Vape Review of Cheeky Monkey - Californian Pink 10ml x 3

April 24, 2018 11 min read

Vape Review of Cheeky Monkey - Californian Pink 10ml x 3

Vape Review of Cheeky Monkey - Californian Pink 10ml x 3

By Nataly Komova

"Californian Pink" is an e-liquid which contains the flavours of raspberry, strawberry and lemonade made by Cheeky Monkey.

Vape Review of Cheeky Monkey - Californian Pink 10ml x 3

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cheeky Monkey - Californian Pink 10ml x 3

all right welcome back to spinach of  reviews and today we're doing an easiest  review on a company called cheekymonkey  liquid now for more information you can  follow them up at  gems of zero three and a six and a  bottle size is free times ten mill tpd  compliant and the juicers we are  reviewing our californium pink fun  downunder pop my cherry big melon twist  smoking eye sees and bury my nuts now  what we're going to do is we're going to  show you two bottles the logos we're  going to show you the ten mil packaging  that you're gonna get once you buy your  purchase these we're also going to be  talking about the flavor profiles in  forward seeing if they do what they say  on the tin flavor wise and also we're  going to be checking out the clouds  start going nowhere and catch us back in  a minute right welcome back to speedy  drip reviews and as you can see we're  doing this company right now in front of  us called cheeky monkeys now basically  we've got six flavors from them in this  range which is the full range they come  in these lovely 10 mil TPD package ins  and come free times 10 mil in this  little packaging so when you person s  overcome last tin and when you open it  up there's the little farm in the bottom  LG fruity meals nice and sturdy in that  tin i think that's really nice  now the flavors we're doing a california  pink fun downunder pop my cherry big  melon twist smoking eighties and very my  nuts we'll talk a bit more about a full  flavor profiles as we go through them  the first one we're gonna start with is  this little beauty air called california  pink what I like as well  yeah child-safe your works that's  brilliant there's a show lemon ass up  and close if this bottle has ever tasted  it nice punchy bottles I like him I  spend it will work logos and stuff each  one's got the nine one and stuff like  that  that's your bottle and where ever smell  48 it's more a lovely fizzy lemonade and  the nice bit of pink grateful is exactly  what you get in as well the nice amount  of foods full on flavor loads and loads  of flavor to this and you getting your  citrusy great throw your lemons and  be honest it says it's a decent lemon  Ike  yeah you know I've said it before  there's a lot of lemonade's out there  some a lovely summer really fizzy summer  flat you know mm-hmm and as you side is  a bumper if you say yes I think we'll  fill a lot of sites that is 75 25 page a  page a um  straightaway I'm getting that lovely  fizziness not almost sure but you  borderline lemon I rather stop and then  I'm getting this luscious pink  grapefruit this coming through  give me that sour vibe that you get from  the pink lemonade and together the sugar  lip on this out size 50% just how we  like it right down the middle I'm not  overly done the underly done and even  now getting a lingering of a lemonade  right fruity going on and I like a Linda  we love this backing that they've give  us to do to review we've I think that's  really nice and big big love for the  t-shirt as well but yeah I mean the  packaging is nice I like a lot but in a  lot of bottles and they're all child  safety checked we've done that and I  thought well you know they're lovely and  squeeze even wise yeah yeah good so you  could there's a few bottles out there  that mmm give it a squeeze not this one  just and it's done and for more  information you can check these out at  wwk vapor brands co dot uk'  big big love goes out to Kirsty and a  whole team down air club and I just want  to move on to the next one now because  if if they're anything - followed by  this first one they're gonna be nice and  punchy cuz that was really tasty and  really you know really nice  so yeah let's move onto the next one and  the next one is called fun Down Under  and this is orange and passion fruit  really smell the passion fruit in that  you can smell the orange in the bottle  as well but it's more about you could  smell - that's nice yeah bigger I think  you're gonna like this that is a  straight white I'm game is like you you  may have smelt in it I'm gonna smelling  in a dripper I've got the same sort of  oil getting this beautiful really fresh  wholesome passion fruit straightaway and  then in comes just a add a bit of orange  not too still the vapors that makes  sense but it's still there it's not  hiding nice not stealing the vaguely  stunning an acquired layer that gives  you that right  a balanced sugar tip again I'd say 50%  really lovely sugar lips on these  