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Bubba Jug Watermelon 120ml ejuice is a mouthwatering watermelon flavored e-liquid. Just in time for summer, this juicy vape will take your taste buds for a ride! Experience a juicy, thrilling, and highly unique and tasty vape from this Watermelon E-Liquid by Bubba Jug. If you really enjoy Bubba Jug, also try their other flavors within this brand like Bubba Jug Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy or Bubba Jug Sour Green Apple


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of BUBBA JUG WATERMELON EJUICE

let's see here we got the clutter over
here we got the weird lighting and the
chinchillas in the back I'm back in my
room guys I've recently moved from the
living room into here for today it's
video because it's just going to be a
very quick very easygoing video and that
is going to be a review on the Bubba jug
yes I have the blue raspberry flavor now
this was a video torn was supposed to do
with me since he got the green apple
flavor but that's that's not happening
so yeah let's get started so I got this
on I believe it's a juice I
will put links down below to where you
can find this I got it on sale it was
like two for 25 or like one for 15 and
it is a hundred twenty milliliters of
juice so I ended up doing um the one for
15 I bought both mine and torrents yeah
I know I've been cheaper to do the two
for 25 but we made different nicotine
levels and if you did it to 425 you
could only choose one nicotine level it
was just easier to go this way so that's
what I did and I would say maybe talk
about a week to get here and when you
open it up here you know this is what
the box looks like you got warnings on
the back on the side here and I will
show you guys like here okay here's a
little dripper thing you get I will show
you guys why I wanted this juice so bad
okay if you watched our unboxing video I
know this but
in a little jug so cute look at it it's
so cute it makes me so happy so like I
said this is 120 milliliters I have
eight zero Nick and this is the blue
raspberry candy as I know I've already
stated guys but I'm just restating the
kit you know make sure you catch it
now that's all and it also comes with
the 15 milliliter unicorn bottle which I
think mine is up there and I'm just too
lazy to grab it but it comes with a
little unicorn bottle too you know
sounds carry this around with you all
day but here now I am vaping this out of
my smock rdta on my new snow wolf 218
loving it I just started using it
yesterday alright so what about the
juice um flavor-wise I don't a scale of
like you know one to ten um I put it
maybe seven and eight it actually has
pretty good flavor mind you that can
depend on the addi you're using and if
you're using like it rebuildable it can
depend on your build and all that fun
stuff as well but mine it just has a
really simple build in here so yeah but
flavor it is pretty good is now again
I'm someone I don't get too much on my
inhales but on the exhale you get that
blue raspberry flavor
there's a hint of sweetness it's not too
overbearing I mean I'm a sweet vapor
like candy clouds like you know what I
like but you know I still can't do like
unbearably sweet or I will get sick this
isn't all day bait for me like I I have
all of my little mods like that I carry
everything with me every day right here
yes there's three of them and now four
and I do find myself even though this
was on my Rx I do find myself reaching
for the mod with this juice in it more
often is a very light flavor and I don't
I don't know what to say about it really
other than you know the flavor is really
good and it's blue raspberry cotton
candy like it is what it is like I don't
know if you guys have ever had the
situation we're like oh I have this
flavor it's supposed to be like Oh
blueberry I'm gonna vape it and it's not
blueberry it's not a case like that it
is the blue raspberry cotton candy as
you see as well cloud production on this
it is a believe I would cut this out but
I need a new video editor so I have to
make this one long video um I can't
remember I can't remember I believe it's
a 70/30 VG PG blend but um I can't
remember and it doesn't say on my thing
so we're just gonna go that it is and if
it's not then you can blame me for you
know giving you
information bomb the truth is this juice
is manufactured by ruthless by the way
just thought I'd throw that out there
and cloud production as you've seen from
mine pretty good cloud production as
well again that will depend on like your
build and everything when you're running
of that I'm on 76 watts it's a quite to
four resistance and she's chucking she
is chucking I know that kind of goes
with the addy as well but clouds does
this just are really good now would I
recommend I feel like most of my juice
reviews are always really negative this
one is really good one guys I would
recommend this juice to like anyone like
it was I got it for a decent price I'm
pretty sure it's still out there for
about that price that I got it I can't
see it being much more than the I think
I was nine fifteen fifteen I think
that's a pretty surprise for you know
120 milliliters of juice hey Rocky
what you doing but you know price-wise
it's a good price again the flavor is
really good and the clouds are again
really good so what I recommend this
juice for once I can very confidently
say yes yes I would and honestly that's
about all that I have right now that
juice it's good
go buy it if you like blue raspberry and
cotton candy and like sweet flavors go
buy it um Courtney since yeah that won't
get you anything but you mean you can
just say it
okay so that's it um upcoming reviews I
have OBS coming up I have a stock item
coming up got another juice coming up
that's up that one's gonna be like in a
little series cuz I like three of their
juices um really that's it I don't know
exactly when these are gonna be coming
up because again I do need a new video
editor and I can't necessarily do all
these videos it's just one video but I
hope you enjoyed what you saw and if you
didn't then I'm sorry but if you did
then subscribe and if you don't want to
subscribe then don't subscribe it's okay
I won't be mad I appreciate you taking
the time out of your day to watch my
video anyway I hope you guys have a
really good day it's Sunday today is
Sunday I hope you have a really good
Sunday and I will see you next time and
I hope you guys stay cloudy

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