Vape Review of Bubblegum E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

April 24, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Bubblegum E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Vape Review of Bubblegum E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Bathe your taste buds in the sweet nostalgic flavour of juicy bubblegum with this luscious e-liquid. An explosion of fruit with subtle notes of almond and banana for a delicate marzipan aftertaste. Details 10ml E-Liquid 50% Propylene Glycol (PG), 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 0.3%, 0.6%, and 1.2% nicotine strength About Decadent Vapours Decadent Vapours are one of the UK's market leaders in the production and supply of e-liquid which are all made in Britain to the highest possible standards so you can vape in the complete confidence that you are enjoying the very best. Their Decadent Vapours brand has become globally recognised in the vaping community.

Vape Review of Bubblegum E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Bubblegum E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

what's up guys brand from Tina's fates
today we are coming at you with another
another juice review the guys over at
okami we're kind enough to send me out a
new flavor from their new line and it is
called bubble gang as of now there's
only one flavor in the line it's a 70 VG
30 PG comes with 0 3 6 milligrams of
nicotine and you can get it at 7 one
vape calm I'll put the description down
below at 7 o any vape calm 30 bucks for
60 mils I'm down with that I've reviewed
all the other lines from Okami and
whenever I get something from them
that's new I already know that's gonna
be wonderful they don't fuck around they
make really really amazing tasting juice
it never fails they haven't made one bad
flavor in my opinion yet also the
packaging for this stuff
it's so gorgeous so let's go over what
it is I guess kind of it comes in this
beautiful little box you know it's hard
to pick up but the details in this box
are spectacular it's not picking up at
all it sucks I wish you could see how
awesome all these little details on the
box are the camera doesn't want to pick
up a cool little shit like that
I really like they put a lot of effort
into it in this shows okay so we'll go
ahead open the box up comes in a 60 mil
glass dripper bottle bubble gang og bub
is the first flavor they got three more
flavors that are gonna be coming out in
the bottles gorgeous the video doesn't
do it justice how awesome these bottles
look but that's not all there is to it
right we got to talk about the juice so
let's do that you know a lot of
companies will put a lot of time and
effort into making the packaging look
cool and their juice just falls flat on
its face and I hate that
so we got this loaded up on here give it
a go so let's talk about a little bit
smoothness of this very smooth no throw
at it at all
and then out nice love it great cloud
productions really good 70 VG 30 PG it
has really good clouds flavor the flavor
is supposed to be watermelon and
bubblegum that's what it tastes like it
tastes like a really nice sweet
watermelon and a bubblegum flavor
mesh together very well a lot of
bubblegum flavors will try and say that
watermelon gum or strawberry gum
it doesn't really blend together well
you really just get the bubble gum taste
out of most of them but this one you get
both the tape both the flavors they pop
really well they explode I mean it's
it's really good it sticks on your lips
and your tongue a little bit I can still
taste it this stuff you're looking for a
bubble gum flavored vape this is the one
I would recommend that's on the sweeter
side so if you're not huge into sweet
babes it might not be for you but I
definitely I love it this is it's I
can't say anything bad about it once
again they made an amazing flavor like
always awesome little detail and some
stickers and this neat hat but these
guys big comes up to the guys over it
economy because they always deliver
always hope you guys enjoyed your review
like I said I'll put a link in the
description down below if you want to
check out some of the stuff I highly
highly highly recommend this to anyone
that's looking for a good bubblegum
flavor it's wonderful I'm Tina's vapes
it results may vary

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