bang-on point of these first dude as we  started but that passion fruit oh it's  exactly nice like it smell exactly light  as well when you cut open a passion for  it you get that fresh hashing you buy it  straight away and that's what I'm  getting from this like in a layered of  orange again I'm liking it's the passion  fruits the main one here yeah with your  rings just sitting there yeah better and  then you can taste the orange but it is  all about the passion fruit and the  passion fruit is lovely it's luscious  another one full of flavor there's  really well sighs none right moving on  to the next one and this one's called  pop my cherry which is a cheeky cherry  flavor and so if you want to go in on  this one I'll ever smell when dripping  this up the powerful smell oh yeah it's  more like a Morello cherry in it really  nice that good yes all I'm saying  mmm yeah still now as well when the last  in flavor which is nice when you get a  nice fight and it fights quickly yeah  this yeah yeah not happening with these  first free that's for sure straight away  it's a lovely bang on sherry full of  flavor and it lingers as well even still  now still sitting there still got that  cherry toast and it takes up a good  cherry it's not um it's not like some of  them are a bit chemically or a bit  artificially flavored and I'm not saying  this isn't but I'm saying  because I don't really know but I'm  saying this tastes really real yeah  Locker like you've eaten a nice you know  not almost like the black cherries you  know they've got lot more pop in them  than the red cherry oh yeah it's got  that sort of you know like when you  finish and you can taste the skin still  bits flowing around your mouth that's  alright this is what I'm getting from it  shooting up again 50% really nice  beautiful sugars on here and still now  still lingering with that cherry flavor  on my palate which is just nice glasses  well oh that's happening press release  first free I've got I really like and I  mean to be fair as well  I do like a fruity fight but I prefer a  dessert bite yeah but I'm impressed with  days as a fruity vibe if that makes any  votes were fruit yeah do you know more  of a dessert so the folks got beat yeah  soda fruit veracity well yeah and I  think these three so far straight offer  about your after bat sorry a really  wholesome really nice nice to move on to  things on our next one and this one's  called big melon twist and this is a  watermelon gum so what you have a smell  I'll have a bite what we do at the end  we'll show them all the individual logos  on each bottle you can actually smell  the gum and the water mill normally a  watermelons are stay there in it you  know tastes like it smells this yeah you  can smell that dumb what I like about  this one I'm gonna talk about a sugar  straight off sugars perfect 50% I what I  like about is from you get that lovely  watermelon right to start and you would  think then you're gonna get smothered  with bubblegum right but what I'm  getting  it's a lovely watermelon juicy then I'm  getting a dab of gum but then it seems  to fight back a bit but it doesn't go  what it does is it mixes with the  watermelon and creates this locker like  a fruity punchy subtle gum right at the  end if that makes sense rather than it  going watermelon and then just bubblegum  or what when and no bubble gum which  you've had a lot of in the past yeah  this has got a bubble gum but it's not a  stealer it's actually doing exactly what  some of the others did in the early  stage especially with the orange you  know like a passion fruit fruit strong  and then you had that little sour orange  but it was enough and this is what the  gums do that's what I'm getting as well  it's straight off watermelon and and in  comes a subtle gum nice and that kid I'm  left with a nice linguine iced as well  of both but more more of the Walkman  yeah but the gums still available in the  palace nice to say  you can get both because watermelon is a  stealer hey Thank You laughs every other  flavor this one seems to be bang on  point yeah been impressed  I really have so far so good so now I am  interested to see what this next one is  like because this one is not up my  street or Kukoc Street and this is  smoked in Isis and this is a caramel  vanilla so Becca now I have been  surprised at times with a couple of  these flavors not mentioning brands  obviously but knockin my locker you know  some of them American tobacco you want  some Lynette that woody vibe to them I  mean when you get the chance to ever  smell of that you see what I'm getting  at not so much vanilla but more of a  woody tobacco smell no quick smell just  far too so your army  piece it's a back of smells many more  vanilla in the air by the tobacco smell  stronger in the bottle which for me  would be slightly off-putting hmm but  then when you vape it  that's a battery sub smoke when you  smell it you expect him to get up a  heavy tobacco but you're