Vape Review of Campfire Outdoors & Smores E-liquid (60mL)

April 18, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Campfire Outdoors & Smores E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Campfire Outdoors & Smores E-liquid (60mL)

A campfire side favorite has finally made its way to a delicious vape juice with Campfire Outdoors & S'mores E-Liquid! This classic combination fuses sweet and spice laden flavor notes to foster a most pleasing vape treat. A front note of golden graham cracker flows throw your tastebuds delivering a crunchy bite of flaky cookies intertwined in a bed of cinnamon. A flavor body of creamy marshmallows spills on the flavor body with rich and gooey textures. A final exhale of smooth, mouthwatering and just plain delicious chocolate finishes this ejuice off excellently. Be sure to buy a bottle of Campfire Outdoors & S'mores E-Liquid (60ML) today!

Vape Review of Campfire Outdoors & Smores E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Campfire Outdoors & Smores E-liquid (60mL)

hey what's up everybody g.od three to
five vapor reviews this is going to be a
little bit longer than usual video I got
some vape mail that just came in a a
juice review giveaway and a couple of
shoutouts so you know what I mean let's
uh I guess we'll start off with some
shout outs it's my first time doing a
shout out so you know I mean I don't
know if I'm going to do it right there's
probably no right or wrong way to do
this but so my first shoutout is going
to be to Alexander Rose er on instagram
he goes by twin dad vapor does some I
took a look at his Instagram page he
does a amazing filter work on Instagram
I just used my regular photos and I
think there's like one filter that I use
it's like the first one that you come to
and that's about the extent of my my
filter work on on the photos so give him
a follow check him out twin dad vapor on
Instagram does amazing photo work he
does uh I guess like promotional pieces
where you sent him your products and
he'll just do amazing photo work so give
him a follow also I want to give a shout
out to a Kit Kat oh one four eight she's
the manager over at at the at symbol at
vapor 99 LLC you're looking to promote
your your brand your your juice your
juice line or mods and stuff like that
she's tattooed down very sexy-looking
very cool we were chatting today on
Instagram this morning I was kind of
late to work and not her fault I was
just you know I did this whole stupid
little life thing on Instagram so I'm
really liking that new feature on on
Instagram where you can do live videos
and I'm just you know I mean I'm
thinking a lot I could do some tutorials
maybe some live juice reviews and I was
just on there a second ago and I saw
MTurk he's doing a live build on
Instagram so that's that's pretty cool
alright so yeah she she does promotional
pieces - she's a vape model she's a
mother and she's a vapor so give her a
follow on Instagram guys Kit Kat oh one
four eight alright guys so for the
giveaway I got these
fused Clapton's they're on a two point
five millimeter bit 26 gauge scores with
36 wrap alright guys so just hang tight
till the end of the video and I'll show
you how to enter it very simple just you
know I mean leave a comment down below
with an X 1 or X 1 and then your comment
that's just letting me know that you're
entering into the giveaway if you win
and I want to try to get at least at
least 10 comments you know what I mean
5-10 comments for the giveaway to happen
and of course you're going to pay the
shipping it's like 3 bucks you know what
I mean it's it's really a no-brainer
alright so I got some vape mail uh I
don't know if you heard the dogs barking
in the background but I just got some
mail from them from the vape mail lady
see what we got here it's from a double
comma vapes out in Oh kind of in my
backyard Simi Valley California I did
juice reviews for this guy JJ on the
double clutch crunch and and this one
the murciélago macchiato it's like it's
a caramel macchiato coffee vape this
shit is the fucking bomb so they come in
these huge 60 ml bottles and the price
is right the flavor is right on point -
so let's see what we got in the box look
at that couple of stickers to put on my
wall and we got two bottles of juice I
forget what I asked him to send me so uh
Countach crumble like the Lamborghini
Lamborghini Countach so that got a
review coming up on that pretty soon and
a second one we got here Hot Wheels
alright guys so uh you know I mean
subscribe to the channel and if you want
to get notified of all the videos that I
post up you know I'm a virgin a couple
of videos a week some cases one a day
and sometimes once a week so hit that
there's like a little I don't know if
it's right here or right here there's
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and you'll get notified which is
probably the best thing to do to get
notified so if you win the if you went
in any any of my giveaways out you'll
get notified you know through that
little Bell thing alright guys so uh the
juice we are reviewing tonight is uh III
