April 24, 2018

Vape Review of Charlies Chalk Dust BIG BELLY Jelly

BIG BELLY Jelly is a watermelon blasted blueberry jelly bean flavoured e-liquid made by the guys and girls at Charlie's Chalk Dust.

Vape Review of Charlies Chalk Dust BIG BELLY Jelly


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Charlies Chalk Dust BIG BELLY Jelly

welcome back YouTube once again we back
him fuckin out with the Batman and I got
something new for you today what I have
two flavors by Charlie's chalk dust
we have shamrocks and big belly jelly
down almost fuck that up
what we're gonna do as you know just
like I've been doing we're gonna crack
it we're gonna drip it we're gonna bake
it we're gonna talk about it tell you
where to get fucking out with the Batman
bring you another awesome product by
Charlie's chunk dust we're gonna find
out if Charlie's chunk does is still on
a roll baby come on
all right now that we're back what we
have here today we have big belly jelly
and jam rocks by Charley's chunk dust
and as you know Charlie's child does has
to be wood they have to be one of the
companies that keep putting out awesome
juice after awesome juice after awesome
juice you got some juices that are a
little mad but they're all bearable so
in my book in my opinion
Charlie's chalk dust is one of those
good companies that just they're out
there to give good juice so we're not
even going to ran a lot about it what
we're gonna do we're gonna dive right on
in it what I got first for you
big belly jelly as you can see the
bottles as usual beautiful pretty
bottles they take time in the artwork
and everything on the bottom of this
right here I have a three nicotine
believe it's max VG 60 ml bottles 2195
for a 60 ml comes in zero three and six
nicotine so what we're gonna do this
crack it
and we're gonna dive right into it
what I'm gonna be using there's the
abominable inch box little white series
box done by Ryan Lynch with the
double-vision Rd a little flavor a D so
let me drip it down
we're gonna read the profile let it get
saturated a bit what the big belly jelly
is right here it is it's a blueberry
jelly bean blend with a hint of
delicious delicious watermelon candy
blueberry jelly bean with a hint of
watermelon candy blueberry watermelon
let's find out what it does put a little
bit more on then there we go show you
steam there we go
let's take room for the taste test
very sweet the blueberry jelly beans is
in your face the watermelons there too
yeah both flavors are very good it don't
surprise me don't surprise me with
Charlie choked us they take a new flavor
take it to the next level
you got good quality juice a little
expensive 2195 but it is a 60 ml so the
price is it's okay very good very good
like I said the blueberry on the inhale
you sense to get the blueberry right off
the back as you exhale the watermelon
flavor gets stronger and the more you
hit it the more the flavors stick out
very nice that's very nice done damn I
can bake that all day that's it all day
faith definitely the fruity flavor it's
very good in something part the nicotine
doesn't make your throat too scratchy
it's actually very good drip a little
bit more down slowly go dude just blow a
couple clouds damn I got that blueberry
flavor in there still shit alright you
can see the stuff piles out very good
nice thick dense clouds fucking things
are dense you can't even see through
very good very very good let's jump over
to the next flavor what I have here
shamrock a liquid by Charlie's chopped
us what this is flavor profile your
favorite sour apple candy with just the
right balance of sweet and sour okay so
they balance the sweet and sourness of a
sour apple candy so let's just give it a
hit more it sounds like one of them
Jolly Rancher flavors so let's pull the
seal off crack the bottle let me whip my
addy down right here what I got on the
rx300 with the 30 millimeter mason RDA
my paper gates give that new rx300 a
shot there we go vapors damn I got it at
300 as you can see right there we're
gonna pay perón 300 there you go
yeah a little whip yes you get it you
can definitely smell the sour apple
candy it smells just like a job just
like one of them Green Jolly Ranchers
that's exactly what it smells like
fuck it smells all point let's take it
for a taste test yes it's a sweet either
liquid but you also get the tart from
the sour apple yes you do
very nice that's very nice done I
wouldn't expect it no other way from
Charlie's chump does their flavors are
very good you get the sourness of the
green apple that that bitter sour yeah
it's very sweet a liquid
very well done damn that's another
all-day bait I would vape that all day
and I'm not really a fan of sour green
I'll bake that all day I will probably
ain't gonna last too long so like I said
they're 2195 for 60 ml both the big
belly jelly and the jam rock the big
belly jelly which is your blueberry
jelly bean blend with a hint of
delicious watermelon candy and your jam
rock again what it is your sour apple
candy yet was it with a great balance of
great balance of sweet and sour it's not
too sour it's actually very nice where I
got these at WWE em vape supply.com
hop over there put in your order for
both I recommend get both of them a 60
ml $22 for 60 miles I think bath hop
over there in the coupon code section
type in fo WTB 2000 going out with the
Batman 20 will get you 20% off your
entire order hop over to premium vape
supply they got a bunch of stuff they
got all kind
he liquids there pop over there get you
something again use coupon code for it
out with the Batman 20 fo WTB 20 and get
you so you know I also before we go I
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I get up I miss barely outside
I don't want always was left stones
which is leading us

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