not oh yeah  yeah it's a smooth - back is all about  there the caramel of vanilla I think in  this one which makes it a pleasant bite  mmm you are getting that nice vanilla  vibe with a subtle tobacco but one more  and I'm not left with that you know on  some to back of edge you can get that  sort of it's a battery sort of roughness  at the end of a fight  I'm not getting it it's a good sugar lip  right it's around about the 48 I'd say  just bit lower than the others have been  but it's still on point um a luscious  caramel - back a subtle which is good  because being that we're not really -  back of APIs we're not looking for  really overly strong ones but the linger  I'm getting at the end brings him more  of data backup but not in a nice way  it's not a bernie tongue yeah  it's still clean and smooth and it's  just layered with a lovely caramel and  together they seem to work yeah it does  I think it works cuz the tobacco's not  harsh no no we're Venson and tobacco  ones with it's a better to sort yeah  yeah yes the like smelly yeah  you know like the main ones bit weird  about smelling it and anything Krang on  it's a bit of a weird smell  it doesn't vibe like that no invites  completely different a lot more smooth  bizarre which is yeah who sees our kite  so yeah if you're down that tobacco  erode and you're looking for a good  smooth to back out it's got that taste  but also as of something else this may  be your road to go down right moving on  to the last one in the range and this  one's called bury my nuts right so this  one is a raspberry and coconut muffin is  on yeah brilliant not smelling any  coconut in the bottle smelling the  Rosberg I smell a bit of a muffin in  there as well like a cakey vibe now the  raspberries sole but still there then in  comes the coconut straight away no  waiting around with a subtle muffin so  if that makes sense the it goes subtle  raspberry strong coconut subtle muffin  and then right in I'm now left with all  free liquor lingering around in the  palate that's really nice more of the  coconut of course but I'm still getting  that muffin in Lorien around I like the  fact that the raspberries sold mmm so  allows it yes to comfort I was it just  being like rippled like you know there's  many of them out there and I like the  facts as well did you get the coconuts  right away yeah there's so many vibes to  coconuts at the end they even now right  at the end I'm getting more of the  muffin and the coconut and the subtle I  mean the raspberry tinged after after by  being about a minute later it starts to  calm down on a bit more on the raspberry  and allow that muffin and coconuts come  from sugar lip on this side fifty again  yeah the sugar list should be a point  yeah i'll so you watch today's yes nice  they're not overly done them now are  left as you say subtle raspberry nice  coconut sites but the muffins there as  well that's the one we've just done  which is called berry my nuts as you can  see there and the one before was smoking  Isis that's that one there and the one  before that was big melon twist just  showing it punchy logos one before that  was pop my cherry you can see there and  then before that was fun Down Under and  I'll still you see the first bottle  right so before we move on and before we  tell him where to subscribe and all that  stuff I want you to choose a favorite  well I say they was all nice mmm but oh  it's a tough one  cuz I really like the cherry yeah of the  pop my cherry I was not like the funder  an underbelly for me I think I'd have to  agree I think which was your he know the  passion fruit exactly between the two  outer ones that really stood out to me  pop my cherry was nice but I think berry  my nuts even that was subtle I did like  the coconut in then but I'm gonna have  to go with fun down under because I  think that orange of passion fruit was  just zappy punch imbalance was just  their wedding in was by her for a really  really nice I mean not taking nothing  away the pink lemonade was nice as well  the water meant the big melons with  layers all night yeah even then to the  smoke Dean Isis yeah I mean which was  desi which was strange for us to like I  don't know  oh yeah really nice but yeah fun down  under so don't forget subscribe to us  don't forget tell all your friends about  us and us up on Twitter Instagram  Facebook as well as YouTube this has  been cheeky monkey proper cheeky  e-liquid they like to call himself and  they are cheeky they're nice they're you  know they're they're fun as well as  they're flavoursome and I like what they  was giving off to us that sugar lips are  really nice yeah the flavors were punchy  you know even though some were subtle it  wasn't lacking yeah you know I mean they  was there if your finger done what it's  so exactly and that's a good you know  that's a good sign from a juice company  so yeah  catches badniks almost fit newtripper  views

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