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Bubba Jug Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy 120ML ejuice is a tart blue raspberries and sugar spun cotton candy. What do carnivals, amusement parks, and hot summers always have in common? The light and airy sugary sweetness of cotton candy! This flavor is a delicious blend of a summer favorite and a popular candy flavor. Now instead of waiting for summer for this treat or that waiting for that once a year carnival, you can have it in a vape form anytime! If you really enjoy Bubba Jug, also try their other flavors within this brand like Bubba Jug Sour Green Apple or Bubba Jug Watermelon


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of BUBBA JUG BLUE RASPBERRY COTTON CANDY EJUICE

what up y'all it's Joshua Bates I'm here
to do another Bey preview for you the
vacant public what do I have today for
you guys let me check 1 2 3 boom bubble
job let's bubble jug love a jug there's
120 mils of blue raspberry cotton candy
man let me tell you guys let's go down
and take a look at this close up and
I'll tell you what it comes with and
I'll let you know what I think okay at
the count of three one two three okay
guys this is bubble jug what does it say
on the internet well let's see uh let's
see what it says it says bubble jug
bubble jug bundle 240 bills green apple
blue raspberry cotton candy a juice
ladies and gentlemen let me just say
first up that this a juice is different
on unlike most a juice out there you
don't just get an aftertaste you get a
burst of taste you get an explosion of
taste this stuff is so good what makes
this so good bomb basically what makes
this so good is that it doesn't need
extra sweetener it doesn't need to be
the juice is very sweet as it is it says
on the bottle shake and then vape it
comes in zero milligrams
it comes in three milligram and it comes
in six milligrams on the Internet it
doesn't say 12 milligrams so all you 12
milligram people out there don't go for
this one
okay now where am I looking at this
right now well I bought this for about
$9.99 when it first came out okay this
stuff is really good another plus about
this ejuice is that it comes with a
unicorn bottle umm a gorilla unicorn
bottle it shows the gorilla on the
bottom and you fill this and you can use
this to drip on your RDAs and that's a
really good thing because who wants to
be dripping out of this bottle not me
guys so here's what it says
alright it comes with a green apple
flavor and I'm just gonna read the whole
description taste a salad green apple
candy in a massive bottle this sweet
hard candy will bring you back to the
days of fiddling with tiny wrappers on
Halloween want another candy how about
your favorite little
little candy fresh from the wrapper a
brilliant flavor mixed with cotton candy
for our new day so the profile is blue
raspberry cotton candy and it tastes
just like that it has a candy flavor
like Sparra like there's no other flavor
in this thing you're not getting any
custard you're not getting anything but
blue raspberry cotton candy and look at
how nice this bottle is this bottle is
awesome and I love this bottle I but I
bought this I went through it so quick
it's empty nothing left nothing left in
the bottle here I'll show you the
consistency is about 70/30
okay let's drip some on my RDA and take
a look at the consistency so here we go
it's got a yellow tint to it okay so it
doesn't have any food coloring in it but
it does have a yellow tint which isn't
that bad no big deal I don't mind food
coloring if the juice is good the juice
is good so I'm gonna drip this and we'll
go back up on top and vape it and we'll
get out here okay I just wanted to show
you guys this juice because I love this
juice I got a kick out of it you know I
love the bottle and it's different than
most most bottle are in most bottles and
it comes with a unicorn bottle a gorilla
bottle and it's it's really cool man I
just love I love new things you know I
love the blabling I like the the font of
the letters I like the sticker on both
sides let's see what the sticker on the
other side says it has a warning label
it shows the ingredients actually tells
you what's in this completely it gives
you a list of what's in here deals with
18 plus oh it has a batch number on the
bottom here and um it doesn't have any
customer reviews on the internet I see
it right now on East Szigeti you can get
um 240 mils for $49.99 the original
price is $69 ways and gentleman said
Joshua vapes I'm here to showing you
Bubba jug jug is the bomb juice guys all
right check it out I get I recommend it
100% it's a cheaper juice it's not it is
a premium juice but it's
it's for those people that are out there
that needs stronger flavors it's a
strong flavor and those people out there
that like candy this is for candy lovers
now this stuff is so sweet if you have a
sweet tooth go out there and pick
yourself up a bottle of bubbly okay all
right let's go back up on top and bake
this and get out of here all right guys
so we're back Joshua vape with Bubba Joe
okay I hope you guys liked the review I
hope you guys find it interesting and if
you want to pick it up go to East Iggy
be calm and grab yourself a bottle you
can even grab the green apple a version
it's a sour green apple it's I haven't
tasted it but if it's as good as this
Mitch you got yourself two amazing
e-juices okay so let's look at the
clouds okay right off the bat you taste
cotton candy on the inhale you taste the
cotton candy and on the exhale you taste
the cotton candy in the blue raspberry
you don't really taste the blue
raspberry on the inhale you taste the
blue raspberry on the exhale and when
you smell this you smell a lot of blue
raspberry and cotton candy right off the
the clouds are dense it doesn't say if
it's a 70/30 or an 8020 it's gotta be a
70/30 because it rapes very amazing out
of tanks I've gone through the whole
bottle within like two weeks the clouds
are really nice well ladies and
gentlemen this is my review a bubble jug
blue raspberry cotton candy go off Dan
get yourself a bottle love a jug don't
forget I if it's under a hundred percent
it's not a Joshua vase review hey
everybody hope you have a blessed day

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