Vape Review of Blue ADE E-Juice

April 24, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Blue ADE E-Juice

Vape Review of Blue ADE E-Juice

Blue ADE E-Juice contains the flavours of a bluebery slushie. Available in 3x10ml configuration with 0mg, 3mg and 6mg Nicotine strengths.

Vape Review of Blue ADE E-Juice

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Blue ADE E-Juice

all right bakers check it out we got
company down here today and Danielle
came down to help us check out these new
revenant logs and when you see what they
look like you'll see why she came down
well nevermind preview I'm Marvel yeah
she's already gotten claims on her but I
got another one here I'm going to open
and we're going to take a look at both
of these right after this
so that's right guys not only did
revenant send me these two mods Cartel
specials but they also sent me a
freaking half check that out oh yeah but
a bad hair days which is about 90% of
them all right hold yours up Danielle
you guys seen how beautiful her is look
like curly that are blue you know Syrian
cities are gorgeous yeah awesome unique
they're like curly yeah like a car you
know I got a nice little no it really
does they're heavy it feels like marble
so basically these are 160 watt mods
come with the USB charger just like that
and cool look at it it's really pretty I
don't know if you guys can see the
design on it what the fuck is with the
bedazzle Cochran going on hell yeah
this thing is sturdy and fucking rad I
don't know
this is solid steel and yet it just
happened to fit your tank perfect yeah
she's got the baby beast going if you
guys haven't seen me vaping on this in a
while the reason is this mother-fricker
has been down in my couch on a head
let's show them that alien log yeah it
was actually on this alien mod I don't
know how much you guys can see but it
was down in the inner workings of the
recline or a couple days I noticed it
wouldn't recline and add like kicking
how hard I've heard of going kick tank
and we got some new juice we're going to
be trying today - let me go ahead I am
going to be using the big baby so we got
siblings today eh stick yeah and this is
that killer iridescent being sick we got
going but I'm gonna pull a tank off of
it and this is kind of almost like a
eras destiny I think that's a jelly
palette jelly babies on purple oh yeah
I'm going to be using the purple aid
these are some of the Gatorade flavour
juices actually opening the bait battle
while ago they come in three different
flavors that we know the red the
Purple's blues all the really fun
flavors Oh Gatorade yeah exactly the
ones everybody wants I have a really
good design this little top I like that
I'll make it so easy I know I hate
having to take them I've used I've take
the tank off turn them upside down
because I saw yeah
many leak free for yourself okay I'm
doing the blue one you guys I lead since
I was 12
oh my god kind of say this smells
exactly like the blue freak oh it does
these are rattle oh man oh it's really
pretty and they're going to be jealous
that color would actually match yours
almost perfect now it's really cool you
carry with you that much but it's like a
yeah like a light purple yeah really
pretty alright guys so this brand of
ejuice is called they paid for those of
you who are curious my getting some for
yourself and I know you're going to want
him there like you said we got the three
different flavors
the purple a blue Wade is there any red
aid and these are 60 ml bottles right
here and I think they're actually under
$20 if I'm not mistaken so I will put
the link where you can go over to check
these out for yourself right underneath
this video deal I'm excited to see how
they taste
I can't believe it honestly I stalk ya
to see the price on these are so cheap
so if you get a big-ass bowl and good at
fruity ejuice like this I'm stuffing
every favorite dream right
she has her baby beets with about 0.4
okay but yeah just about 0.4 used to be
baby yours probably between 40 50 watts
yeah a 1040 and then mine is look how
clear and crisp these screens are
they're all gone yeah it's really mine
at just about 0.24 it's about a 2.5 or
just as coil size they're both about
within a point album and I'm going to
bake my 75 watts now before we start the
vaping though let's just go ahead and
show them the layout so you've got your
micro USB port right there power button
on the top of course your screen right
there your up and down buttons hi guys
and then this big button down here not
as big as your power button but that is
going to allow you to go through the
different functions so you're going to
go from wattage mode into camp mode and
