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Blueberry Ice delivers that reviving combination of freshly plucked mountain blueberries and the refreshing briskness of mint leaves. While an unconventional duo, the two go together splendidly. The bright, but subdued sweetness of the blueberries enters, only to be cooled down as the mint comes in. The two intermingle, complementing each other. As you exhale, the two flavours linger and slowly fade. → At 50VG to 50PG, the ratio is an exact balance - and we mean exact. Our strict laboratory conditions guarantee only the highest quality. → E-Luxe has full TPD compliance, with careful quality checks throughout our processes, because you deserve the highest standards. → We only use the finest ingredients, locally sourced from right here in the UK and EU. When you choose E-Luxe, you choose guaranteed unparalleled quality - and that's precisely what you get.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of BLUEBERRY ICE - PREMIUM E-LIQUID BY E-LUXE LONDON

hello fellow vapers time for another
eliquid of you and today we have got
free e liquids from e luxe London kindly
sent by the people at the e-liquid
boutique coat at UK early simpler it's
nice little Thank You thing which is
thank you for reviewing our products
have a pleasant vape lovely jubbly so
this comes from which I believe is their
classic range so I've got three flavours
here today this is the box they come in
nice little box nice little presentation
that it saves putting it in a jiffy bag
I'm happy with the presentation here
you've got three bottles
I've got blueberry ice Key Lime and
American retro cola and they all come
with little bits of artwork on the front
which a by actual artists if I remember
correctly I think they've got different
artists to design their labels etc but
yeah helix London I've never heard of
this company before so this is a new
thing to me this fun stuff really makes
my particular image like as nice as it
is so yeah and it quick boutique we're
kind of up to message me asked if I
wanted to review their liquids and I
thought yeah let's go for it so these
are 50/50 VG PG all three milligrams not
too bad at all and yeah looks can be
deceiving but we're going to go for
we're going to go blue berry ice first
so let's get my dripper set up and I
don't know what else to say about the
company they also featured in a music
video now I'm trying to figure out what
music video it was I haven't seen it yet
but you know let me know um he lacks but
you know and food a little having to
look for there and yeah there's nothing
really else necessary to say but the the
bot was a nice little TPD compliant and
child-safe CLP you've got your temper
and seal and shelf soap cap and your
warnings there so this is the bottle for
the blueberry ice now a lot a big fan of
blueberry seat look fresh out the bowl I
am I'm not a big fan of blueberry but
I'm fan of
folks let's give it a shake before we
vape as well let's trip it up now yet
these are 5050 so they are a bit watery
air funeral drippers smells nice smells
like a nice blueberry like a sweet
blueberry or candy blueberry forty-four
watts I'll tell you what this is just
fresh right at the bottom now I haven't
opened this previously you heard the
click of the tamper evidence seal that
menthol is fresh bloody good one on the
milk foal yes fresh fresh menthol that
is what I like in a mental one that just
clears the throat in the nostrils and
the blueberry flavor I don't know if I
was to pin it you know like pear drops
and cherry drops I would say it's more
like that like a blueberry drop I'll
tell you what for fifty-fifty the crowds
will right they dissipate a lot quicker
than the higher VG and but the flavor is
good the clouds are good so yeah you've
got a nice very fresh
inhale there and then on the exhale you
get slightly of freshness but you're
getting that like a sweet candy
I'm liking now oh and I hate blueberries
so you know in the blueberry isn't
overly prominent it's more of like a
candy blueberry and but yeah that's nice
so right we're going to go into the next
one which is Key Lime so I'm going to re
wick read rip and I'll see you in a sec
so right we are back with Key Lime now
this isn't a 50/50 my apologies about
that this is from their cloud chaser
range which is 70/30 so yeah it is a
little bit thicker so let's top those
wicks up yeah this is definitely a lot
thicker than the 50/50 let's take it for
a - now that that to me screams lemon
curd I'm not sure if it's a mix of lemon
and lime it's kind of like a lemon curd
mixed with a lime / puppy all smashed
into a pie and that line just carries on
into the exhale there a very nice
aftertaste on this one
I'm not getting much or any of a pie
crust to be honest with ya and it just
seems to be like the like on the lemon
meringue or a key lime pie you know you
get the lemon curd or the lime curd
stuff it tastes like that these nice and
smooth nice and sweet nice and sharp
yeah I'm liking this one as well
clouds linger a bit more on this one
compared to the other but they're there
they don't they're nice clouds
lovely jubbly so what we're going to do
next is go onto American retro Cola
which is from their classic range so I'm
going to re wick read rip and I will see
you in a sec so we are back with
American retro Cola there is the label
and the bottle there so let's take it
for a - that is a Cola bottle yeah thank
you that's just a Cotabato it's not your
typical Coca Cola flavor it is your Cola
bottle flavor you haven't got any
freshest no you haven't got any like a
fish or tang eNOS it's a flat-out Cola
bottle and the last one of that I am
impressed and slightly surprised I'll be
honest with you I'm surprised and
impressed with these e-liquids and you
know I I tend to not judge on first
looks kind of thing but when these come
for a four are they going to be the you
know the cheap and lack tasting star II
liquids and these have surprised me so
II Lux and elix London well done for
these oh bloody well done for these
yeah that is a nice all-rounder and Cola
bottle flavored e-liquid you know like
you gummy sweet things
and so let's go through what I think of
these free e liquids they the blueberry
ice I really like that one
the ice was just on point as they say a
lovely I am mentally in hell followed by
a blueberry exhale then we had Key Lime
which was more like a like a lemon curd
and a lime curd mixed together in my
personal opinion and not really any pie
crust there I couldn't taste any pie
crust but if you mix lemon and lime curd
together you would get this and and that
was from the Claire Chester range 70/30
and then finally we had American retro
Cola and that was a very nice and cold
bottle you know you couldn't really go
wrong with that if you like your Cola
bottle sweets and you know it is a nice
tasting codable eliquid
so what do I think overall a surprising
range and I thought as said previously
that they were going to be a little bit
lackluster and not have good flavor to
them and but I've been proven wrong
these are free nice tasting a liquid
from a Lux and I'm very surprised and
impressed by these so you know illiquid
boutique and elix London thank you very
much for sending these through for the
purpose of review I have enjoyed vaping
on these and I will continue vaping on
these in the future
and so right I've been the devil vapor
and you've been watching del vapors
great reviews

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