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More than 2.7 Billion boxes of cereal are sold every year in the U.S. The fact is that consumers love cereal…so it makes sense that cereal flavors are here to stay! Cerealized has been thoroughly tested and refined to absolute perfection. Puffed has a light chocolatey flavor that reminds us of delicious chocolatey cereal. You'll be puffing this chocolatey delight all day! VG to PG ratio: 70/30 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle Cerealized - Puffed 30mL BEASTLY BECAUSE Our Brew Master has managed to source ultra quality ingredients to make this e-liquid line utterly delicious. The retro and nostalgic packaging gives you a tasteful glimpse of what’s to come!'s the Breakfast of Vapers! PLEASE NOTE: Cerealized contains a higher level of Vegetable Glycerin and therefore it is thicker. It will produce large clouds of vapor. However, because of the thicker viscosity, this e-liquid may not perform as well in conjunction with some tanks such as top fed clearomizers. All our flavors are made using the finest in natural & organic flavorings found in the USA! Warning: for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.



Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CEREALIZED PUFFED

hi and welcome smug vlog I'm Tony this
is slack today we're going to be
reviewing serialized puffed and
serialized jacked okay so Todd over at
vapor be sent these over to us for us to
review for your viewing pleasure free of
charge is your dad yeah and I'm a
massive fan of American series I love
sara is my favorite meal of the day
because chocolate and cake doesn't count
as a meal apparently i keep getting told
but you know cereal love it american
series love it even more and so this one
Jack's which we're going to be reviewing
first this is based on Apple Jacks which
is a sort apple and cinnamon sort of
flavor for reviewing it we're going to
be just doing it in a dripper now i have
used serialized in tanks in the past
nice you've got a decent tank I just too
especially it just works really well
they do say on the website that these
7030 mixes high VG not suitable for
tanks but if your tank takes some 30
they'll take this and it will taste
great i'm sure just to clarify it's
nothing to do with 10 cracking or
anything like that it's just literally
about flavor thickness of the juice yeah
actually working its way through the
tank you know mmm so yeah yeah without
further ado we're gonna clean up our
first tank ready and we'll add some Jack
to it and see how it hit ok so our test
for you today we've got a velocity on
there with a really nice and low build
naught point 14 that's on 24 gauge flat
while we've just got Muji in it at the
moment and it's on a freshly charged
snow wolf running at 80 watts let's give
it a hit see how it hits and see how it
tastes normally about now I'll tell you
what the resistance of the wire was by
can't remember what it was damn has some
good clouds and there is some lovely
flavor they
I wanna go wanna go I wanna go want to
go have a go okay while he's having to
go yeah Apple Zing's apple cinnamon
apple jacks it's the taste is there it's
the apple with the sort of sweet
cinnamon it's not your healthy salon
cinnamon it is your American candy
cinnamon with apple it's really nice
it's really Pleasant oh it's beautiful
now is this is zero nicotine so it's
missing that throat hit that I usually
have yeah but he's got a really smooth
pleasurable hit I love it it's really
nice let's see how we're doing it is so
smooth smoke so smooth going down and as
long as you're sort of not concerned or
overly concerned about having a throat
here the amount of AP again from it and
the flavor as well the flavor is lovely
apples apples apples just for info the
resistance of the wire is 0.14 or did
did that I think he says he already did
that I don't believe in yeah it is
available in a range of nicotine
strengths 3 milligrams is my personal
preference those usually wear go three
or four depending on one dome but you
know that's it but yeah and this is
really good it is proper tasty I would
say it's a little bit fresher and
fruitier than actual apple zing cereal
itself though I can taste the Apple zing
serious well it's just got that lighter
sort of
see now I don't know american series
you're more of the american series but
lovely apple flavor really nice with the
subtle cinnamon yeah yeah really good
really good yeah I like it okay without
further ado I'm going to clean the
dripper up and we gotta switch over to
puffed okay the other one we've got four
years puffed it's crispy puff chocolate
I can only assume it's cocoa puffs it's
supposed to be the flavor certainly
reminds me that is that sort of standard
puff cereal a little bit maybe like coco
pops in the UK but nicer in my opinion
let's give it a hit because this one I
think produces even more vapor than the
Jags nice little cloud shop for you then
yeah I mean that is a lovely taste I
time to i'll hit before just numb that
lot of each I'll make sure because you
look like you hold on sir oh really day
