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By Elena Ognivtseva

Cassadaga Liquids Cannoli Line is a fantastic collection of Cannoli based blends with complementary twists. Cannoli Be One is what started it all; a vanilla and cream filled cannoli so tasty you’ll shout its’ name to the heavens! VG to PG Ratio: 80/20 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Cassadaga Cannoli Be One BEASTLY BECAUSE Cassadaga Liquids are expertly hand crafted blends where you can just taste the premium ingredients! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CASSADAGA CANNOLI BE ONE

what's up y'all it's J furie back with
another juice review for you and this
time we got a really hyped juice it's
everywhere in the vape community right
now it's all over giant vapes and has
its own Facebook group page for a juice
and it is cannoli b1 it's made by
Cassadaga liquids I don't know if I'm
pronouncing that right my bad if I'm not
I don't know where the name came from I
guess you could look into that more and
find it out but I know a guy named John
Nathan came out with this juice some of
you people in the community may know him
I know he's worked for vapor flask and
pretty shorted advertising for them and
whatnot and now he has a very successful
juice out so much props to him never
hate on nobody on the comma keep doing
your thing he got some other great
flavors coming out with this line that I
can't wait to try that really look
promising but right now it's all about
this cannoli right here and we're gonna
get into it in just a second but I got
this juice from Zulu vape you can also
get it from giant vapes you can get it
from Casa Dogg liquids there's a couple
other places online that you can get it
from as well and I'm gonna put Zulu vape
in the description because that's why I
bought it from was trying to get it from
giant vapes when they were having a sale
but they sold out they sold out of this
juice like three four times I mean it's
probably sold out now every time they
restock it it's gone so I know you guys
are waiting let's see what the hype is
all about let's get this thing in here
right now drip it see what notes see
what flavors I get I'll let you guys
know and what do we got vaping this on
the cyclone mark Oh with my new wrap I
think I'm gonna do a video Jay wraps
really killed it I don't even want you
to see it but you're going to it's at 30
Watts 500 degrees 0.57
if you can see that yeah that red is
slick right if you want to know about it
ask me in the comments but I might
mention it when I review this rap as
well anyway I got the hobo v3 on there
and we're gonna drip this thing and see
what we get been vaping this stuff for a
while now just so you know
I'm actually gonna bump this up a little
bit get a little bit more heat from it
alright let's go to the description real
quick there's another really long
description on giant vapes if you want
to look that up it tells a little a
little funny story you can go check that
out but I'm on the juices site right now
and it's a Sicilian classic in liquid
form a delicious and savory vanilla
cookie shell filled with sweet
delectable and multi-layered vanilla
cream filling okay one thing they don't
mention that I most definitely get from
this and a lot of places that you get a
cannoli you're gonna get chocolate chips
in it or maybe a little bit of chocolate
syrup drizzled on top definitely get
chocolate chip from this juice just
enough though not too much okay let me
bake this one more time
straight from the bat it's a cannoli
they nailed it spot-on I know there's
other cannoli juices out there I
personally haven't tried any until this
aisle of cannolis it's probably my
favorite dessert Italian grew up in an
Italian family I'm not all Italian but I
grew up in an Italian family
I love cannolis it's always been my
favorite dessert that and cheesecake but
this is it it's its own point you get
the cannoli shell you get the vanilla
cream some it all depends some cannolis
are different some you get that that
strong regatta
cheese flavor in there that they make it
with but I don't get that from this I
know some people did I read some reviews
on giant beeps there's a ton of reviews
on there and some people said they got
that cheese I get a vanilla cream with a
cannoli flaky pastry shell with a little
bit of chocolate chips in it it's it's
phenomenal and it's complex - I
definitely get different flavors as I
vape it more like if I go straight
through the nose straight through the
nose is just all pastry and vanilla like
I mentioned before I don't get tastes on
the inhale I get everything on the
on the exhale I just I get it all it all
comes together the cannoli shell the
vanilla cream and a little bit of
chocolate chips that are in there I mean
that's what I'm getting if you like a
cannoli then you're gonna love this
juice and that's what I think of it it's
excellent definitely one of my favorite
juices of the year just as good as
favorite juices of last year if not
better you can go get it where I told
you check out the story behind it and
look at the company I know he got a
strawberry cannoli coming out I know we
got a pistachio cannoli coming out I
can't wait to try those juices and
review them for you guys so if you got
any questions about it different places
you can get it comment in the comment
section I mean I could talk about this
juice all day but not much more I can
tell you just giving you my honest
opinion trying to help you guys out help
you find a really good juice that I
think you're gonna love I highly
recommend this juice I get you know
whatever decent throat hit you're gonna
get for 3 milligram vaping into 3 group
3 milligrams I'm not sure about the
pg/vg ratio so you can look into that if
you want it's definitely a thick juice I
actually think it is 88 EVG 20 PG I'm
sorry I'm pretty sure that it is don't
quote me but I'm pretty sure I've been
dripping it haven't put it in a tank yet
whenever I get my hands on some more
I'll tank it I drip to conserve but
please subscribe thanks everyone for
your support like this video I got some
more reviews coming for you guys this
week I got the avocado dripper tank
coming tomorrow I'm gonna get a stout
mod coming in this week coming up so
I'll definitely be reviewing those for
you guys so come back to the channel
check it out I'm gonna keep trying to
get as many videos as I can out for you
guys with the funds that I got I'm not
getting nothing sent to me for review
buying everything with my own money so I
can help out the people in the community
and I appreciate the love of and
for that and I love you guys back and
I'll see you next time

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