then you do have all your standard
nickel titanium stainless steel and it
will do the bypass mode as well I'm
learning this will read resistances down
to point zero five and all the way up to
5 ohm
this is like a very ergonomically
feeling box mod just because all the
sides you know they're all rounded so
yeah very nice job on this I like the
design I like the look all that's left
to do is see how it's you babe so you
make sure you got your set right because
this will go with you 160 watts it will
bake the temperature control between 200
degrees Fahrenheit all with the 600
Fahrenheit or 100 to 300 and Celsius
will satisfy your baby needs almost
assuredly launched go ahead and fire is
the first real quick and I'll take that
the biggest leo aid yep and you should
go get a pretty good hit off of this man
some people are saying that you won that
clown contest in that last video
she's like god no I read it probably did
not bad a little bit all right here's 75
watts on the point two-five resistance
coil on the big baby tank sorry oh god
damn revenant this is coming off good
now this flavor man fuck vape you're
thirsty ah any batteries calm down bees
literally this dude batteries are like
always dead or we can't find what I'm
telling you
battery gremlin okay now I'm going to
try this click it
Cheers hmmm that's already so much
better yeah mom I was kind of wondering
what would happen to your lungs on those
first couple yeah you weren't putting
out the real vapor check this one out
the flavors just starting to come out -
I'm getting a little Gatorade Powerade
like blue yeah woo this is an incredible
purple man it's real come on strong now
get a little bit like dude we all know
you're on that purple I'm on that purple
kick I got a fucking purple monkey on my
the ops can't get it all you got to try
this one I mean you feel like the
fucking bake should be purple that's the
way the flavor comes coming off so
strong I'm looking like where's at
almost has a purple haze I think purple
haze all around
why is your so much stronger beat see me
see baby me man yeah huh why yours is a
little muted just more muted I think
some of it to take that big baby I do
think put salt on flavor your coil is
one month ha heard about before shut up
no you're right that one does have a
bigger coil and that is the Newars i
think that's the most recent version I
just got just a little bit of an older
version of it
maybe your cock rings too tight oh my
god this flavor is superb on though just
like that like showering and a great
calorie a flavor for like the Sears
grape Gator is him me I'm really saying
either the Gatorade flavors or fucking
7-eleven Slurpee like a labs berry
that's what I'm getting off of these man
Nikki Rick Rick
six fuck man we're clouding up is there
room you guys can see this room right
now you swear it was hotbox I was just
showing her I put it back in I sucked it
back into a backyard tastes so good
you can bake it twice so very unique for
160 watt logs I actually got one that
range I've been having trouble finding
something between 100 and the 200 watt
range to kind of recommend in that 150
this is definitely a sweet unique mod
that's got plenty of power and like I
said all the way down the point zero
five resistances full temperature
control all that hair just Egyptian you
can't go wrong man
most are having some really good things
yeah yeah the tanks are incredible
flavor come up on but you're only going
to get as good a flavours the juice has
it don't matter how good the flavor
coming off your tank if you don't got a
great juice in there and these are very
impressive juices for not being super
whenever you get those premium juices
they're very expensive of course they
taste great but you know you expect them
to when you get something like this
that's affordable and fucking taste this
incredible hell yeah sure has it just as
much as portable right that's a treasure
so alright guys if you are interested in
picking up the revenant Sam vapes right
marble finish I will put the link right
at this video down in the cross box
along with the link for the juice if you
want to check them out I'll throw the
link for the big baby and the baby beast
tank as well but alright guys hope you
are having a great vaping day yourselves
use those links if you want to go check
out the stuff we looked at today don't
forget to subscribe to this channel and
if you want to see more of Danielle here past the top spot go there
do that I'm over there a lot of times -
so I'll see you guys over there then
I'll see you guys right back here again
tomorrow catch you then

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