depends what your
tastebuds are like this one to me
doesn't appeal to me really at all it's
got flavours there but their flavors
that don't appeal to me so that was the
forward range from cheeky monkey now
what do I think to the full range blimey
my favorite would probably be fun down
under or I don't know smokin aces was
nice and it wouldn't be an all-day vote
for me umm Californian pink the pink
lemonade that was a nice pink lemonade
but that needed a bit of cool Audrey in
the background just to freshen it up a
bit make it feel a bit more like a drink
cheeky shit what was it pop my cherry
that was the one pop my cherry and that
was kind of that was good wasn't it that
was like a reminded me of cherry beer
and but it was like your cherry drop
flavours and big melon twist that was
like your watermelon and bubblegum
strawberry in the middle there it was
alright but yeah my favorite I think was
fun down under
would say out of all of them fun
downunder was my favorite so yeah I
would like to thank the people at UK
vapor brands and cheekymonkey for
sending is free for the purpose of
review oh wait links in description
below for more information
I've been the devil vapor and you'll be
watching don't waivers fate reviews

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