Vape Review of Candy Punch E-Liquid by FAR

April 19, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of Candy Punch E-Liquid by FAR

Vape Review of Candy Punch E-Liquid by FAR

An e-juice created by FAR E-Liquid, this 10ml bottle is full of candy and fruit flavourings for a sweet medley. Prominent Flavours: Candy, Fruit

Vape Review of Candy Punch E-Liquid by FAR

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Candy Punch E-Liquid by FAR

what's going on YouTube truthful vapor
here coming at you with another review
today I'm going to be doing our by
element illiquid sixes candy punch they
have two other flavors I believe in this
pineapple Boise and neon green slush
I've had pineapple bliss it's it's an
okay pineapple it's not the edge let's
see here on the bottle you know it's a
75 25 so you kind of want to just use
this on a drip or you can pour down the
tank I feel like it's a pretty cool
little bottle though I actually like it
if you pick this up in a hundred ml
bottle I believe it comes in a like
spray can like an aerosol spray can
bottle as like a stash game pretty much
so I feel like that's pretty cool too
okay alright so their description is
it's a hanging full of skittles what I
get is exactly that I learn full of
Skittles a little bit with far liquids
is there's a slight I would say
alcoholic taste but some some companies
actually use alcohol to extract their
flavors so case anyone wants to know I
got some try twisted Clapton's in here
with a point one known in a hundred
watts I love my little X cube alter just
because of this it's the only reason I
got it
okay obviously cloud production layer
275 25 would I buy it again hell yeah I
love element line elements element makes
them really good e-juice I have to say
their dripper series is really good if
you don't mind you know like I said in
my fresh-squeezed video if you don't
mind doing me you know pulsing recoils
every once in a while but it's going to
gunk them up real quick this stuff on
the other hand doesn't do it as quickly
as firstly these fresh squeeze is pre
sugary that burn I had on my lips gone
now but that was there for a good month
from that juice so anyway guys and we
putting up another video here shortly
thing I'm going to go ahead and do man
from Nantucket if you like my videos be
sure to subscribe click that little Bell
button go on my Instagram give me a
I think I'm too away from 400 reservoir
now help me out guys get me out there
I'm going to start doing stuff here in
the future safe on everybody

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