Vape Review of Blue Raspberry e-liquid by Shark Gummies

April 19, 2018

Vape Review of Blue Raspberry e-liquid by Shark Gummies

Vape Review of Blue Raspberry e-liquid by Shark Gummies

Blue Raspberry E-liquid by Shark Gummies features the sweet nostalgic taste of raspberry gummy candy with a subtle hint of mellow cream. Zingy, tangy and perfectly refreshing, this moreish flavour is a treat for the taste buds and a deliciously indulgent all day vape. Details Multipack (4 x 10ml Bottles) 10ml E-Liquid 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg nicotine strength About Shark Gummies Shark Gummies was founded in Orange County, California in 2015 by experienced vapers with one goal in mind, to provide unique premium flavors unlike any other flavor on the Market.

Vape Review of Blue Raspberry e-liquid by Shark Gummies

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Blue Raspberry e-liquid by Shark Gummies

fuck is going on YouTube sure to
friendly neighborhood hosts and vapors
Matt and Pat back to you guys with
another premium Aegis review that how do
you do today we're bringing you the
start dummy
you see liquid yeah it's just there it's
your blue raspberry shark gummy look
that I don't think there's really a name
for either there's ones blue ones red
manufactured by tailored babes
it's a 70/30 mix I'm pretty sure it
comes to nicotine levels a zero three
and six off premium vape spy calm that's
really normally only what they carry and
stuff they're more towards geared
towards people with that or nicotine
levels they don't go really they don't
order juice really high up like 12
milligrams and shit but uh yeah
description is pretty fucking simple
blue raspberry short gummy like you see
when you fucking go to 7-eleven or the
fucking store they got the gun little
gummy candies and shit we're gonna just
judge his juice I'm a big shout out to
premium vape supply person that's our
way for the purpose there you forgot to
say that we didn't pay for you guys but
so just like always it's never gonna
fucking change our opinion we're gonna
start this off with the small test
I definitely smelled a gummy in it kind
of like the gummy glue from lost art
like really any gummy baby you've tried
then like blue raspberry nothing that no
one's tried right fuckin what's it
called crotch D liquids they just came
out the blue raspberry gummy so I
traveller drip taste of that we just got
this we just literally opened it we made
it took a beep or two so I'm naming
actually tried a little drop of this I
just want to see what it tastes like see
what should let you know wha
or we're getting yeah tastes like a blue
raspberry powder kinda like a pixie
stick like a blue raspberry Pixy stick
almost with some dummy tastes pretty
good like that we're gonna use the sub
boom box version 2.0 as you can see
she's fuckin pissed off right now
we got a uh basically three co-opting
build on their seven wraps go by mwah
and uh I've no idea what the fuck it's
pumping out or its pumping out like
three bullets basically but I don't know
what the fucking wattage is it's a
series box you guys it's probably
definitely my favorite device on hand
that I use that's one juice so outside
drip a little on there just cuz Cotton's
looking dry and then pop will tell you
what we're fucking taste
one thing is when we first tried this
probably cuz they drip way too fuckin
much and flooded the well but it was
really harsh it's not as harsh now does
it taste like yeah I guess I mean a blue
rides very gummy I mean that's what it
tastes like so I guess confirmed this is
a blue raspberry gummy bait it's good uh
the flavoring or probably the nicotine
in it's a little peppery it's not like
like I want to say like a hundred
percent smooth you know the point when
you're basically taking a vape you know
you get a little something just to let
you know that you're actually vaping
something but I don't know what I
consider an all-day bait probably I
definitely considered an all day vape
but I could probably vape it all day go
to work with it and be fine so bad but
otherwise I want to say like I don't I
don't consider an all week vape it's not
something that I cannot put down it's
one thing we really like to emphasize on
this channel it says it an all week vape
if you're gonna spend fucking twenty
plus dollars on it or even 15 plus
dollars on it you're gonna spend your
fucking money on it period is it gonna
be worth to you to vape it are you not
gonna be able to put it down for us it's
not one of those juices
like I'm not even sure like like I'm
like I'm not I'm not suited for why
shouldn't smoke too much weed you guys
that's what happened oh no let's wrap
this shit up do we recommend it
no just get a thumbs up no flavor I
guess home give is like a 5 or 6 it's a
little bit peppery it's nothing I'm
blown away by but when you say facts
yeah like I give it like a sick like he
said it's kind of peppery morning like
it's not bad
like not terrible like it tastes like if
you want to deal with that you don't
want to deal with that finger that
fucking like button finger that
subscribe button if you haven't already
shoot us comment down below
we always appreciate all the comments
any questions anything like that you
guys stay tuned for the next review you
guys have a good night

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