Vape Review of Charlies Chalk Dust Trueberry Sugar and Knife E-Liquid

April 16, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Charlies Chalk Dust Trueberry Sugar and Knife E-Liquid

Vape Review of Charlies Chalk Dust Trueberry Sugar and Knife E-Liquid

By Elena Ognivtseva

Another fantastic flavour from Charlie's. Trueberry Sugar & Knife is a beautiful flavour consisting of Pineapple, upside down pancake with a blueberry maple drizzle.

Vape Review of Charlies Chalk Dust Trueberry Sugar and Knife E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Charlies Chalk Dust Trueberry Sugar and Knife E-Liquid

what's up guys my name is Shauna we're
taking out another juice today today is
a Charlie's Chunkin dust true berry a
sugar and knife kind of a weird name
there I feel like it should just be true
berry but the sugar knife kind of adds
like a nice little flavor to it
I believe this stuff used to be called
cosmic Charlie's chocolate us cuz I have
reviewed some of their juices before and
I guess they underwent a name change and
this is also before the bottles were
completely black right here I've been
out of the chocolate us game for a
little bit now so now this juicer here
is fairly interesting and fairly
complicated it's a pineapple upside-down
cake drizzled with the blackberry maple
syrup now Charlie's chocolate US is
known for their very very strong unique
flavorful flavors okay so this is a 30
milliliter bottle right here this was
about 22 bucks I want to say this is a
70 VG 30 PG blend you got your very
simplistic black and white labeling and
lo going all over the side right there
got your black bottle which is actually
really really cool because it keeps the
sunlight out keeps the juice nice and
fresh able to steep it and all that
other good stuff it's just nice to have
a dark bottle that's why beer comes in
dark bottles you just it's just a good
thing to do but regardless we're gonna
go ahead and open this manage em up and
start the smell test on it here we go
nice childproof dripper cap right there
tripper cap actually works really really
good it doesn't leak anywhere alright
let's smell this manna jammer I want a
hundred percent smell - maple syrup and
I 100 percent smell the blackberries
however the pineapple maybe a smell a
hint of it but however the pineapple is
kind of lacking from what I expected
coming into this ok so upon further
inspection I do smell a pineapple
however it is a very slight sliver of
pineapple the maple syrup and the
blackberry definitely overshadow that
pineapple by a long shot
not really getting any kind of upside
down cake out of it it literally smells
like Barry maple syrup from like IHOP
with a slight hint of some pineapple
maybe just a sliver maybe regardless it
doesn't matter we have it all loaded up
right here on MVP 3.0 Pro Edition
tugboat RDA dual coil build brand new
con in this manage Emma nice chuff cap
running at 55 watts so this is Charlie's
chalkin - true Barry's sugar in the
ooh cloudy cloudy cloudy cloudy looking
on him clouds I feel like maybe it
should've been called sugar in the dark
you know maybe that's just me throw my
opinion out there
very very very nice maple syrup right
here I have had syrups in the past or
vapes with syrup in them and this is by
far one of the better syrup juices I
have ever had as far as a pineapple
upside-down cake like the smell I am
getting a very minimal amount of
pineapple upside-down cake in this
however the Maples the blackberry maple
syrup shines through and I can actually
tell it's a blackberry not any kind of
other berries such as a blueberry or
strawberry or anything else it is
literally a blackberry maple syrup it
tastes exactly like it smells amazing
the cool thing about it is it's not
overly sweet either I just had waffles
last night and like a lot of waffles I
literally ate like six waffles like
three big ones and then I had three big
ones left and I ate them bad boys like
right before I went to sleep I really
don't know where I was going with that
story but regardless I had waffles last
night I gotta say this juice genuinely
tastes exactly like it smells identical
there's almost no throat into it this is
a 3 milligram Nick strength like usually
always it coached the throat and leaves
an amazing aftertaste in your mouth of
just solid maple blackberry syrup it
literally tastes exactly like it smells
however though no pineapple upside-down
cake like I said I'm getting a little
sliver of pineapple but I can't even
classify that as a pineapple upside-down
cake aid it's safe to say that this is a
solid Blackberry maple syrup juice and
it is absolutely fantastic if you were
coming into this juice looking for a
nice pineapple passion wood drizzled
with syrup this is not gonna be it
because the pineapple can actually be
classified as a slight undertone in this
the the actual syrup and blackberry
tastes overshadow that by by a lot by a
percentage of one hundred to one right
here with that also being said it's not
overly sweet it's more of like a
naturally sweet juice I guess would be
the best thing to say it's not
SuperDuper sweet like a lot of other
juices on the market right now where
they're just so sweet they just give you
that headache it's below
bad my back bottom line is what I
recommend it to you yes I would it is it
is a really good juice however like I
said the the pineapple is not there so
don't go into it expecting some amazing
pineapple babe go into this expecting a
solid maple blackberry syrup juice with
a slight hint under shadow of pineapple
and you won't be disappointed this is
again a true berry sugar and knife by
Charlie's chalk and dust two thumbs up
really really good stuff kind of
disappointed out the pineapple a little
bit but the overall quality of the other
flavors tend to wipe that out right off
the bat it and bottom line is it's still
a phenomenal juice anyway guys if you
enjoyed this video be sure to give it a
thumbs up and stay tuned for another one
pie add my hat get like crooked cheese

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