Vape Review of Cheap Thrills Juice Co. - Rush Rush Yayo E-Liquid - Black Friday Exclusive

April 24, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Cheap Thrills Juice Co. - Rush Rush Yayo E-Liquid - Black Friday Exclusive

Vape Review of Cheap Thrills Juice Co. - Rush Rush Yayo E-Liquid - Black Friday Exclusive

By Ekaterina Mironova

Rush Rush Yayo by Cheap Thrills Juice Co. is a fruity e-liquid that contains flavours of apple, watermelon and strawberry. Available in 3 x 10ml bottles with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

Vape Review of Cheap Thrills Juice Co. - Rush Rush Yayo E-Liquid - Black Friday Exclusive

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cheap Thrills Juice Co. - Rush Rush Yayo E-Liquid - Black Friday Exclusive

hello fellow vapers time for another  eliquid of you and another one from  cheap thrills juice co and today we've  got Sunset Strip Sunset Strip  surveillant this is I believe a limited  edition flavor of 500 bottles as what  they've been saying on Facebook I was  lucky enough to receive mine on the  Friday the day of release so I feel very  fortunate to get this and to review for  everyone out there and to promote it as  well so what we're going to do we're  going to take a look around the bottle  so let's focus this in you have got  cheap frills juice Co on the front there  you've got a bit of fruitiness going on  now you have to excuse me those juice on  the bottle I'll wipe that off right  let's start again  you've got the fruit round the top there  you've got Sunset Strip and all your  information there to produce coke 18  plus and on the other side you've got  your content your milligram content what  else is on there your expiry date your  milligram your bottle size and your  batch codes expiry date and warning so a  nice informative bottle there on top you  have got your dropper might seems to be  leaking at the moment but that was just  me a moment ago but you know we do get  leakage from time to time so let's see  what it smells like straight away I'm  getting like a subtle orange and there's  like a I think there's like a black  currant or a blackberry seems like  there's a lemon in there as well  now don't know if that lemon is the  orange going on there but there's like a  definite citrusy tang in there it seems  more than just an orange but it is just  like a citrus and berry twist that is  what I'm getting from this e-liquid from  the smell  so let's strip it up on the augment  druid which is on top of the ipv5 inside  the druid I've got a simple point 5 ohm  stainless steel build and it is whipped  by Leo D Designs Texas turf so let's  take it for a vape at 50 watts and see  what it tastes like nice amount of  clouds they're nice and sweet on the  inhale there you've got like a nice  fresh sweet tangy and citrusy orange and  in the back background there you've got  over like a blackberry or a black Karim  and quite possibly in that aftertaste  I'm getting like a blueberry that is a  nice fruity combination and the  sweetness is very nice and balanced as  well it's right let's go for that useful  information on the side there you can  buy this at cheap thrills juice dot Co  there are three flavors to choose from  all of which I've reviewed so please  look through this playlist  they come in 70/30 VG PG and zero three  and six milligram nicotine now these  prices I believe they're for a limited  time only so your 60 ml is 19 pounds of  99 pence any 120 mil is 29 pounds of 99  pence so that ain't too bad at all and  what does that round down to I think  that's about three quid for ten mil that  ain't too bad at all so the prices  aren't too bad and you get free UK  shipping on orders over 30 pounds so  please feel free to look through their  website I would highly recommend going  for the doughnut flavor which is Glory  glazed if not they've got rush rush AO  as well if you're not into doughnut  flavors just bring that total up to  thirty pounds get free shipping and also  as well when you go on their website it  says that you can get some ten mill  samples as well  so if you sign up to the newsletter you  may get the Tim wheel samples if I  remember correctly please don't take my  word for that I'm just going off of what  my memory was remembering or correctly  or incorrectly so don't take my word for  it but I'm sure it's on there so right  let's round off this review  I'm liking the orange in there I'm not  liking the blueberry in the aftertaste  I'm not a fan of blueberry but like the  blackberry or blackcurrant flavor in  there is very nice indeed yeah I'm  liking that that is a nice flavor cheap  thrills very well done for this so right  please don't forget to go to cheap  thrills juice Co to ever look through  the range over browse through their  website and see what they've got on  offer or wait links in description where  you can buy this from I've been a double  vapor and you've been watching del  vapors fake reviews

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