Vape Review of Brewell Vapory Strawberry Mylk E-Liquid

April 14, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Brewell Vapory Strawberry Mylk E-Liquid

Vape Review of Brewell Vapory Strawberry Mylk E-Liquid

For all you condensed milk flavour lovers out there. Strawberry Mylk is a flavour mix of condensed milk and strawberries.

Vape Review of Brewell Vapory Strawberry Mylk E-Liquid


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Brewell Vapory Strawberry Mylk E-Liquid

what up YouTube it's a vicious vapor
come back at to another review alright
today's review was on my LK milk by
Brule vapery alright
they come in 30 mils the $22 at most
websites it's a 60/40 VG PG ratio okay
find these a frugal papery wwwo vapor um
I'll put a link in description don't
doubt for you guys alright squad what's
up and yeah so these are rods and it's a
brand new line for Brule vapor a that
brought your number 88 ma9 number 123
and I think number 128 I'm not sure this
is number 88 alright it Stoke up I still
I love my nother 8820 ml bottle I'm
still vaping I alright yeah they come in
a pretty sure they're coming zero three
six and twelve milligram pretty sure I'm
not a bunch of percent sure on that but
uh yeah it's a condensed milk in a
condensed milk with strawberry
alright so I'm gonna beat this the
condensed milk with strawberry and not
that one it's the same thing without
strawberry I like this one this one's
really strong think about a condensed
this tastes identical to condensed milk
so if you don't like condensed milk
you're probably you're not gonna like
the vapor alright I'm just gonna you
know be straight out there with ya I'm
not a huge fan on condensed milk but the
one with the strawberry I like it you
don't mean it's pretty good so I'm gonna
give you a vapor on one to ten throat
one to five in vapor on a one to five it
gets my stamp of approval or it doesn't
alright so uh I got it loaded in my X
cube to buy smoked in my revolt are dat
clone alright here we go
be plush is good
big productions great throat hit it's
almost perfect three two maybe at three
and a half three point two five right in
that range
nice nice throwing it ain't complaining
about the throat it now the flavor guys
you know I'm giving this flavour an
eight twenty eight and a half out of a
I think the won't the strawberry is
great it's it's it's identical that's
condensed milk with strawberry and the
one the other ones just like condensed
milk all right it's a very strong type
of flavor it's like if you used I guess
I don't know if you I would say it but
it's like if you use a lot of milk to
make your own juice and you add it too
much no that makes it sour it's just
it's a strong it's a strong type of milk
it's like condensed milk it's identical
you guys know what the fuck I'm talking
alright it tastes identical I mean they
hit it on the head exactly like the
description alright and that one with
the strawberry pretty damn good man it's
pretty damn good I wish they made a
you know they they're on the line the
evidence uses was 6040 and they came out
with this I wish they'd update made it
70/30 you only mean they were still
would've had a good flavor it just you
know after this doesn't give me like hot
indigestion all that stuff but when I
say if I ate that all day at the end of
the day like it within a few hours I
would start getting a little acid
indigestion so it's not really really
bad compared to other 60 40s but PG
bothers me regardless of what it is
70/30 and above there's not enough in
there I don't I don't notice it
whatsoever but this after a few hours I
do it I do recommend these juices I
highly recommend them they're right on
point I love the presentation love the
looks of the bottles it's very clear it
doesn't have too much color to it the
flavor is very intense it's a very good
it's not lacking flavor whatsoever big
productions great you guys see it it's a
little sweet it smooths out the nose it
smells just like the guys all right it
smells a little little you know it's
gonna smell the condensed milk as well
so you know I don't like smaller
condensed milk
I don't mind aping it though I'll tell
you that it's pretty damn good it's
spot-on hundred percent spot on anybody
else try to make a dent condensed milk
they couldn't do it all right these guys
did it and hit it on the head please
like share subscribe and remember
smoking is gone vaping is on vape on
guys alright see on the next review

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