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Candy King Sour Worms 100ML ejuice is a perfectly combined sweet and sour gummy flavored e-liquid. This incredible Sour Worms E-Liquid flavor features orange, lime, lemon, strawberry, cherry, and raspberry all topped off with a sweet dose of granulated sugar. It tastes just as good as it sounds! If you really enjoy Candy King E-Juice, also try their other flavors within this brand like Candy King Batch or Candy King Belts or Candy King Strawberry Watermelon or Candy King Swedish.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CANDY KING SOUR WORMS EJUICE

howdy fucking newbie what is up MCB
squad beat Bama to host your friendly
neighborhood vapors Matt and Pat
bringing you another EGS review here
today we got candy cane it smells ball
sour worms then uh so he's shoutout for
the vapor supply I'm making this
possible and he's shot up to all our
subscribers and all subscribers that
have been coming and not subscribed to
our page we greatly appreciate it you
guys I'm gonna show this this was sent
by the vapors pot Pat said sour worms
he's gonna read a description everything
for you but just wanted to say huge
shout out to a chase from the vapor
supply for send a message choose to
review we greatly appreciate it just
want to say check out the vapor supply
guys they got some crazy crazy fuckin
deals on juices and I'll give you a 10%
code that we'll leave down below in the
description as well that can save you an
extra temper song whatever you're
spending hell yeah fuckin great prices
this one right here you could actually
purchase off of vapor for
$25.99 this is a hundred dollar bottle
of juice okay fine
a bottle of juice let me to show you it
so this the label and it comes in this
huge-ass guerrilla bottle as you can see
that 3 milligram juice like we're vaping
as always says 100 ml on the front I
think these are like the window 3 and 6
Echidna but I think these are the 120
though unicorn bottles or the gorilla
bottles these are 120 mils really I'm
almost sure dude I could swear maybe not
now I don't know dude I only see that
because I've seen ones that are 120 mils
and they look the same size and it's
just as a hundred ml on front maybe it's
more than that both their little
description on here it says it's a sweet
and sour gummy worm flavor that will
make you feel like a kid again
and does it make you feel like like a
like a kid again I don't know about that
but it does taste like some fucking gum
norms like spot-on dude like no joke
hella smells like it too like some sour
fucking gummy worms like blows fucking
gummy glue out of water paillasse right
that's good we haven't had many gummy
flavors like that like gummy worm
flavors no wow oh yeah gummy blue and I
think this it's like pretty much it I
could recall top of my head I didn't
even really like gummy blues okay but it
wasn't that great there's like something
else - well you taste like Apple and
glue Roger you can taste the different
like candy flavors in their own sweet
you could taste the gummy worms - no
yeah you can I think they did a good job
with that for $25.99 - it's super good
and its really smooth as well there's
like no fucking throat head on it
whatsoever it's a really smooth gene
like fucking Caribbean like a like a
like this one it's not like real like
sour or anything neither how like
bazooka sour straws was yeah that shit
was like it was too sour for me to be
honest it was just like bile II like
bile sour like you know what I mean like
I get heartburn almost from like when
you fucking like vomit in the back here
throughout that's what it felt like
Johnny Mac yeah straight up hella nasty
yeah I like it I think it's like perfect
like really good that they did like a
excellent fucking job
yeah like a ramen yeah sour gummy
wearing be free hands down in all week
bait fuck yeah like I'm good
that's gonna be path and give me the
other half I'm expecting half of it too
from them like this stuff's really good
uh just a vape sighs hot off of it I
enjoy the fuck out of it I'd want to
give the flavor on it I could solid like
I'm gonna say a nine out of ten I see it
as an all day all week mate for sure
something you could definitely vape
until it's basically gone I don't know
how how's it on your coils I mean it's
not too bad
I've been vaping that like since like
like all day pluck it like like it comes
I did eight and a half or something yeah
I think he started on this bottle and
keep in mind these bottles were probably
like they were right here at this very
first round piece on the bottle that's
where it started off I'm not sure if you
can see the line and I surveyed that
much that's what it sundews coils that's
not that bad actually
they're certain and those were used
coils I've noticed with the used coils
they gunk up a lot faster than brand new
coils I can you just burn them off they
gunk up like no fucking other but yeah I
want to give that cheese Saul a two
thumbs up I recommend you guys to try a
$25.99 for the price King and beat I
mean you can't even argue ahead that's a
good deal
yeah proof let's move on to the next one
by then so make sure you stay tuned wait
for that notification if you're
subscribed click on this shit right away
make sure you like this video and
subscribe to Vanna not already so you
will get that notification for the next
one piece' see you in the next review

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