Vape Review of Burst Sher-Burst E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Burst Sher-Burst E-Liquid

Vape Review of Burst Sher-Burst E-Liquid

Sher-burst is a candy style eliquid from Burst. The flavour is similar to sherbert ice cream and combines candy style flavours with a fruity mix and topped off with a taffy candy mix too.

Vape Review of Burst Sher-Burst E-Liquid



Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Burst Sher-Burst E-Liquid

what's up guys this is Ray with la FA
babes today and tell you a little bit
sure burst by burst Eve liquids are to
me first a juice picked us up at a local
shop well the owners there said this is
the best sherbert flavored use that I've
ever had a nice little bottle here you
know it's a chubby gorilla bottle nice
60 ml bottle great little design here
close we was supposed to be you know
it's got all the warnings there
everything there and you know it's a
chubby gorilla cat bottle so you gotta
push down hard and is a out proof cat um
nice thing about it it's got that nice
thin needle right there so you can fill
up your RTA's or if you have your tanks
you can fill them up there let's go
ahead and drip a little bit
a tracking on the gun XM v 3
I'm sure Bert really comes out with this
juice it's got a creamy side to it so it
is just like you're you're eating some
raspberry sherbert you got that he X me
that rainbow sherbert you have the
raspberry there you have the orange
there you have them line but - is there
on top and it's not a bad - it's a nice
clean sweet lime so it's a sour thing in
your face I'm really enjoying this
good 80/20 so as you can see good vapor
it's one of those things I took this on
vacation with me to Florida
had a full bottle and I was wrong
through a couple other flavors like anti
yogurts and key lime pie went through
about a half a bottle it does come and
0-3 in six milligrams
you guys know me from my other reviews
I'm usually right around a 1.5 2
milligram strength when I DIY so I
picked up a zero milligram strength
bottle and added my own
nicotine to it you can do that if you
wish otherwise their their 3 milligram
their 6 milligram I did try the 6
milligram in the shop a little stroke
for you look I say but their nicotine
isn't bad tasting it's it's right there
it's it's it's good it doesn't destroy
from the taste like some some companies
they had their nicotine they totally
lose track of their the flavor with a
spicy nicotine or what have you
so this this bottle Mike said it's nice
after you're done you could take this
top off take the label off or you use it
for other liquids that you may have they
I do see that the only stone in the 60
ml size I know when I was in the store
the 3 and the 6 milligram didn't have
this nice pintuck on the top they did
have a cap on it but then they give you
one of those swivel tops the little as
you go through it you know what I'm
talking about
hey Jenna screw at the hole in the top
gets bigger I'm not really a fan of
those tops but I do like the chubby girl
on top that they have on this one
I would say if you're looking for a
rainbow sherbet flavor this is a good
one a store-bought I haven't tried too
many I've tried this one and maybe a
house juice I was supposed to be rainbow
sherbert and it tasted more like pledge
this definitely doesn't is a nice
citrusy bait it's got those creamy notes
into it so rolls it it blows all the
while together
definitely a nice nice sherbert babe one
thing I will tell you is it does I I
can't confirm it because I don't know
their agreements but it does feel like
it has a lot of sweeteners in it just
because the way it treats your coils it
will treat your cotton they'd have to
you know replace cotton dry bury my
coils using this predominantly whereas I
know my DIY stuff where I don't use any
sweeteners they stay clean for a long
time so it's kind of a you know you get
a trade out there you buy I just say you
didn't make you may run into some
sweetener sir I'm gonna put a link down
below you can't find you in local shop I
did find get breezy calm the 60 ml
bottle pretty reasonable $27 that's what
I paid 26 maybe in the store but 2795
for a 60 ml bottles pretty decent mom I
read just their description here does
like sherbert ice cream except for and
taffy candy or formulation rich flavors
ice jump out of your drip tip and seduce
your senses into submission
enjoy this wave of candy and mixed fruit
that's basically what it is you know it
does have a little bit of that taffy
there but on the most part it's a
rainbow sherbert so sum that up
yeah I give it two thumbs up or a juice
at a reasonable price with a nice solid
taste go out and find it at your local
shop if you can if you can't like I said
I'll put that description in the in the
description actually I'll put the link
in the description below where I found
and remember get out there do your
advocacy I always have only extend below
in my description whole section of it I
think that's about it today though
remember life is fucking awesome long as
you're not smoking until next time you
have a great one

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