Vape Review of Brewell Vapory Banana Mylk E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Brewell Vapory Banana Mylk E-Liquid

Vape Review of Brewell Vapory Banana Mylk E-Liquid

By Elena Ognivtseva

This product contains a blended mixture of banana and vanilla flavourings to create a milkshake base taste to this e-liquid.

Vape Review of Brewell Vapory Banana Mylk E-Liquid


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Brewell Vapory Banana Mylk E-Liquid

hello welcome to Danish way today we
kind of look at the nut flavor from
rural company called milk banana they
also made them this strawberry and I
think they make some other one too but i
only got this in sample pack from from
rural company for reviewing so let's get
on words with it nah it comes in in this
package as you can see milk and let's
have a look at the bottle
nothing really to as you can see i got
it in three milligrams come on focus
please well it says three milligrams 30
milliliters um so V gbg there is 70 VG
and 30 PG in this one okay so bottle
sizes it only comes in 30 millimeter
bolts also with another flavor it also
only comes in 30 million pounds the
nicotine is 0 36 so don't have that 12
and 18 well guess that's fine I'm color
after illiquid yeah you can see in here
there's actually no color I guess that's
fine hate this it looks cool but I hate
this why make it green I don't know um
so description from proven they say
banana milkshake banana split okay yeah
definitely banana and banana split
definitely so I would say the taste yeah
then I nothing and a banana I have made
a bit on this cuz I do not like banana
milkshakes but I'll guess there's some
of you people may like banana milkshake
so maybe this is good for you and the
chase it's very you get this very hot
flavor from banana milkshakes and so
they and these two they nailed it to hit
that McDonald's Burger King newegg
flavor and so yeah very very the flavor
is very hard
you you can really taste the flavor from
milkshakes I guess that's fine I don't
know I'm not used to begging on a liquid
with so much milkshake tastes I have
plenty of milk to the e liquids but not
milkshakes and you can really taste the
difference between the milk and the
milkshake flavor so I'm drove it on the
banana milkshake from google it's a very
small and I of course I got it in the
tree milligram so yeah that should
shouldn't be that much but i would say
that should be a bit but there is
nothing so i don't know let's have a
look at the smell after banana it's yea
once again it smells like if you were to
make bones and they dropped a lot of
milkshake on the floor and then then
we'll what smell like smell like that um
so it's once again if you like that i'ma
go for it um how the babies let's let's
have a look we are going at 61 on a 0
for 2 on a mutation version for dual
card so let's have a look 61
yeah quite nicely let's try the 70 go
yes you can see it actually makes makes
a good good babe but you should
definitely get that mac downs sorry I'm
saying my thumbs but it's it's milkshake
also if you plant your own milkshake it
would be the same from ice cream and
bananas of course price of it a $13 for
for the truth 30 milliliters they only
come in 30 milliliters and it and on
sale for thirteen dollars but normal
price is $22 I found it on eliquid com
440 $13 so product quality overall I i
won't give like and all the way to go
with that then strawberry taste I won't
get give this a a score cuz cuz I it's
not for me I will I would never date all
of this bottle so but it if you like
your milkshake it it's a it's a good
product so I'll guess I'll give this to
my body he liked milkshake eat a lot of
mcdonald's food too it's jumpy jumpy so
i'll guess that's it for this one i'll
see you in the next video and have a
good fine

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