Vape Review of Beard Vape Co. Number #5 E-liquid (60ML)

April 23, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co. Number #5 E-liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co. Number #5 E-liquid (60ML)

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Each draw of Beard Vape Co. Number #5 E-liquid is more delicious than the last. Experience a New York Style cheesecake with a glazed strawberry toping. This 60ML offering provides a flood of flavor in each draw and will not disappoint fans of fine dessert vape juices. An inhale of cheesecake begins providing a rich dose of delicious without overwhelming the palate. Exhale this treat and find a strawberry note buried that emerges with grace as the vapor subsides. Be sure to buy a 60ML offering of Beard Vape Co. Number #5 E-Liquid today!

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co. Number #5 E-liquid (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Beard Vape Co. Number #5 E-liquid (60ML)

alright hey Mike from Morgan's maple
reviews with big J Jones here
we gotta move over no I didn't otherwise
the kids gonna be sayin stuff but you're
not even in destroy there's a small tiny
monitor and for some reason he fails to
see whether he's in the shot or not it's
like babysitting I always have to tell
him yeah I was fine what was that
that's a that package from beard babe in
this package I think I mentioned it in
the other video we're doing the entire
line of beard bait but we're gonna do
them one at a time with your flavor
descriptions right they also sent beard
bait glasses take the sticker off Jay's
gonna wear them for the review not
because he needs to have the glasses on
but you see they mentioned in the other
videos that he completely botched up his
beard he said it was too hot and he was
complaining about it being too hot I
guess see about working in an
air-conditioned building is too hard on
him so he shaved his beard off but beard
vape was nice enough to send us a beard
for Jay so he's gonna wear the beard you
can't you can't review beard bait unless
you have a beer that should be a
standard movable phone and I hope the
company doesn't send juice to reviewers
that don't have a beard is this me
beeping this is you people oh one second
this is Paul Elden navarre they sending
me a message
he's a guy that joined Morgan's making
reviews Facebook page or a group and he
watches all the videos and comments lots
anyways if I get distracted you're gonna
give me back on a try okay because I'm
just trying to get this beard right so
I'm not eating it this is freaking
ridiculous so why'd you shave it off
then I didn't know this is gonna happen
no this is my why did you shave the
beard off something always happens if
you hear beeping it's because I've got
my laptop because we want to have the
website open to all right
now with this company they don't have
names for their flavors instead they
have big numbers or batch numbers for
their flavors they've got number 5 and
number 32 number 64 and a number 88 the
first we're going to start from lowest
and move up so this is a beard vape Co
number 5 you see that right well you
know look nothing does anything we're
always looking like a hydro if you want
in case there's any how to rates you
know watching a YouTube view channel
actually hundreds you look looking
stupid yeah I'm sorry you do they're
gonna call you a trick you did go to
Value Village and there's all the
Mennonites and Hutterites and they got
the Thule radios this one that did do
the flavor description alright number
five is a New York style cheesecake with
strawberries on top I get thank you so
popping shit keeps on falling here just
stop moving around
it's I'm a cat stop
Oh serrations that's a little better
you're good yeah all right all right
it's a cheesecake with strawberries on
top but do a rip troopers in person
engine you got the beard did one the
other night
why no I was I was I was waiting on I
was pretty off point very three what did
you say I can't remember
it's fucking beard Vic number five read
the UH what you did it is yeah I read it
like three times already New York style
cheesecake with strawberries on you
should read it again though Oh what did
I do
okay I just went on their website
because sometimes this will just give a
brief description so I thought there
might have been more but there's not
it's no okay no their name says it all
and off topic as far as uh as far as the
marketing goes if you've bought this or
if you end up buying I have to watch the
review it's got a really cool feeling
label I love it
feel that label good side it feels
better than this beard yeah it's just I
don't know it's really it's neat it's a
good presentation yeah it's a nice place
package alright so you just you know
what the more you play with it the more
it's gonna bother you is I would just
leave it a little this is torture little
business card on them
oh it's just uh look at this they said
to wristband not that you need to have a
