Vape Review of Blue Raspberry E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

April 18, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Blue Raspberry E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

Vape Review of Blue Raspberry E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

Juice Roll Upz returns with a tart and sweet surprise with Blue Raspberry E-Liquid! This delicious combination of blueberries and raspberries delivers a unique vape juice experience. A deep inhale of sweet blueberries starts this ejuice with the greatest force. A back note of raspberry loads this juice with a pleasurable piquant note that blends with the initial blueberry sweetness to instantly create an all day vape. Be sure that you a buy Blue Raspberry E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz.

Vape Review of Blue Raspberry E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Blue Raspberry E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

what's good YouTube this is Jay clouds
and today I'm back with another aegis
review once again and today I'm gonna be
taking a look at blue raspberry by juice
roll-ups and this is what the bottle
looks like they have a very neat label
on here it's very descriptive and it's a
green glass bottle with a dropper cap
and on the bottle label there are
warning labels they even have the poison
control a helpline phone number it
indicates what nicotine level you have
and the name of the company name of the
flavor ingredients may contain trace
elements of nuts or seeds they have the
VG PG ratio lot number and expiration
this bottle does come with a childproof
cap you can pick up a 30ml bottle like
this for 1999 at vape society
I'll post a link in the description box
below and if you guys have never checked
out that website I highly recommend you
guys do I mean they offer cheaper prices
than a lot of the other websites that I
have visited on the bottle like this
would probably go for around 20 $1.99 on
any other website also their shipping is
pretty fast I mean I chose the cheapest
shipping option which is supposed to
take three to seven business days and my
bottle of juice was shipped on Monday
and it came on Wednesday so it only took
two days so yeah make sure to check out
their website I mean they have a huge
selection of juices you won't be
disappointed with their prices do you
gotta be fucking kidding me my neighbors
gardeners decided to start mowing the
lawn right now so I apologize for the
background noise
anyways deduces 80 percent VG 20 percent
PG so it is on the higher VG side so it
is the dripping juice and the flavor
profile is a blue raspberry fruit candy
so today we're out of 0.3 ohm setup in
here and I'm gonna be vaping it out a
hundred watts cloud production is
excellent I'm getting really thick dense
clouds with this juice I would say that
this can definitely be a cloud
competition juice I mean look at the
juice man like I don't know if you guys
can see because the bottle is green but
this juice is pretty damn thick I would
say this is probably the thickest use
that I have vape in over a month so if
you're looking for a cloud chasing juice
this one's for you
also there is barely any throw head at
all dis juice is pretty smooth so if you
don't like though hits if you're looking
for a really smooth juice while getting
your nicotine at the same time then this
one's for you talking about flavor I'm
going to start by saying disk uses
fucking spot-on with the description
that they provide I really love it when
a juice company um offers a flavor
profile and the juice tastes exactly
like what they describe just like the
description says this tastes just like a
blue raspberry fruit roll-up like the
ones that you ate when you were a kid
you know those County treats that you
used to eat as a kid that comes in like
strawberry flavor or a blue raspberry or
any other flavor and sometimes they
would have liked those tattoo things
where you just get the candy and place
it on your tongue for a couple seconds
and when you take it off there'd be like
a little picture cat it on your tongue
it seriously tastes just like that I
mean this juice is really spot-on guys
it's slightly tart and it's nice and
sweet but it's not too sweet
it doesn't really gunk on my coils I
know a lot of you guys are kind of
skeptical trying blue raspberry flavored
juices because
most of the ones in the past have just
tasted like cough syrup but I mean
they're using really high quality on
blue raspberry extract with this juice
you're not getting a cough syrup it
tastes it's like an ice candy blue
raspberry flavor if I were to compare
this news to anything else besides a
blue raspberry fruit roll-up I would
compare it to a blue Jolly Rancher I
don't know about you guys but when it
came to Jolly Ranchers I would always
eat the blue ones first because those
are my favorite ones and I mean it
tastes really similar to that too
I fucking love this juice this company
definitely did an excellent job I mean
this juice is really spot-on it's so
damn delicious I highly recommend you
guys try it out if you guys like blue
raspberry fruit roll-ups or just any
other candy flavor so those are my final
thoughts on this juice thanks for
watching make sure to comment like and
subscribe and always keep it cloudy
peace out Chen clearly the tiger tastes
like and that's why people not white for
me personally what the juice tastes like
is a red gum bag it isn't really like a
ripe natural cherry flavor in all my
time fucking train things in the past
but none of them have ever tasted like a
real natural

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