Vape Review of Berry Lush by Naked 100 E-liquid (60mL)

April 21, 2018 9 min read

Vape Review of Berry Lush by Naked 100 E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Berry Lush by Naked 100 E-liquid (60mL)

Berry Lush e-liquid by Naked 100 demonstrates a mastery of mixology at its finest. A decadent and fruity dessert blend of sweet and tart pineapples, ripe strawberries and a layer of luscious rich cream will take your taste buds to a fruity euphoria. This full bodied vape juice is perfectly balanced, with no flavor overpowering the other, all while maintaining a smooth and velvety throat hit. Good to the very last drop, make sure you buy your 60mL bottle of Berry Lush by Naked 100 today!

Vape Review of Berry Lush by Naked 100 E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Berry Lush by Naked 100 E-liquid (60mL)

welcome back everyone to another juice
review today well it's still the same
day we're not wearing the same clothes
two days in a row we decided to shoot
two videos in one day so today or
whatever cuz we have no life we have no
life we really don't but today we're
gonna check out for juices that were
sent over by VAP society supply these
four juices you guys probably have heard
of they're from the naked line the naked
I think naked has probably they have a
lot of juices a lot probably like 12 or
15 different ones but we're only going
to check out for today we just pick four
random no special ones just grab four
and yeah let's have a look at the bottle
the bottles for the naked line are
narrow things yes very elegant very
simple there's my dog in the background
and I'm gonna rip her head off but
anyways the naked labeling is just
beautiful that's how I think every juice
line should have it just nice and simple
and let's see what else that's it for
that and tell us more
mrs. wife ka Angela yep
so these juices the four that we picked
are very lush naked unicorn azul berries
Azul and go Nana's and the naked unicorn
Azul berries let's go one by one so we
don't get too confusing
well these three have something in
common and this one does not what might
that be the NIC levels oh sure so Nikki
unicorn Azul berries and go Nana's all
come in zero three six and twelve
and whereas berry lush only comes in
zero three and six milligram nicotine
levels hmm I wonder if it comes in
twelve but they just don't stock it on
their website
we'll never know well never know all
right so first one up my dear is going
to be this dog is going to get murdered
pretty bad you four-legged freak we're
doing a video you can't sit there and
chew on your toy that looks like a
chewed-up here take this god-awful
looking thing guys wanna see the toilets
thing that is disgusting looking here
take this we're professionals and you're
screwed up for us yeah
and action so the first juice that we're
going to try is the berry lush which
consists of a definitive mix of Crispin
tart pineapple with sweet and rich
strawberries and a nice rich creamy
taste at the end so strawberries and
pineapple pineapples nice and what is
this beautiful this would be the new mod
today s motifs this would be the new s
motifs minikin boost
Kodama which I will be jacking from you
sure no problem all right what are we
juiced up we're juiced up ready to go
and we're at 90 watts 90 watts let's do
smells damn good that's really good all
very good pineapple very good strawberry
flavor it's like a nice creamy
strawberry at the end but a really good
pineapple inhale that is really really
good damn
after this video you're going to the
shelter that's it you're done get out
this is actually really good that's
really a little bit strawberry little
bit pineapple I wasn't worried cuz I'm
not a big fan of mixed fruits in my
ejuice but that is really good I like
that a lot this is the it's like a later
little bit of a tart yeah
strawberry and like a smooth pineapple
no I think it's the other way around
dude it's a tart pineapple and a smooth
creamy strawberry how can I tell it's
the tartness of the pineapple because
you can taste the tart pineapple on the
inhale and then it's a strawberry creamy
exhale well whichever one's tart you get
tartness and it's damn good I think it's
really good it's got flavor too it's not
like you know it's got a lot of flavor
to it
yeah throat hits nice and smooth it's
not a harsh throat hit mmm very
satisfying with taste delicious in a
tank - all right so uh that's a good one
and if her dog does not is our dog
sitting no she is sitting alright don't
even look at her because she'll step up
and she she doesn't like the camera so I
don't know why she's even looking at the
camera alright so our next one is naked
unicorn which is a blend of sweet and
juicy strawberries untouched by man when
did to perfection with the smoothest of
creamy creams there's a lesbian liquid
untouched by I've actually tried this
before I won't give it away but I've
ain't it before well that's not fair oh
it's very fair
yeah I saw you give it in
these some of these juices will taste
good in a tank and not so much in an RDA
but trying to do juice reviews in the
tank would probably take yeah so still
anyways I don't know why I'm talking
it's a creamy strawberry I'm not a fan
of just plain strawberry vapes I love
this but it is very good it's good I've
had this before a few times actually
it's a nice there's a straight creamy
strawberries all it is it's like a I
guess to me the strawberry babes just
never tastes like strawberry to me I
like anything tastes like it never
tastes like what it says in a bottle
like you know like glazed doughnuts like
it tastes like a I don't know anyways
tastes like a natural strawberry nice
kind of a little bit of cream behind it
overall like it's untouched by man uh no
doesn't taste like it's been untouched I
could smell a little a little Bo in
there but it's like a natural strawberry
I don't get any tart this one's not tart
like the last one yes but no tartness
maybe throat hit whatever whatever Nick
they use is really good Nick because
it's nice and smooth
delicious I love that one leave that in
the Merc beeps pile there you go all
right so I give it a thumbs up for that
one arm to number three number three is
Azul berries and this is a rich and
creamy flavor of exotic Azul berries