and it's quite hard in my opinion to
make a nice chocolate flavored vape I've
had so many bad ones oh yeah and but
this yeah it is certainly reminiscent of
the cocoa puffs cereal and it's just
lovely this is easy an all-day bike oh
god yeah it's so smooth so smooth to do
again with the zero milligram nicotine
but but the flavor in it is such a
lovely flavor it's not sickly is just
Pleasant you know and yeah I've totally
nailed it both of these are good i think
puffed and for you my favorite out of
the tape i don't know i think i'd be all
right with both oh oh definitely I've
good for an all-day value yeah that's
beautiful we're both from there all day
bite and there are very different
spectrums the Jack this isn't fresh and
fruity which tends to be what I go for I
don't tend to go for chocolates but this
still managed I think to have an audio
vape quality about it
definitely this it's a lot like the
gourmet vapes Boston cream boner not as
yummy mind also if you haven't seen that
video check out video area where all
that is and have a look at that one
because we fucking love that one but
yeah maybe not as good as that but the
aftertaste that puffed is is leaving in
your mouth is a real sort of white
chocolate flavor on on your tongue it's
beautiful it really isn't a vapor
production from this is epic yeah I all
right i think it is definitely producing
more vapor than the than the other one
yeah this is one of the best favorite
producers are saying it is 70 30 s right
yeah brilliant but very impressive so
some enough for you guys serialize ject
and puffed yeah just really fucking
lovely yeah honestly we're not saying
that just because we got sent ship for
free yeah these are definitely in my top
10 all time favorite vibes now a reason
we review them quite quickly after
getting them as well is because the
seamless or tasted them on what this
isn't going to last we need to do this
now because this is not going to last if
I know it's in the house it's the same
with the had this before nopes yeah it
has it looped yeah my elbow yes we have
that problem with the review for smaller
yes it's the same thing with low it's
just so tasty that you just don't want
to be vaping other stuff when you go
through it so quickly you before you
know it is at the bottom and you're just
like well I can't review that say I just
do the lot and you know get some more
order some more in but yeah we were good
this time we were good for you we we
saved it but we're going to yum up now
yeah I'll give it to the end of the
weekend basically okay usually this
stage of the video would come out with
how much did it cost and where you get
it get it from but on this occasion we
were sent these free for review from
vapor based but they usually retail for
seventeen dollars 99 they're available
in naught 3 6 12 and 18 milligrams
nicotine and yeah they're just a lovely
vype brilliant nice premium a liquid
okay guys that about wraps out for this
roush review of serialized puffed and
Jack stop fucking laughing anyway thank
you for watching we hope you enjoy if
you do enjoy please drop us a like leave
us comments ask questions we are quite
charity we are and yeah if you've had
any experience with this or any of the
other serialize range just it's up in
the comments let us know you'll find it
anyway thanks for watching smoke blog
magic hi and welcome smug look on Tony
this is slack today we're going to be
reviewing serialized puffed and
serialized jacked
Cyrano's tov to this a lot yeah those it
serialize puffed Sir last part and
serialize jacked so vapor Beast Conley's
thanks you really helpful yes yes ready
i am good tom not mr. anyway so vapor
base very kindly sent us these over to
check out for your reviewing pledge your
viewing pleasure you gon review pleasure
so vapor base very kindly sent these
over free charge for us to review for
you viewing pleasure Lizzie greater size
pleasure so vapor base very kindly sent
these over for free and fifth okay just
a preface this is going to be really
quick review as long as someone can get
his fucking teeth in let me just check
it top fuck draw here
oh Christ what some legs on him he
really does have it glad ya hooked on
the floor and out the door yeah really
yeah okay guys no online there at
seventeen dollars 99 and yeah it's
really lovely he liquid yeah it's really
gonna go well you just made like he's 68
no nor three 6 12 18 so we were sent
these free for review from vapor base
but they retail at 17 not yeah that's
about it in that yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah mmm okay guys that about wraps up
for this ejuice review for see realized
puffed and jacked yeah that made you do
good fuck come on the supposed to be
easy yeah it's supposed to be easy okay
guys that about sums it up for our
review of this ejuice review it review
of an Aegis review well I think I talked
a lot of shit actually they kept getting
their words wrong but is it free is
common with them yeah just shit upon
shit upon she mistake after mistake I
call it shite esque

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