right you know I mean I forget so I have
to write shit down but anyways it's from
a company called outdoors well the
flavor is called outdoors and s'mores by
campfire juice so I want to give a shout
out to you to those guys that campfire
juice I I forget who it was I talked to
over at ECC a couple weeks ago so this
one is manufactured by Charlie's chalk
dust I've had several of their flavors
not too bad they're actually pretty good
anyways it it comes in this simple you
know simple box very simple labeling but
it's a the box is GCC compliant as well
as the bottle so it's a 60 ml bottle
it's called campfire the flavor is
outdoors and s'mores yeah I mean so it
has like this kind of like paper it's
like a paper label but anyways there's
the bottle so it does come with like a a
child safety cap before you put this top
on so it's totally you know I mean
totally GCC compliant alright guys so
nicotine strengths on this juice is 0 3
& 6 you can pick this up at vape Society there's two sites I'm a
little confused there's vape Society and then there's vape Society
supplies calm so I'm you know what I
mean I think they're both the they're
both the same site so $21.99 for 60 ml
there's a coupon code you could use -
it's a one-word ejuice and you'll save
20% on your checkout 20% off on your
checkout alright guys so this is very
interesting juice I've never tried
anything like this in you know in my
year and a half of vaping so this is a
graham cracker
milk chocolate sandwich or marshmallow
sandwiched in between a graham cracker
and milk chocolate all right guys let's
already got a dripped just to be safe
it's uh it's not going to hurt to drip a
couple couple more drops in here alright
so the setup I got guys is uh I almost I
almost did a big fail there I've been
wrapping this box and all my juice
reviews vaporized nomads calm if you're
looking for a regulated DNA board it's
got the evolve DNA chip on here anyways
uh you send them your graphic and they
do this fucking awesome amazing laser
engraving all over the box it's not a
wrap it's not like a water hydro dip
type of deal this is laser and gret mean
it's laser engraved on there and it's
not coming out and the dripper I'm using
as as usual this is my favorite you know
for testing for testing all all my
juices it's this mosai RDA give you guys
a real quick look at that I've been
putting some wear and tear in it I don't
know if you can see the right there on
the side so I've been you know I mean
I've been putting this thing through its
paces it's a very flavorful RDA it's got
a small reduced chamber I mean it's 24
millimeters diameter but on the inside
it's a little bit smaller and I like
that because it helps with flavor
alright guys so I got a dual alien setup
in this one coming out to 0.25 and I'm
working with not 45 watts
60 watts let's fire it up mm definitely
graham cracker on the way in yeah sweet
graham cracker on the way in on the way
out yeah I'm getting that chocolate and
a marshmallow on the way out there's a
little bit a little bit of a throat cake
back there but it's like like way on the
mild side it's absolutely low very low
throat kick and this is a I don't know
if I mentioned that I got this in a
three milligram Nick so if you're like
on a 6 or a 9 or even higher you're not
even going to notice that the little
sting in the back they're very tasty
it's a very flavorful and sweet juice
now the flavors are coming through
through and through but there is that
that sweetener in the background that
kind of is kind of blends real well so
as far as vapor production goes I'm
going to give this one a 4 out of 5
flavor yeah it kind of it kind of leaves
that all those flavor notes are just
kind of dancing on my tongue right now I
did it long after I've made but I can
still you know I mean I can still taste
so as far as flavor goes I'm going to
give this one a 4 out of 5 on getting
the chocolate I'm getting the
marshmallow I'm getting that graham
cracker and there's a look I guess
graham crackers are made with cinnamon
because I'm getting a little bit of
cinnamon back there too but it's not
overpowering at all yeah this is a very
nice very nice fucking knob this would
be like a summertime type of a type of 8
in my opinion but I mean you can vape it
any time as far as all day vape it is
pretty smooth but there's that slight
little kick to the back of the throat
there that I personally don't like some
of you guys probably don't even mind
this could be an all-day babe for you
guys but for me I'm going to I'm going
to nurture this one only because it's
got a very distinct chocolate
marshmallow and graham cracker taste
back there alright guys so that was a
s'mores and Mars from campfire liquids
manufactured by Charlie's chalk dust for
the giveaway just leave a comment down
below x1 and in your comment and like I
said I got these fused Clapton's alright
guys hit the subscribe button check out
my mods here subscribe here and we'll
see you on the next review
alright guys have a good weekend

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