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Candy King Batch 100ML ejuice is a tantalizing bottle that features a highly unique concoction of various flavors for the perfect candy taste. Batch E-Liquid combines tangy orange, sweet cherry, tart lemon, and sour lime in one of the best candy e-juice flavors ever created. If you really enjoy Candy King E-Juice, also try their other flavors within this brand like Candy King Belts or Candy King Sour Worms or Candy King Strawberry Watermelon or Candy King Swedish.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CANDY KING BATCH EJUICE

your mentor don't trust logos you get
one of YouTube King VAP come at you with
another review see the main we out here
lies like this welcome back guys coming
at you with the candy King - dumb dumb
dumb went to the shop today seeing my
boy Matt up there Josh got some new
stuff in it retro shout out retro is
Kimmy lace got the candy King supposed
to be sour patch kids
now this 100 mils hundred mils for 25
what was the 30 bucks
can't go wrong man be testing this juice
out in the avocado got some fuse
Clapton's in there firing off as usual
Oh real nice box man they did a good job
on this one you know kind of kiddush but
they got all the labels stripped more
you know the NIC the warnings which is
cool you know I mean do you think man
but as usual on this channel we're gonna
do a smell test taste test all that good
shit let you know how to juices let you
know what I think of this juice and then
we're going to get into a manhunt like I
said it's a flavour description on this
one is self-explanatory man sour patch
kids sugary
sour patch kids I like sugary stuff the
smell of it give another smell test
these gorilla bottles though are dope
keep doing the gorilla bottles these are
shitting on everything the smell test
menu get like you open a bag of Sour
patches you get that all them fruits all
that smell that sourness from it all the
sugar everything you get that from that
smell test I already got this build-up
freshly wick just gotta saturated
got into the juice yet honestly this is
going to be like the first time trying
it type our deal tonight okay okay not
bad they did decent with this juice man
you get a surprisingly you get the
I thought it would just be like
overpowering like sweetness it's very
sweet definitely a sweet juice uh you
get the tartness from the sourness an
inhale man a way to explain a man is
like taking a bite into sour patches you
get the sourness you get the fruitiness
you know it's nice in the beginning but
the ending ends with sourness I don't
know if you ever seen that commercial
when they blow the horn when she walks
in the room stuff like that it's kind of
like that on the inhale it's nice sweet
you know all those flavors you get that
gumminess to it I dig it I dig it I
think it's gonna take me a couple more
days to really get into this juice I
mean fucking Hunter Mills it's gonna
take me two weeks to do this but as of
like just trying it out and testing it
today it's definitely true to what it is
it's candy sweet very very sweet candy
flavor you know if you like candy
flavors I'll recommend it I mean it's
not bad for 30 bucks go grab your
hundred mils man get with the hunter
Mills squad it's not bad definitely sour
candy man you get that on the NAO and
exhale very sweet
I don't know if it's got the lead I
think it's 70 uh 70/30 oh don't don't
don't don't do yeah 70/30 not bad man
not bad they did a good job
aim pops they do have another one a
sweetest sweetest swedish fish up there
I think I might go cop that one too just
to do a review on it and that one was
like more toned down that one was more
like straight gummies with like fruits
this one's more sour more tartness more
sourness sugar sugar sugar I like it
though you want to find this juice they
got to say e juice calm I'll leave links
in the description or you can go to
retro vape on Euclid F and go copy a
bottle cuz it's the newest thing in go
up there man go see Josh josh cool is up
Josh can hook you up go see Josh retro
vibe shout out iron man tamati here stay
tuned for the next review

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