Vape Review of Beard Vape Co. Number #24 E-liquid (60ML)

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co. Number #24 E-liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co. Number #24 E-liquid (60ML)

Beard Vape Co. presents the vaping community a delicious treat with a savory suprise hidden inside. The inhale of #24 by Beard Vape Co offers a savory caramel not lacking in sweetness. An exhale of malt collides with the initial caramel inhale to create a most excellent aftertaste. Be sure to buy a 60ML Bottle of Beard Vape Co. Number #24 E-Liquid today!

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co. Number #24 E-liquid (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Beard Vape Co. Number #24 E-liquid (60ML)

what's going to vapors roll into my
review of number 24 by beard vape Co
number 24 is a 70/30 VG PG blend
nicotine options are 0-3 6 and 12
milligrams and is a salted caramel malt
flavor hmm now that's interesting okay
so what I'm going on inhale primarily is
the strong hit of the caramel
now when I say strong super strong it's
sweet as hell which is kind of nice it's
got a deep caramelized burn caramel
flavor which is nice and it's quite lush
luscious if I'm honest it is really
really nice
the malt flavor I'm getting to a degree
very my new right at the back of the
roof of the mouth you get in like an
earthy woody kind of a floral e note as
well which is really really nice and
then them two flavors work really really
well together they're really great but
the salted note I'm not getting at all
it's not there in any way the caramel is
too sweet for this if I'm honest it's
just overwhelming the rest of the flavor
if that sweetness just calm down a
little bit I think you get a bit more of
the malt that saltiness would probably
come through a bit more
but as I'm vaping it not getting it at
after inhale the caramel takes a bit of
a twist it becomes a bit more dive down
comes a bit more softer the sweetness is
still at 100% there's nothing stopping
that sweetness
it is super sweet salty taste is not
there at all
the malt is still there and it actually
comes through a bit more that caramel
flavor has come down a little bit which
is push that mold through a bit more
more of a base tone at this point not a
a combined flavor with that the caramel
in the malt
it's more of an undertone the caramel
just flicks over but the sweetness is
still too strong at that point I'm not
overly impressed with this flavor if I'm
now the exhale now if you like really
really sweet flavors this might be want
to go for because the exhale is just
pure sweetness the caramel flavor is
gone the salt that never existed it
still isn't there and the more gone
absolutely nothing it's just too damn
sweet this flavor is it's not too sweet
for me I can take sweet flavors bit as a
flavor it's just not balanced right at
I'm really really annoyed and I'm
disappointed for beard wait really
it's been a while since I've release one
of their bid rate range it art lines
from their range and it's not delivered
in my opinion I can see the concept I
can see the heart of it but there's no
refinement there the contrast is 100 to
zero that there's no balance set at all
I think back to the drawing board for
this one if I'm honest as a flavor as
I'm vaping it right now it's pretty nice
the caramel is great if they just said
it was a caramel flavor that didn't have
any molt in it or any salt element to it
I'd be none the wiser
and I'd probably give it a much better
review than I am now
because that caramel is great it's got
depth to it on the inhale as but the
rest of it hasn't because that sweetness
just killed it but I'm not impressed I'm
not impressed at all oh there you go
buy at your own peril if you like if
your caramel over then by all means go
for it but if you do want something a
bit more complex than a caramel flavor
then this is probably one to stay away
from so it's one of them you need to
bite your own pearl oh yeah alright guys
that is the review for number 24 done I
hope you find it informative make sure
you like this video and subscribe to my
channel thank you very much for watching
guys and I will see you next time
I have had ever no joke
this stuff is insane woohoo and it
genuinely tastes like a fried donut with
that you get in loads of sweetness but
it eats sugar a

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