jewel I don't know hold on hold on
I'm thinking I want to try the new
feature my hey Siri what is the
definition of Zul Azul oh shit
scratch that okay I found something on
the web for what is the definition of
SIL oh shit
hey Siri what is the definition of Azul
okay okay I found something on the web
for what is the definition of a single
take a look what the hell is this thing
the picture on here is raspberries
blueberries and looks like yogurt
definition now this is too complicated
it's showing pictures and it's maybe not
but forget it alright just read the
district I'm gonna be don't try to be
special this is a rich and creamy flavor
of exotic Azul berries perfectly paired
with a velvety vanilla cream so pretty
much just it's just mixed berries with
yes Azul or whatever kind of berry it is
it's just a regular old berry
all right so we got the you know the
deal by now right you got juice on here
no I'm gonna let you take the dry hit
you probably would
the way airflow is like extremely tight
you're trying to kill me I knew it is
here flew open on this thing it is what
you are both yeah they're both open I'm
praying out the airflow in front of the
post mm-hmm I don't like the smell of it
yeah this one's like uh what kind of
berry that is I don't know it's like a
I'm not gonna say soapy it's not soapy
just like a weird mixture of berries
like maybe like blueberry or like a
blackberry and something well the
picture shows blueberries and
raspberries how does it up here if you
were listening to me about 30 seconds
I don't listen oh I'm getting a little
bit of like a blueberry or a blackberry
it's like a darker berry in there of
course you get the cranium you get the
cream on all these juices but I don't
like the dark berries I don't like
dingleberry would you like your nuts
that has nothing to do with what we just
talked to no see that's unprofessional
that's it you're out of here we gotta
get a new person I fired
go get your paper I don't like when the
neighbors I don't think she can handle
doing juice reviews what does this look
to you there's like a like almost like a
black licorice kind of flavor which I
really no no it does not
it's got some kind of like dark your
taste buds you need to go to bed you
can't eat there's a couple different
fruity flavors in here and they're all
kind of mashed up it's calling it's a
great way to there this fruit smashed up
it is it's fruit smashed up it's creamy
and it has like a blueberry ish
I taste blueberry no acctaste blueberry
in there feel to it just not a big
blueberry person hmm no not for me I
don't think it does taste better than it
smells though it's not great but
definitely get a blueberry on the exhale
I don't know what that is on the inhale
though but it's a mess it's a mess it's
a mess all right so that one's a man so
next one is gonna nas which is go Nana's
delivers pure unadulterated banana
combined with sinfully rich cream
resulting in an explosion of satisfying
flavor for banana fanatics I love banana
you sure do
should be ashamed of yourself there's
professional people watching these
videos been like you're sick humor they
love my sick humor and they say so on
the comments huh this is really good
don't believe the comments they want me
to hit you with some I think it's I
think it's coming because you better
baked that or there'll be something
coming all right it's gonna be a Five
Knuckle I think you're due because you
are in doghouse this weekend my friend
I'm always in the doghouse definitely
what it says it is very banana and very
creamy I will be the professional in
this one thank you I just like in your
throat as you were inhaling very banana
e'en creamy no actually this is kind of
a this is a different kind of banana
though mm-hmm it's not a candy banana
it's not a it's not a it's not a candy
banana no it's like a different kind of
banana this is like a how can I put this
it's a sweeter banana it's kind of a
more of a natural banana but it's
sweeter I don't know like they add a
little sweetener to it or something it's
good though but it's very different it's
not your traditional banana I don't know
how to put this one I think it's good
it's a good banana flavor it is very
good I'm probably go more of a natural
banana not a candy yeah it's definitely
not candy no not bad at all not bad nice
throat it smooth creamy all these naked
liquids are creamy you're all good I
don't think I've had a bet well I
wouldn't say like the one we just tried
the Zulu whatever one I mean it may not
be for our liking but I don't think I've
had a bad naked liquid that's not bad
but if I want to first for me is
probably gonna be the naked unicorn then
the strawberry pineapple runner-up and
then the banana 1/3 and then last which
I would probably never vape would be the
Zulu or a Zulu or a zoo or whatever it's
called yeah I'll do the berry lush the
banana the naked unicorn and then the
azul yeah but all not bad very creamy
enjoyable it tastes clean and yeah very
I think that is going to be it isn't it
there no that's it so if you guys like
want to try these juices like the video
we're not doing that oh yeah we do have
a giveaway nevermind we do have a
giveaway forgot these notes I'm sorry I
forgot about it we don't have a winner
announcement because since we already
announced the winners in the previous
video we don't have to announce them
again but we do have a giveaway you're
take it away I'm sorry you're the
professional so if you would like to try
these juices make sure your subscriber
liked the video and comment your
favorite flavors and we will pick a
winner next week well you have to be in
more detail if you say comment with your
favorites flavor they might just pull
very flavor of these make these for
naked juices that we showed you today
there you go
let us know what flavor you think you
would enjoy out of these for their like
there's a pizza here yet no okay so yeah
do that and then next week we'll have
two winter announcements who have the
winter announcement for the previous
video we just did and then the winter
notes for this video and that's it and
think we're done right we are done
that's a wrap
and the pizzas are you just knock all
right so we'll see you guys later
say bye bye ah

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