April 24, 2018

Vape Review of Charlies Chalk Dust CCD3

CCD3 e-liquid. A sweet and savoury blend of sea salt, salted caramel and ice cream.

Vape Review of Charlies Chalk Dust CCD3


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Charlies Chalk Dust CCD3

what's going on vapors well my review of
CCD 3 by Charlie's shortlist CCD 3 is a
70/30 VG PG blend nicotine options are 0
3 & 6 milligrams
as described as a delicious sweet and
savory blend of sea salt salted caramel
and ice cream CC d3 is a totally unique
mixture and one that you will not find
in any other e-juice and rest assured
this is really something special
oh my god oh my god Wow
oh my god I think I should start
reviewing this before I start going
crazy okay right on the inhale he's
actually before I start reviewing it's
actually quite interesting on how subtle
the flavors are but actually on how much
depth R is in the flavors Wow okay right
on the inhale you're getting a nice
level of caramel now there's a hell of a
lot of depth to it there's sweet notes
you get Ana salty note which is really
really great and the sweetness there's a
bit of sweetness in there from the
caramel but there's also a bit of
sweetness from the ice cream as well and
they are two different types of flavored
sweetness and they work really really
well together the ice cream is
interesting because it's got that
sweetness but it's quite a basic ice
cream flavor there's nothing much going
on with it but it's doing what it needs
to do for the flavor it's very much a
base note for the entire flavor the
caramels on top and that salty note is
just top bite sitting on the top and it
goes right across the roof of the mouth
and it really does tickle the sense
really really great Wow
the surprising bit for me is especially
the caramel is on how subtle that
caramel flavor actually is the the
elements of it the depth that dark burn
flavor the caramel flavor as a whole and
the texture of the caramel is so subtle
but it's so freakin deep there's so much
depth there's so much texture so much
complexity with it it's very unusual for
it to be so subtle for it to actually be
as complex and what it actually is
freaking how that salty note just tops
off the flavor really really well what a
inhale Wow whoa I'm I'm flabbergasted
after the inhale the flavor seems to
stick together a bit more the sweetness
is very can't very much calmed down very
at the back of the flavor at this point
the ice cream is still an undertone and
it's still quite prominent he's still
getting that nice level of screaming us
and sweetness from the ice cream you're
still getting the sweetness from the
caramel which you can still pick out
them two flavors the salty note is right
at the back but you're still getting it
and that's the important bit that salty
element is there and it works so well
with that caramel
now the exhale is the complete package
really is at this point the flavors are
stuck together they are combined really
really well the caramel has taken more
of a merged flavor in without you
there's not much the complexity isn't as
complex as it was on the inhale but you
can still pick them levels out you still
get in the dark burnt taste the
saltiness is still there and it's as
prominent as it was on the inhale it's
still that good the saltiness of the
salted element
is what takes this flavour to another
level it's freaking amazing as flavor is
this is a complete flavor it is
absolutely on the money Wow I really am
really impressed with this this is
Chinese tautness really hasn't done
anything as complex as this before but
it's still to me it's got the heart of
Charlie's chalk dust in it you can tell
just by the quality of the flavor never
had a salted caramel as good as this
really is fantastic the ice cream is
just ice cream but it does what it needs
to do as I said earlier absolutely
fantastic on the money
Bob on best caramel or salted caramel
flavor I've had to date freaking amazing
Charlie's short dosed thank you for
making this flavor absolutely awesome
and what I really do like is the
contrast between sweet and savory it's
balanced beautifully absolutely amazing
it there's a bit more sweetness than
there is savory but the levels of Bob on
you getting everything you want you're
getting everything you should get in my
opinion and world of Charlie's
chocolates well done really really well
done okay guys that is the review for CC
d3 done I hope you find it informative
make sure you like this video and
subscribe to my channel thank you very
much for watching guys and see you soon
and role in tobacco when you first open
that pouch and that huge amount of
flavors used to get from fresh fallen
tobacco is absolutely lovely it's a
little bit and the first cigarette from
the rolling tobacco as well was always
the best one because it was fresh it was
moisture I'd play it up hell of

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