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By Ekaterina Mironova

sCheap E-Juice Lemon Cake 120ml ejuice is a lemon cake flavored e-juice packed with creams and custards and topped with vanilla frosting and just a hint of lemon. VG/PG Ratio: 70% VG / 30% PG Bottle Size: 120ML Bottle Type: Chubby Gorilla


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CHEAP E-JUICE LEMON CAKE EJUICE

today I bring you to bakery flavors from
GP juice calm
endure ladies and gentlemen KJ cambio is
back in the house this time i bring to
you two bakery flavors from cheap ejuice
calm they're manufactured out of Corona
I want to give a big shout out to Andy
thank you so much for sending them my
way to review I'd greatly appreciate it
the price you guys 120 mil bottles just
like this only $14.99 @gp juice calm and
not just that the shipping is free who
doesn't like free shipping I know I do
good deal on that the ratio is a 70/30
blend of both these flavors nicotine
strengths available or zero three and
six milligrams I have mine at three
milligrams that's what I prefer there
are two flavors so I'm going to go over
today one is glazed donut and the other
one is vanilla cake the flavor intensity
is definitely above moderate on the
vanilla cake and I would say moderate on
the glazed donut they're definitely all
day bakes you're not going to get sick
of them as long as you like the flavor
profile you're going to dig them they
come to you pre steep they're definitely
pretty coil and cotton friendly here is
what the vanilla cake looks like after
more than 24 hours of vaping on it
here is what the glazed doughnut looks
like after about 24 hours of driving
you can purchase these flavors from
visiting WWE juice calm I will leave a
link to them in the description down
below so you can easily navigate there
and pick up your own bottles today the
first flavor I'm going to go over is
glazed donut they come in these chubby
gorilla bottles childproof safety cap as
a warning on this side has the strength
of the nicotine on this side
straightforward labeling chibi juice
glazed donut really love the labeling
here and the description reads glazed
donut by chibi juices a donut flavor a
juice that is not only premium filled
with custard it also tastes like it's
fresh from your local donut shop sounds
good to me you guys know me I love donut
flavors right let's do a smell check I'm
getting frosting like the frosting on
top of a glazed donut but I'm also
getting the donut cake there's a little
bit of creaminess not sure about custard
but there's definitely a creaminess that
goes with it let's do a taste test first
thing that hit my mouth was the frosting
okay it's really a sweet frosting like
just like what's on top of the glazed
donuts then there's the donut cake that
goes with it then there's a little bit
of creaminess not really a lot though
okay but definitely case pretty good not
too bad alright so this flavored glazed
donut I have loaded in the black icon
RDA on top of the es motifs minikin -
I'm at 80 watts and here we go
definitely pretty smooth on the throat
pretty smooth out the notes there is a
little bit of tingling but nothing major
definitely nothing major
all right drip a little bit more running
a little dry there all right here we go
let's do it again on the way and I'm
mostly getting the doughnut cake right
on the way out in kind of switches
positions I'm getting the frosting then
I'm getting the doughnut cake behind it
there's a creamy essence that runs
through the duration of the exhale okay
but the frosting it's really kind of
sweet not overly sweet it doesn't really
leave you too much for that splendid
taste or anything like that I mean it's
got a sweetness but it's pretty natural
tasting it reminds me of much a nice
sugary glaze okay yeah not too bad all
in all a pretty good glazed doughnut I
mean how I had better yes for like
triple the price okay got to keep that
in mind
but I also got to compare and break this
against other glazed doughnut flavors
I've had in the past so that being said
I'm going to give blaze doughnut a kjn
do flavoring comes four out of five
that's what I feel we're at okay so
that's my take on glazed doughnut let's
move on to the next and final flavor
right about now the next and final
flavor I'm going to go over is vanilla
donut same type of bottling and
everything I really love this flavor by
the way and the description reads
vanilla cake by cheapy juice is a
vanilla cake flavor if you juice packed
with cream and custards and topped with
satisfying delicious vanilla frosting
sounds good sounds really good and
that's pretty accurate I'll tell you
just from what I know about it I mean
I've already baked like it's down here
right now okay I baked almost half the
bottle let's do a smell check
yeah I'm getting the vanilla frosting
okay I'm getting some like custard some
cream and there's some cake in there too
but the cake is a little bit more set
back it's really about the frosting and
cream and custard with this juice let's
do a taste test Wow nice vanilla flavor
right here to me it reminds me of a nice
vanilla custard with some cream and
there's a little bit of cake in there
all right so this flavor vanilla cake I
uploaded in the Alliance version two big
Boyardee a top of the Bloodless box
bottom here we go definitely smooth on
the throat a little bit of signaling out
the nose exhale this seems to be with
all the cheapy G's flavors but it's
nothing major like I said nothing too
major at all definitely decent quality
all right so my take on it let's see on
the way in I'm getting vanilla it's like
a sweet vanilla but not overly sweet
it's more rich than it is sweet but
there is a little bit of sweetness going
on on the way out that vanilla is right
up front and like I said it's rich but
it's sweet and there's like a sweet
frosting that goes with it
about halfway through the exhale the
cake is coming out but you're also
tasting custard and cream notes
throughout the whole exhale okay
yeah really satisfying flavor to me I've
been beating the heck out of this for
the last three days I mean just really a
good flavor I love this flavor and
because of that I'm giving it a cage a
NGO slavery a thousand four and a half
out of five that's what I feel we're at
right now okay I'm only not going to
have that a point is the nose tingling
otherwise I would knock off half point
at all I mean it's really a good solid
flavor so that being said let's move out
of the vapor production test right about
now for the vapor production test there
is 70/30 okay they're definitely going
to perform quite nicely and let's do it
one this way one that way not too bad at
all right here's one for you guys clouds
up very nicely so I know where I'm at
the vapor production of the delecate
well actually both these flavors that
I'm doing the vanilla Kate is going to
be a kg and eyo favorite ice cream four
out of five that's where we're at okay
so yeah that's my take on blaze donut
and vanilla cake by cheapy G's double
thumbs up totally recommend them guys go
check it out at WWE geez calm definitely
worth the price okay I mean really good
flavors I really love the vanilla cake
obviously that's my preferred flavor
from these two so that's about it happy
Friday everyone you have a good weekend
a stellar Friday the excellent to each
other and most of all remember me
I'm KJ Ann do your host with the most
take care and I will see you on the next
video geez

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