Vape Review of Black Jack E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)

April 17, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Black Jack E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)

Vape Review of Black Jack E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)

Ideal for anyone looking for this sweet shop favourite. Emjoy the sweet, smooth flavour with this Black Jack e-liquid. Details 10ml E-Liquid 70% Propylene Glycol (PG), 30% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strength About The Vampire Vape Based in Blackburn, the Vampire Vape line of e-liquid is one of the popular UK brands who have become recognised with their signature flavours, Heisenberg & Pinkman.

Vape Review of Black Jack E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Black Jack E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)

yo sup you to move the elevate began I'm
Jaime ejuice reviews so today back with
vampire day and I'm trying blackjack
today now in the UK you'll all know what
Black Jacks are in the US I'm not sure
exactly what you may call them I don't
know if you call them blackjack the same
as us it's a very aniseed type sweet the
little we call them penny sweets you get
this small rectangle in the wrapper
black and white rappers anyway I think
you'll understand what I'm talking about
when I carry on with the review so yeah
vampire folks the guys out at Manchester
and I've reviewed a few there's the
Heisenberg and the Pinkman already and
let's go ahead and see what we get
Wow that it's strong now I don't know if
it's the guy who's in charge of the
design the vampire vague liquids but he
has a real thing for mentally type
flavors he really does like to have easi
juices kick you in the teeth as they go
down that is strong now it's not bad it
isn't it isn't bad don't get me wrong it
is just a powerfully juice it hich is
strong and the only way to describe the
flavor it's more like sambuca yeah
sambuca so you know if I really wanted
to feel like I was having a shot of
sambuca and I was out with my friends
partying every time I took of a cup
check for peanut one for you yeah but
now I realize it tastes like sambuca not
too sure how I feel about it
it's a drink I will drink on him out but
lately you know I'm bit older and I
don't really like to do shot so much I'm
not sure maybe it's one that grows on
take a drink
I feel bad because I have actually got
quite a few vampire vapor e liquids and
I do enjoy a few of them it just seems
really bad luck lately there the reviews
have been given I've been quite negative
and I don't want it to be that way as
Pinkman he's one of my favorite you know
juices but again blackjack no sorry pump
I have eight guys it's another miss for
me definitely another mess and I can see
what you were trying to do but you've
hit more sambuca than blackjack sweets
with saying score wise I'm gonna have to
give it another two out of ten much like
the Heisenberg yeah not my cup of tea
again my opinion you could be out there
and absolutely love the taste of sambuca
and you'll be going wild now thinking it
you know you can have a party in your
mouth not for me right I'll leave you to
that thanks for watching guys up in the
you've been pretty

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