Vape Review of Bubble Milk by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

April 21, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Bubble Milk by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Bubble Milk by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

By Elena Ognivtseva

Bubble Milk e-liquid by The Milkman Delights is an expertly crafted flavor that will delight your senses with every draw. This premium loose-leaf jasmine green tea flavor is steeped to perfection and is bright and floral and has been delicately balanced with a creamy, rich milk base and finished off with honey glazed boba. You'll experience the sweet creamy bubble milk on the inhale while the exhale delivers a bouquet of jasmine blossoms. Crafted with the utmost of standards, you get your 60mL bottle of Bubble Milk vape juice by Milkman Delights today!

Vape Review of Bubble Milk by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Bubble Milk by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

keep your weights and this is their
newest flavor and it's called bubble
milk bubble milk and description is on
the side there what's it say it's a
Jasmine milk tea with honey glazed boba
boba and if you guys don't know what
bubble tea is it is a like a tea that
has these little tapioca balls in the
bottom of it boba it's called they call
it bubble tea but there's a little
bubble balls in this one so this is a
Jasmine milk tea mm-hmm with honey glaze
boba so umm no this is we were just
talking beforehand this is definitely
not gonna be for beginners you know in
my opinion this is gonna be something
that once your your cased faculties have
really come back in full force after
clean smoking this is the kind of thing
that you might be able to get the
nuances of a little bit more right right
yeah when you're first quitting smoking
Jasmine's probably not the flavor you're
going for it's probably maybe a tobacco
or a watermelon or whatever you whatever
was in your brain that you thought you
might want to vape and then you'll try
those and realize that they're
disgusting and then you'll go to
something like this but uh yes I'm not
for your beginners we both took I think
one puff and let's just say it's very
interesting it's yeah it's really
different this is for somebody who's
looking for something a little bit more
from their vape than a red bull or a
fucking bitter melon to glass it's a
very classy kind of more themed towards
adults you know which is exactly what
we've been asking for and it's just
something I think it's gonna not be for
everyone but the people who like it or
probably don't love it yeah but before
we even get into that let's go ahead and
jump up close and check out
so you saw it's a Jasmine infused boba
tea what yeah that's what we're saying
so no you saw the bottle you saw the box
it's time for us to vape it yeah the
only thing about the Jasmine
disconcerning is the floral aspect of
that sometimes floral notes and vapes
can come across a little perfuming a
little artificial so but we'll see yeah
all right
that's definitely so different than
anything I've ever baked before
yeah it's very very unusual and not in a
bad way
don't get me wrong at all I'm not super
crazy on jasmine or in floral notes
really but this has something to it it's
not overly floral it's not it smells
more floral than it tastes
yeah I mean the jasmine has a flavor to
it and it's not a bad flavor okay I
don't know if I can vape it all day cuz
it'd be a lot of jasmine cuz it's really
just followed up with that boba and
maybe that little tapioca but it's
Jasmine yeah if you had to put one
flavor profile it's a Jasmine vape right
jasmine v it's a creamy substantial
jasmine vapor I mean the Jasmine's not
the only flavor obviously there is this
like milk component you know there is
this tapioca boba component that works
really well especially with that jasmine
but it is a intense flavor yeah and this
is a flavor that like we said at the
beginning is gonna be something that is
for your vapors who appreciate nuance
right not everyone's gonna love this I
personally really enjoy the backend like
you know once that Jasmine's cut a
little bit and then you get that that
back end of the milkiness and the boba I
really like that part of it I'm getting
notes that don't have any business being
in here there's like
almost like chocolate notes there's
almost like tobacco notes there's a it's
a very very very very like intricate
intricate v there's different notes
showing through it's it's not gonna be
clear on your first couple vapes this is
gonna be a kind of thing yet spend some
time with to really get every edge of it
can really get you know what makes it
Jasmine is like the number one flavor
because it's the up-front flavors the
first flavor you get
but that back in like Josh were saying
it has so many notes has so many notes
that I think are so interesting and so
exciting especially you know the tea
flavors and the Bobo flavor it's just
it's just a really really neat
interesting Lee yeah absolutely you know
I have expendable money this might not
be for you but if you are one of those
people that like to buy liquids too you
know broaden your horizons this would be
one I can't imagine if you're on a
budget spending money on this
I just can't because there's just no way
to tell if you're gonna like it until
you try right yeah literally it's a
really tough review because it's like
nothing we've tasted yeah but drip Club
keeps sending these great things out and
we really appreciate it so that's where
you can find him drip Club and I just
really really appreciate people trying
new things of pushing the envelope
you're not doing another strawberry
customer yep
it's so important that we keep trying
new things you gotta push the envelope
to find out what we like man really did
yeah I think it's it's really really
interesting it's gonna be so hard to
score because I go in three well in that
you know what I think that if I was
looking at it as like is as a mass
appeal kind of score then I would have
to say three because it's it's just we
don't know how it's gonna appeal to
everybody but as a personal note I might
wanna give it a four because I think
it's so fuckin interesting and it is
tasty yeah but I'm gonna see three for
everybody because I think that it's one
of those things that is gonna depend on
the vapor so much even more so than any
other juice
we've ever done this is gonna depend on
whether or not you like the specific
flavors right right yeah I mean I would
hope for a shop that would let you kind
of smell it or you know take a taste of
it or something that would be really
helpful because then you'll know you
know the smell is very representative of
how it tastes yeah yeah exactly
so I mean there it is you got threes
which is pretty good because it's such a
different take on it juice yep we
appreciate you doing those kind of
things like pushing the envelope um
doing completely different things that
are out of the box to push you know us
vapors push our palates I love it yeah
so thank you very much thank you drip
Club all that good stuff thanks for
absolutely yeah Brent you guys so much
for watching please keep closed to keep
those waves where do it
in-game content for people but can you
play a videogame and I cut the beginning
there's a lot of excitement but at the
end it kind of Peters out there's not a
lot to do kinda like that was vaping
right you pick a lot of juices you you
get used to everything kind of it's old
hat you know there's nothing new and
exciting to try this like DLC this is
like the DLC Sabrina

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