April 19, 2018



Cassadaga Liquids Cannoli Line is a fantastic collection of Cannoli based blends with complementary twists. Cannoli Be Nuts takes the original vanilla cream filled cannoli and mixes in chopped pistachios to create an entirely new savory blend! VG to PG Ratio: 80/20 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Cassadaga Cannoli Be Nuts BEASTLY BECAUSE Cassadaga Liquids are expertly hand crafted blends where you can just taste the premium ingredients! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CASSADAGA CANNOLI BE NUTS

what's going on guys my name is bobby
from ejuice reviews and i got another
great EGS review for you today from the
cat said dog a liquid line
this is Canole be nuts i'ma see if I'm
going to focus in on the bottle it's got
all your this is three milligram
nicotine it comes to zero three and six
milligrams nicotine it's got your
warnings all your warnings and also has
to born-on date as well which is I think
all bottles should have the born-on date
this was born four months ago so it's
nice and steeped out I got it off a
breezy calm BRE a zy calm it was $19.99
for a 60 ml bottle which is really good
prices yeah
so there are 70/30 blend it's a
pistachio cannoli flavor they have four
flavors in their line they first came
out with the cannoli b1 which is the
original cannoli flavor the 19 now with
the 10 only be mine which was a
strawberry cannoli flavor and they came
out with the pistachio cannoli the
can only be nuts and they came out with
a fruit loop layer of fruit loop cannoli
flavor which is the breakfast cannoli B
breakfast I believe it's golden and they
also came out with the chocolate chip
cannoli umm which is the cannoli be
reserved now all other flavors are
amazing but I think this is the best
flavor in the bunch let me give you guys
a smell test and I'm going to get into
what it tastes like it's got an amazing
smell to it
probably one of the best-known e-liquid
even if you don't like the small
pistachios it doesn't really smell like
pistachio it smells better than a
pistachio yes me I'm a huge fan of
pistachio nuts pistachio ice cream
pistachio gelato
I love pistachio but it doesn't really
have that true authentic pistachio smell
but it's a great smell like I said it's
nothing you know if you don't like
pistachios you're still going to like
this juice if you like dessert bakery
cream thinks you're going to love this
freaking juice let me tell you so it
smells great let me give you a little
taste let me just try a little bit here
oh it tastes so good you can always tell
if it's going to be a goody juice if you
can just taste a tiny bit always shake
your bottle first make sure it's not
separated the nicotine from the VG PG
all that but the taste I mean you can
tell if it's a good Nick if it's a
strong Nick you know if it tastes a
little bitter a little funky chemically
and then you know it's probably not
going to be that good but this tastes
amazing it's got great chew I mean it
tastes it really tastes great so I'm
going to go ahead and show you guys what
I'm using to them using the goon the
black authentic gu24
I'm using it on i Julie Mac so the for
for battery this is one of my best and
favorite setups I love the I go back so
goes down the point zero five and
wattage mode it says point zero six
online on their different websites but
I've definitely built it down the point
of five so I have a single coil on here
today I have a that's a frame staple
with a five wrap ten pieces of 0.5
ribbon with 26 gauge frames all
stainless steel with 36 wrap on the
outside that's a point one for a single
coil and I'm one of a bit at 70 watts to
start out it's nice and dripped on when
you show you some cloud production
definitely dense clouds really really
dense clouds let me drip a little bit
more for a 70/30 I mean add a 1 to 5
vapor production I definitely give it a
I mean it's solid vapor production
that's only at 70 watt so it's probably
well I turn to 80 waters there we got
plenty plenty of clouds I mean you
definitely cannot complain about the
clouds on the flavor on this juice is
freakin phenomenal if the it's got this
I mean I mean let me tell you this first
of all miss huge fan of cannolis I'm not
I'm not Italian but I am a chef and I
love cooking cannolis I love eating
cannolis I love doing the marscapone
with the ricotta cheese mixture in there
you know I mean I got to have both of
those cheese's cheese's in my cannolis I
think it makes the best cannoli when you
use both ricotta and marscapone anyway
we get back to the e-juice you do not
really taste a true cannoli flavor or
the pistachio but it's an amazing
flavored ejuice just just because it
doesn't really taste the profile I would
still pick this up if you're a dessert
faint if you're a bakery fan if you're a
cream fan basically it's an amazing
cream custard flavor with a nice
sweetness to it it's almost like a
butter butterscotch sweet
with like a like a glaze like not you
know what I mean like I mean it's just
got a tiny bit of a nutty flavor but
it's really like not if you bought
anything like almond flavored educe it's
not doesn't it taste like nuts you know
what I mean it just tastes phenomenal
you have got to try this out too -
believe me I mean you can believe me or
not but I raid it out of five I would
give it a five all day
definitely it's an all day vape you know
all week late ball monk I would probably
buy another four or five of these bottle
this is my favorite Aegis to date it
does not gunk up your coils it's not the
thickest ejuice I wish it was a little
bit thicker to be honest with you but it
doesn't go with your coils I wish was a
little clearer but you know you can't
complain it like I said it doesn't gunk
your coils I don't mind the little amber
color 70/30 you know it's perfect it's
clean it's I don't you know I don't want
to keep repeating myself this is it and
it's just a phenomenal juice you got to
try it
pick it up over a breezy calm these guys
are amazing you know I'm sure you can
find on other sites but that's my go-to
site check them out all right guys I'm
going to get out of here once again I'm
Bobby from ejuice reviews and I'll see
you on the next one

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