Vape Review of Beast by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

April 21, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Beast by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of Beast by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

Tap into your wild side with a vape juice that will Unleash the banana pudding lover in you. Upon taking the first draw, an impressively decadent serving of pudding arrives providing an unmatched inhale. A ripe serving of bananas falls into the exhale providing a contrast of delicious banana delight and sugary sweet pudding. Be sure to buy a 60ML bottle of ANML Unleashed Beast today!

Vape Review of Beast by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Beast by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

the fuck is up what a do and CB squad
bait fam it's your two hosts your
friendly neighborhood vapors Matt impact
bringing you guys another juice review
before we get on the review I just want
to say huge shout out and thank you to
trip club for making this juice review
possible for sending us this juice it's
not gonna change their opinion on it
it's gonna be an honest review so now I
know you guys have probably heard a lot
of controversy on this shit it's the
animal in leash line and I guess the
word is this is not actually made by
Philip Braque himself this was just
basically made by another juice artisan
and then rebuttal dand then put under
like the animal logo I don't know if
that's might be possible legally by law
cuz strip club did do all the design for
the original animal line so maybe by
them copying the animal and then
unleashed I don't know I don't know what
the truth is behind it I didn't even
bother to fucking a strip club so it's
just it's whatever a lot of people say
that it doesn't come from Philip Braque
I think that's all because they watch
the same main big source or one of the
big reviewers that probably all these
small reviewers watch and then they say
what basically that big reviewer is
saying because they don't want to I
guess how many naked to be told your
channel or whatever button we're gonna
keep it honest as always and if the
juice is crap we'll let you know if the
juice is good we'll let you know so but
the word is this is garbage I forget I
think they said like someone saying like
this was a super harsh or something like
yeah someone was saying this was like
really harsh or whatever but this is
beast it's a banana pudding so it's
supposed to have a fresh sliced bananas
like layered and pudding so sound sounds
pretty good I guess
sounds pretty good bubble to this review
just like we do all other reviews will
do a vapor production test taste tests
throughout hit and then wall so just
give it a smell kind of see what we're
smelling and something we'll talk about
the overall juice and just what we think
about it as well so let's start it off
with the smell kind of get an idea of
what we're talking about some nice
creamy banana pudding you smelling they
smell like yeah a creamy pudding but the
banana is definitely not a fresh banana
is definitely candied banana and that's
what I found was like a lot of smells
like the run like in candy candy yeah
but it's not overpowering I mean there's
for instance we just reviewed the banana
custard yeah buy fruit fruits and
custard or fruiting the bastard or
duster and buy a baked Asia it's a new
line they just came out with and I to be
honest I hate candied banana thrown
through but it all depends cuz I mean
there could be that one fruit or that
one flavor you don't really like it as
long as it's mixed with a base or
something behind it that's either just
as equally or a little bit stronger and
taste you might actually enjoy a little
bit more than you thought you would have
been that's kind of what happened with
me with banana custard I ended up
actually liking it save that thing quick
so that's what that reminds me of the
smell oh it almost smells like very
similar to the fruit a new tester yeah
it's kind of got like that the pudding
almost smells okay I guess just for a
second just get some fucking anyway to
make long search for the party no mo
smells I get custard to me almost in a
sense or something yeah it does
you could suppose to be like what a
vanilla pudding yeah vanilla pudding
banana slices and not sure I know it's
pudding for sure find this on drip Club
I'm pretty sure it's fuckin like 30
dollars 30 bucks
for 60 ml bottles under pricier and down
30 or 35 yeah 30 or 35 don't quote me on
it I mean please go make sure you check
it out
but anyways we'll be using the way too
much juice
Spock X cubed 2 - fucking week
everywhere I sure fucked it Smok execute
Ultron you know I said the - what
analyzers that velocity yeah
velocity clone fucking besides like Rick
tripperz has an authentic velocity
unless you're someone that's got money
to fucking throw it out on whatever well
how much does the clone like 20 bucks
yeah I like 20 bucks
100 watts xq baltra
a demerit fused alien Clapton's thank
you a demerit thank you in a point one
one shout-out to a demerit by the way
yeah there's been a lot of hate on this
juice though a bunch of hate there has
been and that wasn't over the I mean
either was over one of the two most of
the juices they sit either at a shitty
taste or how to harsh the road NIT if it
was gonna taste good I think this one
everyone says suppose we taste bad man I
don't think it's too hard fair and you'd
be choking right now huh it's smooth and
it tastes really good too to be honest
you get that nice pudding base that
candied runt banana is not too strong
it's not overly powering so it's just
like I don't know it's it's not it's not
bad at all it's not terrible in the same
camera fix this angle a little bit sure
done this before
there we go it's pretty tasty
yeah that's what I'm saying I think it's
good yeah I think it tastes great it
tastes great to me overall thrown hit on
a scale of like zero to ten I'm gonna
put it like literally there's like no
throat hit at all we're moving into one
hundred watts and you could see cloud
productions really nice on it and the
waters is up and it's nice and smooth I
definitely want to give it a for sure
good thumbs up on the vapor production
I'm pretty sure this is a 70/30 mix line
and it definitely appears to be like a
70/30 maybe even a little bit higher
like a 7525 mix for sure so that means a
nice view production and the flavors get
it yeah the flavors good has a nice
balance like it's like a fucking like
creamy pudding like a creamy banana
pudding I mean that's what I get out of
that oh yeah creamy banana pudding I
could cream even a lot banana pudding
right in the pudding like I know for a
lot of people haven't had any put in
beeps it's just a good custard almost
yeah basically it reminds me um reminds
me a lot like the fucking fruit and
custard banana one and I love that one
Mountains get I've ate that quick so I
could just I could see myself vaping
this one just as quick but uh it's just
the pricing is different
I think the freaking custard was a lot
cheaper so I recommend checking that one
out before getting getting this one it
was like what 30 bucks for 60 milliliter
bottle said think of its about yeah
thirty bucks maybe more so don't fully
quota so if maybe say 3035 no higher
than thirty five or six more so I'm the
pricier side it is it is on the pricier
side so just keep that in mind
overall though the flavor is good give
it an 8 I would honestly given an 8 into
the Wallis fucking bullshit liar
but believe it or not go ahead and
hopefully you watch the end of this cuz
go ahead and like this video we have an
extra bottle of this that we will be
giving away so make sure you like this
video comment down below and we'll be
picking a winner soon someone to try
this for and the loggers and water yeah
we got like sent two extra bottles
somehow just extra ball this an extra
ball I think it's Reaver or whatever it
is or like the shark one I think yeah it
was an extra ball the shark one an extra
bottle of whatever it is least
yeah the Beast so will be given this way
and then once we do the room that will
give that ball to win that video so just
make sure you like this video comment
down below if you want a chance to win
it just so you we can prove you guys
that this is actually overall gonna
juice that way if you turn out to be
that lucky winner can try out the juice
without spending $30 on it and if you
don't like it then hey at least you
dance your money on there but I overall
think you will like it whoever wins it
and you will realize that whoever
started the controversy on this juices
garbage stop garbage it is a ripoff in
the sense of that they're stealing
Phillip rocks name from his shoes if
he's not the one who's making it but I
think that I had to do a lot with the
hate maybe you kissed like they found
lol it's not even Phil abruptly fuck
this shit do you agree with that trend
you know overall it's not bad at all
about it all but uh let's wrap this up
Ruby's probably going pretty long like I
said like this video comment down below
want a chance to win a bottle of beast
and uh share you want to share with your
friends tell them all about it and we'll
see you guys in the next juice review
peace out

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