April 24, 2018

Vape Review of Cheap Thrills Juice Co. - Sunset Ice E-Liquid

Sunset Strip Ice is a 50ml e-liquid provided in a 60ml bottle by Cheap Thrills Juice Co. This e-liquid features a mixture of blueberry, blackberry and orange flavours with ice.

Vape Review of Cheap Thrills Juice Co. - Sunset Ice E-Liquid



Review of Cheap Thrills Juice Co. - Sunset Ice E-Liquid

hey i'm liam from cheap thrills today
we're launching our three new flavors of
on ice we've got rush rush ice ocean ice
and sunset ice today I'm going to break
down the flavors for you so we've got
rush rush ice which is a bit of apple
then you get the watermelon and then you
get a little bit of strawberry but we've
got an added and icy blast into that for
you as well to give a nice cool
refreshing taste we've got our sunset
ice which is blueberries blackberries
and tangy orange with a nice twist this
is more of a fruity flavor for our fruit
others that's really where it's really
good juice last up we've got our ocean
ice which is a lime candy with a nice
blast what's you expect from cheap
thrills we've got a whole new range
going into our cheap thrills line which
is going to be all new flavors something
completely different it's never been
done before by us or by anyone we'd like
to thank you ke6 store for having us
tonight and launching our juice for us
make sure you give them a follow at UK
e-cig store Instagram
we've got our cheap fruit juice Co page
going simple labs byte code make sure
you subscribe to the UK e cig store
YouTube channel they've got loads coming
up stay cloudy

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