Vape Review of Charlies Chalk Dust Wonder Worm E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Charlies Chalk Dust Wonder Worm E-Liquid

Vape Review of Charlies Chalk Dust Wonder Worm E-Liquid

By Elena Ognivtseva

From Cosmic Charlie's 'White Label', comes one of four brand new flavours, 'Wonder Worm'. Crystalized gummy worms which are laced with psychedelic sweets tarts will make you want to vape all day.Prominent Flavours: Gummy Worms, Sweet Tarts

Vape Review of Charlies Chalk Dust Wonder Worm E-Liquid


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Charlies Chalk Dust Wonder Worm E-Liquid

what's going on YouTube welcome back the  heathen vape reviews today we're gonna  take a look at Charlie's choc does the  white label line from cosmic Charlie's  now you all might might remember  Charlie's chalk dust they had the black  label line I think there was six flavors  overall now this is his brand new line  and their corn at the white label line  because they're all in white labels and  white bottles and there's four different  flavors and they all come in 30  milligram 30 milliliter bottles they are  a 70/30 VG PG mix and these were sent  over from vape society now  I'm also going to be doing a giveaway  the giveaway is sponsored by vapor coat  UK so you're going to enter to win this  full line here all for 30 milliliter  bottles and a cosmic charlie Charlie's  chopped off t-shirt okay and then at the  very end I'm going to show you how you  can enter a separate giveaway over on  Facebook okay so what we're gonna do  real quick we're gonna run through each  of the flavors and I'll let you know  what I think of each flavor right the  first one we're going to do is drama  swirled drama swirl says apricot and  glazed  golden pastry now I get a pastry out of  it I don't I don't know if I really get  the distinct flavor of apricot and I'm  kind of glad I don't because I'm not  like an apricot peach type flavor vapor  you know so it is good you do get that  full pastry flavor out of it I really  like it of this whole line I pretty much  enjoy every flavor I like some more than  others and the one word I can use to  describe this whole line will be  succulent okay that's exactly what this  line is it's very rich very thick you  know it's it's like a um just a very  rich flavor each and every one of these  now the drama swirl is it's pretty good  I like it it is like a nice treat like a  nice nice after-dinner type vape that's  that's what I get out of it the second  one we're gonna look at is the favorite  of my line it's called wonder wonder  wonder wonder description says  crystallized gummy worms laced with  psychedelic sweet tarts now  I got gummy worms in here right now my  kanger subtank top tank mini which is  also from vape society supply commie you  can go ahead and pick this up I love  this tank absolutely love it it's given  my sub tank some new some some new  playtime because I can top fill it now  which is awesome anyway go back to the  Wonder worm it's really good it tastes  exactly like gummy worms and I don't  know where the sweet tart kicks in or  not but the gummy worm flavor is out of  this world it tastes spot-on like a  gummy worm or there's gummy bears you  know the long wormy things just stick em  in your mouth it's exactly what this  tastes more taste like let me get a hit  real quick  spot on  I've been vaping a lot of candy flavors  lately and I'm really really enjoying  them so and this is this has been one of  my favorites out of all the candies that  I've been vaping a lot lately the next  one we're gonna look at is honey badger  honey brushed tobacco leaves with sweet  cream now the one thing I could say  about this it is honey I mean this thing  is sweet and succulent I'm gonna use  that word again but I don't get a lot of  tobacco out of it the only time I taste  the tobacco is when the vape is done in  my blood and I exhale everything I get  that slight aftertaste of tobacco which  isn't bad  I get honey of real creamy honey out of  it it's really good guys very rich and  very sweet okay the last one is mustache  milk watch that smoke says savory cereal  so pin something sweet and what I like  about this one it is a cereal flavor  right but it's different from every  other cereal out there you know all  these cereal flavors have that note to  it that citrusy lemon orange e-type note  to it they all kind of taste similar  this one is definitely has that note to  it but it's so much more to it there's a  bunch of more things thrown in there I  don't know what they are but it's very  very sweet  I've really enjoyed that flavor alright  now let's talk about the giveaway what  you have to do to enter same rules apply  to all my giveaways you know number one  you must be subscribed to my channel and  you must like this video number two  you're not going to pay for shipping  okay you don't worry about shipping it  will be covered by vapor code at UK all  right number three hashtag no bullshit  of course no bullshit of my giveaways  and then number four in the description  below  you're gonna put hashtag Charlie's chalk  dust okay  hashtag Charlie's chalk dust that's all  you got to write one comment and one  comment only and then you're gonna  you're gonna enter for it to win all  four all four of these delicious flavors  plus a t-shirt okay that's it that's all  you gotta do just leave that hashtag you  can write anything else you know don't  ask questions because I can't answer in  these giveaway videos so just write  whatever you want just include hashtag  Charlie's chalk to us now if you don't  win this giveaway stop over to slash of a / UK stop over  there he also has another giveaway going  on Facebook check the post out on that  page and then follow the rules there so  you'll have two two chances to win this  full line all right so I want to thank  society supply for sending these by way  truly do appreciate it I really enjoyed  everyone out of this everyone of this  line I really enjoyed all of them  they're pretty much empty at this point  I only have a little bit left I think  out of the honey badger but the rest  they're pretty much gone so really good  flavors guys I can highly recommend it  make sure you use that ejuice code that  I told you about to get 25% off all  right guys  that's what I have for you today thank  you so much for joining me I truly do  appreciate it but all that being said  I'm gonna go ahead and take a nice big  hit off of Mike angers top tank mini on  top of my over low rx 200 trooper  Edition and we're going to get out of  here launcher

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