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By Ksenia Sobchak

Cheap E-Juice Sour Green Apple 120ML ejuice is a perfectly paired green apple with a splash of sour candy taste. This unique candy flavor delivers a thrilling taste, ensuring your taste buds never have a dull moment! VG/PG Ratio: 65% VG / 35% PG Bottle Size: 120ML Bottle Type: Chubby Gorilla


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CHEAP E-JUICE SOUR GREEN APPLE EJUICE

hello people what is up this is Sub Zero
infinity I am back again yes to give you
another juice review this time we're
gonna be vaping of course on my EVIC
primo with the Sub Zero RDA and it is
cheap a juice calm strawberry short
shake supposed to be a strawberry
shortcake milkshake you can find it at
cheap e juice calm ultimate fate deals
and a juice deals all the links will be
in the description down below so you can
go check them out today we're gonna be
vaping this at 98 watts and it's a point
two for build my own Clapton coils let's
vape a little bit more of this out
because I do have just a little bit of a
liquid in here and it's a differently
liquid so I gotta bake this out before I
actually drip it give me a moment
mmm that stuff is good and in case
you're wondering what I actually had in
here it's the peanut butter I went and
got a bigger bottle from Van valve apes
and stuff is really good I'll put the
link in the description also for van
valve apes
this stuff is awesome all the different
flavours I've gotten so far I have loved
except for maybe one but I'll explain
that later in a later video check out
vandal vapes they have good prices on
their illiquid and very good tasting for
lower priced eliquid I suggest Van Ville
definitely anyway it's not what we're
gonna be discussing today today we're
gonna be discussing the strawberry milk
shake short short shake yeah yep
strawberry short shape anyway let's get
into it
ooh definitely a good strawberry snow I
will give it that and it is a max VG if
I'm not mistaken yeah it's I think an
80/20 blend I'm not quite sure but it is
very high VG so here we go we're gonna
drip it up and we're gonna go ahead and
give you my flavor report on it yeah
nice thing about a Sub Zero RDA is you
just put a little bit over the top and
let it soak on down into the coils or
into the wick and she's a ready to rock
and roll mmm that stuff smells so good
and yes I'm sorry I have not been
putting up much videos as you know this
tropical storm that's coming tropical
storm Irma that's currently in Florida
right now it's kind of got us a little
bit worried so we're getting prepared
we've got whole bunch of water food
everything that we need all prepared
just in case but I don't think it's
coming this way and yes I live in South
Carolina yeah right bout in the middle
of South Carolina wonderful actually a
little bit towards Florida not quite in
the middle but you know down
it's fun in case you're wondering
Orangeburg county is what it's called
so anytime there's a storm if you see
something that comes up says Orangeburg
County that's probably where we are most
likely anyway let's give you my flavor
report on this strawberry short shake
very smooth inhale and exhale you get a
good strawberry taste on the inhale with
almost like a creamy cake creamy cakey
taste on the exhale I have to say I like
this stuff this stuff is awesome
beautiful clouds beautiful flavor
definitely wouldn't go check out as I
said cheap juice calm or aegis deals or
ultimate fate deals calm definitely
gonna go put the links in the
description below go check them out they
are awesome this cheap e juice calm this
stuff is really good this cheap juice
everyone that I've tried so far I tried
the vanilla cake
I've got donut yes glazed donut coming
up next stay tuned for that as you know
with all my videos if you like the video
please hit the like button comment down
below in your comment if you want to
suggest something for future videos
please do so if you want to have a shout
out done let me know in the comment if
you don't that's cool no problem and
please subscribe I've got a lot more a
juices coming up and whatnot they're
coming I know I've been slow lately on
bringing them up but you know can't help
it but so far I am enjoying this
strawberry short shape
this stuff is phenomenal it has a good
sweet strawberry it's not right
strawberry it's a sweet strawberry it's
not quite candy but it's also not a ripe
strawberry so it's somewhere in the
middle it's really good and as far as
like a cakey taste yes there is a cakey
taste and like an icing almost so you've
got a good blend of all three flavors
perfect and that creamy taste I think
that's where they get the milkshake type
taste from because it almost has a
milkshake taste on the back end when you
definitely one to go check out you guys
you stay safe and for all the people in
Florida please pray for all the people
that are still left in Florida and you
know wish them well hope they ride out
the storm good if they stayed if they
didn't if they got out of Dodge pray for
their safe return pray for their homes
whatever's left hopefully it doesn't do
a whole lot of damage but with a storm
of this magnitude you never know you
guys like I said before stay safe vape
safe and from media Sub Zero infinity to
you guys I'm gonna send you out in the
cloud stay tuned for more
they pawn people

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