Vape Review of Blue Raspberry E-Liquid Multipack by Liquorice Fruits

April 20, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Blue Raspberry E-Liquid Multipack by Liquorice Fruits

Vape Review of Blue Raspberry E-Liquid Multipack by Liquorice Fruits

Enjoy the delightfully nostalgic taste of Blue Raspberry E-Liquid by Liquorice Fruits; A blue raspberry slushie, with dimensions of the classic sweet shop favourite liquorice 'Black Jacks'. Refreshing, sweet and face-twistingly tangy. Details Multipack (3 x 10ml Bottles) 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strength About Liquorice Fruits Delightfully nostalgic and bursting with face-twisting flavour - Liquorice Fruits is the latest range of liquids from UK industry-leading experts Vapouriz Labs. Four mouth-watering flavours provide fully-saturated taste and colossal clouds. Perfect for any sub-ohm setup.

Vape Review of Blue Raspberry E-Liquid Multipack by Liquorice Fruits

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Blue Raspberry E-Liquid Multipack by Liquorice Fruits

well how do you do to YouTube it's your
friendly neighborhood hosts in vapor
matt with northern Cali vapors back to
you guys with another EGS review you
guys once again so uh this was sent to
us or me I mean bad general but he's not
here to make for the review
unfortunately we're kind of doing split
reviews helped get a certain juices out
of the way but make long story short
this was sent by premium vape
you can find this over on premium vape
supplies website have to just go over
and check out the price and everything
like that it's a great website if you
have not checked it out I suggest you go
check it out right now make sure you
leave their link down in the description
and you have give yourself a pat on the
back is there one of my favorite
websites by juice from but make long
story short so this is bazooka sour
straws not sure if you read by the label
yet the fucking there we go so you can
see it to focus right there Zuka sour
straws this comes in a three milligram
200 milliliter bottle 200 milliliters so
when you thought one-hit wonder was a
lot of juice think of this guy so yes
you're probably going to want to make a
solid decision before you even purchase
this so anyways what is the bazooka sour
shells I have I'm pretty sure they have
strawberry watermelon and blue raspberry
this is the blue raspberry that was sent
to me it comes in a big old box like
that nothing like the one-hit wonder
actual like plastic container like golf
or a tennis ball container I want to
call it um and you get to 15 mm ah I
can't even talk right now
to 15 ml unicorn bottles if you're
wondering what's with sunglasses I'm
just trying this new light it's pretty
freakin bright as well as you can see so
I'm just trying to see if I mean of
course it's blinding me so I need the
glasses and stuff but I'm just trying to
see if the light gives overall better
lighting to the video but anyway so
let's go ahead do this like we always do
on a scale of 0 to 10 will write the
vapor production
roadhead overall flavor give it a smell
I'll just talk about good my overall
opinion on it
of course my opinion is going to be
different than everyone else's so always
keep that in mind that taste is
subjective so so really want to get from
this I get the blue raspberry I get the
almost like the gummy flavouring I get
that sour flavor in the background it's
kind of what I imagined what it would
have been blue raspberry mixed with
gummy flavouring which I mean there are
a lot of juice companies they either
make gummy bears with it or they make
some type of gummy candy that's the
flavouring they add to it and then they
have that sour extract flavoring added
to it so smells pretty good but a lot of
blue raspberry juice is coming out
lately in my opinion like way too many I
mean think about it there was air head
factory just review that one that's a
blue raspberry modest vapors was a blue
raspberry gummy as well you have a Candy
Man that we reviewed which is blue
raspberry taffy man has a blue raspberry
like they're just so many blue
raspberries out there it's never like
blueberry or something different so as
you can see it comes to this huge-ass
bottle this like little tip this fucking
thing makes a mess so I do not suggest
you carrying this around and just
dripping from this I like to fill up the
15 mil the 15 ml doesn't make as much as
a fucking mess is the big-ass bottle biz
that it's like weird it's like you'll go
to drip and then as soon as you turn it
over it's like a little volcano the
spouts still like like fucking squirt
and shit like damn dude getting excited
so using the vape in with twisted 420
Triple E 18 650 parallel box mod I've
been using this a lot lately I know some
of you guys are like damn dude he always
uses that box I just really like it I
can throw any set a fuse Clapton's I've
built on here and they just fire
amazingly so I don't have to fuck around
and figure out the wattage anything like
it's just long as the batteries have a
good charge put it on wick it drip and
I'm ready to go
so with this juice how does it taste
that's question I've been vaping I vape
like a full 15 ml bottle of this already
just so I can really get a good
evaluation an idea on it and I don't
like um why do you explain why I don't
like it though because there's a good
reason for one it's not the best blue
raspberry I've had I mean I guess all
the blue raspberry flavorings they seem
to nail them right on the spot the
flavoring of it so it really boils down
to whether the Taffy flavoring and it's
good and what the overall background
under tones of flavors are with this
it's not too sweet of a juice it's got
more the sour flavoring in it and with
any juices that you've ate that I've had
sour flavoring it in it if you think to
yourself I'm not sure if you can but for
me in my opinion they almost have like a
sour bile burn to them once you bait
them too much you start getting
heartburn almost it's just not my type
of juice it really like it's my stomach
starting to burn and then my esophagus
really starting to burn I have no idea
why I think it's the sour flavoring and
I've had juices like that before which
just had way too much sour flavoring in
it and it does it almost does replicate
the flavor of you know some sour straws
because you get the sour flavor and on
the outside and everything it's not too
sweet compared to sour it's more sour
than sweet but just over it's too sour
for me
I mean the flavor is good don't get me
wrong but just overall you're gonna get
that almost for me Harper and that I get
from it um what I was going to say is is
to as well it's a good bottle I mean
it's a huge 200ma bottle so I mean if
you find it on sale mean I suggest you
probably go buy it I don't know how the
strawberry in the watermelon oh I bet
you they're better and stuff I wish I
would have been able to try one of those
cuz blue raspberry I've just had so many
blue raspberries lately I'm just kind of
burnt out off of them but uh it's not
bad overall I'm gonna give this juice I
honestly want to say probably probably 7
out of 10 it would have gotten an 8 if
it wasn't so sour now it would have been
an 8 if it wasn't so sour so I'm gonna
give it a 7 but what I was going to say
is that if I probably would have been
burned out off of blue raspberry flavors
at this point I would have given an even
higher rating so I mean that probably
has an effect right there so maybe leave
it in an 8 you know what I mean it is a
good juice I have no idea the pricing on
it so I'm really sorry about that I'm
gonna guess it's around 50 bucks for the
bottle off a premium vape supply but
make sure go over and check them out and
you can get 10% off using discount code
n Kalia check out just NC a li um I for
didn't mention the throat in on this
juice it's smooth if the throat hit
smooth in and out as well there's no
burning nothing like that that you can
think of it's just the heartburn from it
completely smooth it's got great vapor
production too I mean the vapor
production is fuck I don't know if this
juice is it looks like an 80/20 the
consistency of it looks like an 80/20 so
I mean vapor production
it's got great vapor production flavors
pretty good overall no throat hit throat
hits perfect as well so if you want to
check it out go ahead but anyways let me
wrap this up I don't want to waste too
much of your time sort of going on nine
minutes make sure to LIKE this video if
it helped you out in some way we always
appreciate all the likes we get on the
videos you guys subscribe if you're not
subscribed already to stay tuned for
more future juice reviews if you want to
share this video it's always greatly
appreciated why not maybe like this
video in some way and you want to share
it but uh stay tuned shout out to the
whole NCV squad and you guys have a good
day stay vaping and I'll see you guys

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