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Jump into this amazing Bubba Jug E-Juice 3-Pack Bundle deal, which consists of Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy, Sour Green Apple, and Watermelon Bubble Gum. This awesome Bubba Jug E-Juice Bundle gifts three great flavors from such an amazing brand, allowing you to experience exactly what the Bubba Jug E-Juice brand is all about. NOTE: Each bottle (3 bottles) contains 120ML of e-liquid, making a combined total of 360ML for $39.99. Bubba Jug E-Juice | Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy: Experience the remarkable taste of Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy flavored e-liquid. It's an extremely delicious flavor that will have you eager to vape again and again. Bubba Jug E-Juice | Sour Green Apple: If your taste buds favor the great flavor experience that green apple offers, you've got to try this Sour Green Apple flavored bubble gum e-liquid. It tastes just as great as it sounds! Bubba Jug E-Juice | Watermelon: There's no doubt that at some point in your childhood you've bought some of that bubbalicious gum that offered a delicious watermelon candy flavor that made your mouth so wet you nearly started leaking. Watermelon by Bubba Jug E-Juice delivers the same taste, the same experience, but now available in a vape form!


 Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of BUBBA JUG 3 PACK BUNDLE

hey guys we're here for a review for the
to do songs I have right now that's a
name is public ugh and they're made by
and they are a hundred twenty million
bottles and I have them in six
milligrams this one right here this sour
green apple I am vaping this right here
this is a new product that I have to
review for you guys and this is the icy
leaf I stick I power Nano I think yeah
no power nano power nano yeah and then I
have its big brother right here I power
80 watt device wonder that look at them
sizes but we're not here for this
right here for these right here alright
sorry about where I am right now usually
you see me up in my room
sorry leave me a Paki paddle I have to
do this review before I beep all these
home it's uh I'm gonna dive down I'm
just gonna give you the juice flavor
line this is blue raspberry cotton candy
if I haven't already told you it's food
I have it in here right now
I'm tsunami RDA it's really good
like I get that watermelon but the
cotton candy is just blasting right my
mouth and it's really fucking good and I
have stainless steel coils in here right
now I haven't had five hundred eighty
degrees and the resistance is 24 and I'm
vaping it at 60 watts and you get
another token is wrong yeah the only
reason I'm down here guys is because uh
rooms being occupied oh we're helping
some friends so my room is my house is
only a two bedroom saw their rooms being
occupied right now and I won't be up
there probably till November but um I
have a review coming up for this and
this one has the sour green apple let me
get a vape of this and tell you exactly
what I get
now I don't really get a lot of you know
the sour part of the green apple but the
green apple was just flavorful for days
not expensive either
I think I got these for like what I
think 40 bucks yeah
$40 I got a 4
it's really good really really good
there's no reason to dive down because I
mean right now I should show you you're
actually getting one now you're gonna
get a big jug that's why they call
buckle jug you're gonna get kind of a
linkage ugh
shaken baby all right I'm gonna get a
top piece if you want to use it on this
a screw cap off channel PopCap let's
screw that off and screw this and now
you can dip your yeah what and then they
give you a little unicorn bottle but
that's what I've been using little
unicorn bottle the same thing in the
other one but I'll show you anyway
in this top does you go on there and I'm
dropping stuff
the same thing I have a ton of stuff yet
this is you know best for last ideal you
same thing get the little top and then
get the little job this one's full back
to the match you get a hundred twenty
milliliters so begin good price on both
of these forty dollars to get both and I
think they're $20 each something like
that something like that but I'll put
I'll put a link down in the description
below so you guys can go check it out if
you want to if you want to buy it but
I'm really good juice really really good
I've been baking out a lot of
leaflessness juice right now and I've
been pleased I've been very very pleased
especially with this sour green apple
everybody tells me it smells so good
I've had it for about like what's today
the 9th 10th I've had it for about like
two weeks two weeks right now and
fantastic it's been blowing me away like
no tomorrow
and this little mod right here is pretty
powerful you know for a 40 watt device
it's pretty powerful but I have a review
coming up for this I just got it in the
mail yesterday I don't want to review it
yet so I'm I'll be reviewing this right
here looks exactly the same you know
it's exactly the same width it's not the
height and it's not the winning either
so but it's the same width
coming across 23 millimeters but they
both make me happy
let me
let me drip this real quick let me drip
drip drip drip drip Europe I only put a
little in this bottle cuz um I really
don't want to waste it because like I
just said say the best for last and that
smell I just I did the taste that's on
my finger so good and how they put on it
yeah I definitely have to save it for
but um hmm sorry about the I'm in my
kitchen doing the review right now
probably like that the next couple
reviews I have and yeah but um for the
tsunami actually had an idea for any of
you guys out there that's uh if you ever
want an update I've had this for a
little while warm an update video to see
how it's been holding up how it's been
doing instead of just doing the review
I'll just do the update because there's
already so many reviews out there I'll
just do the update on just this and I
have a lot of other products that are
like they're kind of old but they're not
and I don't want to review them because
nobody's gonna watch them so yeah and
and you know I got me some root beer
kind of guys down the foodie flavor a
little bit and well really good stuff
and um I think I got it from ejuice
direct I did get it from a juice
it's been blowing me away especially I
just started vaping this cotton candy
today right now too and the sour green
apple it's so like it's delightful it's
not overbearing and this right here the
cotton candy just blows and you get that
hint of watermelon and I just started
vaping on it but I'm not gonna make this
a super long video I'm gonna keep it
short sweet to the point and I'll leave
a description down below if you want to
check this juice out and I'd have this
review coming up so stay tuned if you
want to see this and yeah just vape on
and looks like let me get a tote before
we have this video
just keep vaping vape on and stay tuned
on my videos I got a lot more coming I
have the leaf squeeze it's still coming
in the mail and that's all I mean but if
you guys want to see any certain videos
you know vlogs you guys don't really
watch my vlogs but just anything or even
update videos on old rdas old mods let
me know comment down below and I'll do
it for you guys I have a lot of old
stuff but I don't review it so I'll
leave on guys and just have a fateful
day all right
we're going to end it here

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