beard wristband but I'll probably give
this to dinner you kiddo love it yeah
beard be little miss been there already
we're gonna ask oh oh you might have to
keep it now look at the head I then fuck
if I ever get married I can wear that to
the wedding then I just feel classy with
that one I've already dripped it I'm
gonna have dripped a little bit more but
we should use a smell test first anyways
yeah these are yours
it smells very good it's like I don't
know I really like the smell of it but
it's like a cheesecake now I guess but
you can smell the strawberry to you yeah
it's it's uh not to downplay or nothing
but it's it's standard what you would
expect it's a cheesecake with strawberry
we'll go with the VIPs
so I'll help take another day Peter
seems heavier on the strawberry yeah but
but not like a it's not like a fruity
strawberry you know like a sweet candy
strawberry it doesn't taste like that
he's like a ripe strawberry almost I
don't I don't taste a lot of cheese you
don't mean that it tastes like water
I can taste but it's light it's the
opposite of the other one here with you
- which one was that the shipwrecked
blueberry cheesecake one oh yeah I had
shipwrecked the Admiral I believe it was
it was cheesecake with a little bit of
blueberry and when you took a drag or a
big you could really taste cheesecake
and then a little bit of blueberry and
it was a nice change of pace this is is
not sweet at all it's more like a it's
it's actually very natural tasting
stronger without sweetener then you
mentioned before we started reviewing
before we pressed record he was talking
about how he's getting tired of some of
these companies that that dose their
juice with sweetener it's almost like
when you use too much sweetener it's
like a juice for dummies and so if it
doesn't taste great just add sweetener
but this company didn't have to do that
it's a very natural strawberry but
honestly the Cheesecake is very very low
variable I think see them but this is
almost like the way a man would be
strawberry I think this is like
strawberry for men like it's a very
natural it's got bite to it this is a
very small throat very small it's a good
I prefer to be smoother in all honesty
but it doesn't matter and this is a
three yeah it's a three mg but it has
very small throat it really not worth
even speaking about it's just just a
little bit there there's like no sting
out of the nose no for you what would
this be a tragic - I'm probably stash it
I'd probably not be fit everyone's know
like yeah I mean it's like it's a nice
refreshing chattering I'm sure there's
gonna be a shit juice just around the
corner that I'll probably have to review
so for those of you that like those
reviews when we slam the juice I'm sorry
I said yes I've had so many good
different lame the makers of these damn
good G's yeah I found a lot of good
juice lately and this is just another
one to add to the list I don't like it a
lot like it's not what are they from I
can't remember because California I
believe yeah yeah you were on their
website right now I'll check it out
Venice California
okay anyone watching my channel knows
that I focus on juice that's available
in Canada and on top of that I'll focus
on juice that's made in Canada so I
either like to do juice that's made in
Canada or that's available in Canada but
the reason why I'm doing this line is
there's a website it's like one of those
websites that sells juice and it sells
different kinds of juice all different
companies and it's in Manitoba so it's
in Canada and he ships from Canada and
he carries this life I'm going to put a
link to his website in the description
which explains why we're doing the beard
they applied because even if you live in
Canada you can get it you can get it and
it may be available on some other sites
too we just haven't checked that you
that yeah like I'm not gonna scour the
internet to find out it's pretty easy to
Google all the Canadian distributors if
you are one of them you can contact me
and I'll put your website in the
description as well but it's vapers
anonymous dot-com or Godsey etiqueta
yeah but it's vapors Anonymous I'll put
a link to his website in the description
and you can order beard vape from vapors
Anonymous I'm also gonna put a link to
beard mates website and their Facebook
page but for anyone that wants to leave
a comment saying although that's not a
Canadian juice or it's not available in
Canada you're wrong
it's an American juice but you can get
it in Canada because you did order it
from vapors and August and there will be
a link to their description that's about
it yeah all right you guys have a good
thanks for dropping the ball on Iowa
what's on his head
come come on we had a guy here that was
supposed to press the stop button if we
could just get him to come in all you
had to do was press the stop button he's
famous now all you had to do was hit the
stop button and you can do it you guys
have a good night

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