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By Tatyana Dyachenko

The perfect "pick me up" for all you coffee lovers that don't want to be let down. Caramel, chocolate, vanilla and coffee all come together to make a very complex and delicious, desert-type coffee vape. This one will please coffee and desert lovers alike. Now that's "cool beans!" VG to PG ratio: 50/50 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Cool Beans Coffee Cappuccino BEASTLY BECAUSE Premium e-liquid. 100% USA made. Sealed glass bottle with precision dropper. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of BEAST BREW COOL BEANS COFFEE CAPPUCCINO V2

hi and welcome to so long today is going
to be a juice review today we're going
to be looking at nitros cold brew coffee
range these were kindly sent on to me
free for review back on nickeled ejuice
demand thank you guys
now there's three in the range in total
and they're all based around iced
coffees so I'm going to be looking at
two today and then I'm gonna do another
one tomorrow
so the first one we're gonna have a look
at is a vanilla beans of mace I'll show
you the label there you go don't need to
zoom these in moisture cooking these 100
mil I believe it's six mill and three
mill that they come in nicotine here you
go you even have a hashtag have a bit of
warn in a little bit of company
information and that and that's about it
so I'm we're gonna have that on I'm
gonna have it on my wasp nano usually
crazy wire 22-gauge fat roll pan thought
that's coming out at zero point three
seven ohms sixty watts and I've got that
on miss sigelei 66 let have a smell and
it taste anyway smell happen in there
well that just tastes nice this is a
okay so let's give it a baby and see
what we think
oh boy this one is absolutely gorgeous
the first flavor I'm getting straight
away is that vanilla bean and boy it's a
nice lovely kind of sweet on vanilla
bean then underneath that you're getting
almost like a caramel kind of taste very
very creamy as well I'm not getting a
big hit of coffee he's there but very
much in the background but it's that
vanilla caramel kind of taste that
really is nice and then and it's really
clever really is you've got I like and
after cool it's not a menthol it's not
cool ardor it's definitely just like
this like a cooling agent and it's just
when you when you're vaping first of all
you don't notice it you notice the
vanilla you noticed the caramel the
creaminess of it and obviously the
coffee there then on the XL all of a
sudden you get this cooling oh it's
quite he's quite clever that I've never
had anything like this before and he's
so like leaves that lovely flavor in
your mouth and you've just got this
lovely little bit of cooling in the
background they're very subtle really
subtle this say like I said he's not
menthol and he's definitely not cool
larder it's just a really little hint
and what it does he actually brings out
the vanilla and it brings out the
caramely kind of taste that you've got
of the coffee
are you honestly really is clever this
one I do like it right so what have we
got next
we have white chocolate maca basil to
show you the label there you go zoom
that in for you oh my mom mister zoom
there you go and like I said they have
the warnings bit company information and
that and they even have a hashtag mail
show you
hashtag I may show you that we always
like a good hashtag don't win right one
we're gonna have that honor
what Nano using again crazy white 22
gauge on the target Pro what's that is
0.37 ohms 60 watts again let's give this
a drizzle and see what we think - white
chocolate mucker I think I'm gonna like
this one right let's get a blast and see
what we think
one of the hardest things in juices that
I have come across is chocolate milk
chocolates that you get are very syrupy
kind of chocolates they never seem to be
like a proper chocolate but I've nailed
this one
it is absolutely gorgeous it is what it
says white chocolate maca obviously
you've got your white mucker you've got
you coffee and then obviously you've got
sprinklings of chocolate on top and boy
can you taste it it is absolutely
gorgeous the chocolate there ace
almost verging on if you've ever had a
flake it's that kind of a chocolate its
eyes beautiful and the chocolate is
actually the dominant favored flavor a
favored flavor coming out then
underneath again you've got this cool
attack the only thing I can call it is a
cooling agent I don't know what it is
but I know it's definitely not a cooler
or anything like that
and and like I said on the other one
it's on the exhale that you notice it on
the inhale you get in that lovely frothy
coffee with chocolate he in his straight
way you can dive it gave from coaster or
naira neros rounding you know that
lovely mockup he's got frothiness and
he's got chocolate on top of it that
he's just really good he's I'm I'll be
definitely vaping this later run I
really do like it now I'm not a big
coffee vape fan I love me coffees in the
morning gotta admit but I'm not a big
coffee vape fan but these are really
really good I'm quite impressed now
they're not too sweet so yeah I could
quite happily vape these all day long
now like I said the the cooling agent I
just want to make sure the you
understand that is not like a menthol
and it's definitely not like a cool
just it's hard to explain it's almost
like air like just this little hint of
cooling and also that's making it like
an iced coffee and boy if they nailed
that one I'm just absolutely impressed
that I'm gonna have some more on this
one it really is nice right those were
the first two in the nitro cold brew
coffee range I'm going to do the last
one which is look but seven look we've
got match a genie oh okay well Bulls
will sort that out tomorrow so you're
doing that one tomorrow just want to
give a big shout-out to a juice demand
thank you so much for sending me these
free for review and I so appreciate it
thank you
and all the information about the nitro
cold brew coffee range and Aegis demand
will be down in the descriptions below
I'll be there as well so you can catch
me on Facebook Instagram or Twitter you
can catch me on my website so alum
reviews calm and if you've liked what
you've seen don't forget to hit that
subscribe button and the bell in the
corner if you want notifications thanks
ever so much for watching these have
been the cold brew coffees
I've been solo and as always happy

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