Vape Review of Blackberry Grape Spritz Sub-Ohm E-Liquid (10ml)

April 23, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Blackberry Grape Spritz Sub-Ohm E-Liquid (10ml)

Vape Review of Blackberry Grape Spritz Sub-Ohm E-Liquid (10ml)

Deliciously sweet and bursting with flavour, Blackberry Grape Spritz e-liquid by Pocket Fuel is a luscious blend of succulent blackberry and aromatic sweet grape. This Max VG liquid is suitable for sub-ohm devices and made with cloud chasers in mind. Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0.0%, 0.3% and 0.6% nicotine strengths Suitable for sub-ohm devices only About Pocket Fuel Made in the UK at our Vapour Labs facilities, Pocket Fuel is leading the way in accessible Sub-Ohm e-liquids. Specially made for cloud chasing, their range of 12 mouthwatering flavours are made using the finest UK-sourced ingredients.

Vape Review of Blackberry Grape Spritz Sub-Ohm E-Liquid (10ml)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Blackberry Grape Spritz Sub-Ohm E-Liquid (10ml)

hello guys and welcome to the london
paper reviews youtube channel and today
for you we have an e liquid review the
liquid we're going to take a look at in
this video is a new addition to the
pocket fuel range by UK company vaporize
and it is black berry grapes prints so
let's head into it all the information
on the liquid is available on the pan on
the right hand side of your screen and
i'll also put it in the description as
well underneath the video for you to
peruse at your leisure let's take a look
at the packaging come in these really
nicely decorated bright cardboard boxes
on the front there you've got the pocket
fuel logo with the name of the juice
underneath you 10 ml bottle size and
your milligram nicotine strength
alongside a huge warning about the
dangers of nicotine at the bottom turn
to this side you've got a plain side
there and all it's got at the bottom
right there is the company contact
details on the back you have got another
raft of warnings there you've got the
ingredients and eeeh caution triangles
and another nicotine warning and on that
side again plain except for a barcode or
right at the bottom so that's the boxes
when you open the box you're presented
with one of these which is something
you're going to be seeing a lot more of
after May the 20th it is an information
liquid an information leaflet sorry
about nicotine containing a liquid it's
possible side effects the dangers and
some advice on how to use it properly
and then you get to the meat in the
sandwich finally which is it your bottle
v liquid and as you can see just as
brightly decorated as the boxes you've
got your 10 mil plastic bottle with your
tamper proof seal at the bottom right
there and your childproof cap and if I
pop it off there you have got your
compliant filling needle underneath so
really nicely packaged really nicely
thought out all the information you
could possibly need some
they're really nicely labeled indeed so
that was the packaging let's head on to
the flavor review itself and for the
review going to be using the vaporetto
transformer RDA with not 0.45 on dual
coils on top of the praxis bank she if I
just show you because I can on the
screen there you go not 0.45 line coils
and if I press the fire button at 40
watts and that's how we're going to do
all of these liquid reviews from now on
so without further ado let's dive in and
let's give you the flavor profile itself
and the flavor on this one folks is
definitely going to appeal to you fruit
fans because what I'm getting straight
from the inhale is a classic grape soda
flavor really nice and rich grape in
there with that touch of sweetness and
if you get past of that initial
impression you've then got the fresh
blackberry coming up through the grape
and it sits on top of the grape there's
no doubting you it's not mixed equally
the blackberry is definitely supposed to
be the star of this e-liquid and that
mix runs right the way back to the back
of the inhale turning into the exhale
however to me the blackberry actually
drops down a touch and the grape soda
flavor makes more of an appearance on
the exhale and you've got that nice
mixture right across your tongue on the
exhale there's no chemical taste there
there's no harshness that I can detect
and your aftertaste is a good five
seconds it's really nice to see
companies taking a classic a liquid
flavor because I mean grape soda has
been around for a long time I've tasted
a lot of variants on it I'm the one in
this liquid is really nice but to add
that fresh blackberry to it as well
really takes up another notch gives it
that sharpness to the vape which gives
you the kind of sweet and sour
experience but mix together really nice
really smooth I like I said for you guys
that like your fruit vapes for you guys
that like your drink loops this is
definitely one to go and give a try -
really nice liquid so that was the
flavor profile and that was the review
if you found this review useful please
feel free to like and comment on the
video and maybe give it a share as well
and if you haven't already please also
feel free to subscribe to the channel
for more reviews coming up in the future
thank you for watching and I will catch
you on the next one

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