Vape Review of BEARD VAPE CO. NO. 5

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of BEARD VAPE CO. NO. 5

Vape Review of BEARD VAPE CO. NO. 5

Who doesn’t like cheesecake? We love cheesecake; Especially New York Style; And on top of that, strawberries? You just can’t go wrong with strawberries! No.5 is where it’s at! VG to PG ratio: 60/40 You Will Receive: 1x - 15mL Bottle of Beard Vape Co. No. 5 BEASTLY BECAUSE The beard says it all. Beard Vape Co. is a beastly assortment of flavors you just won’t want to put down. Obey the beard and try all the tasty flavors! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of BEARD VAPE CO. NO. 5

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of BEARD VAPE CO. NO. 5

hey everybody we're to do another
question you just review then take a
look at is from beard vape Co you can
find beard vape Co on the web at $12.99 30
milliliter bottle is gonna cost you $24
120 milliliter bottle is gonna cost you
80 and they do offer free shipping and
in all the domestic US they also sell
apparel over there they have tank tops
for men and for women
they sell socks they sell t-shirts they
also have a nice little drip tip that's
uh with their insignia and a little dude
on the front that says beard that's
going to tell you about it I think
that's about it I picked this up here
actually in my local brick-and-mortar
here here in Connecticut company called
smooth vapors they have three stores
here in Connecticut one right next door
to me and Torrington Connecticut another
one that they have in Waterbury another
one in shellin very very good store all
three stores Nick the owner has all of
his he's got the right people in the
right places they're just not there to
sell you a product they're gonna give
you the information also excellent
excellent hands-on customer service
there like I said you can feel
comfortable when you walk out of there
that you actually got a product that you
wanted not something that they do soul
to you big thumbs up on to that this is
one of those cases where some of the
places that you buy things are little
bit more expensive at your
brick-and-mortar and they're gonna be
because you are you know you're going
through someone and but like I said at
the beginning thirty milliliter bottle
on their websites cost you twenty four
dollars I pick this up here in
Torrington and like I said at my local
brick and mortar 420 $2.99 so it's
actually a little bit cheaper at the
store that it is online that's this
another thing you might want to check
out you know always support your local
brick-and-mortar anyways because like I
said there's gonna be the ones the good
ones are gonna be the ones that are more
knowledgeable they're gonna give you
more hands-on and you know you don't
have to wait for shipping and so anyways
getting back to the juices here this is
the number five they make five flavors
and that's how they do their flavoring
is by the numbering code so on the
bottle here this is that it is number
five over here tells you that it's a
three milligram this tells you that it's
made in Venice California and has your
warning labels over here and and on this
side over here it's going to show you
you other different warnings here and
it's about it it doesn't give you any
born-on date or any anything for
traceability I do like their labeling
it's almost like a feels like almost
like a first aid tape or maybe even the
tag in like a back of a shirt it's made
out of material it's not just a regular
label I like that little touch it does
have the child safety cap big thumbs up
on to that and these are the very good
child safety caps they're not like the
ones where you can just grab the rubber
and a twist off
you really have to press down onto these
to have them open up so that's a big
plus on to that also alright so let's
get this underway the description under
website four number five is a New York
styled strawberry cheesecake well it's a
New York style cheesecake strawberry on
top is actually how it's boss
set onto the website so let's open this
up and let's take a couple of take some
smell onto it mmm you're getting a lot a
lot of strawberry coming up you can
actually smell the cheesecake into it
very very good take a look at the juice
it has a nice little yellow amber kind
of combination hue onto it's very very
nice and being a 60/40 it is kind of
runny but it's still not as you know
it's a 60/40 so and that might be
something I didn't mention that their
juices majority of their juices are a
sixty VG forty PG but there is some that
they I think I've seen as high as eighty
VG but if you go to their website you
can get their description and what what
it is so then if you do actually go to
your brick-and-mortar and they have it
you know what it is so go check it out
on their website and then also go check
out your local brick-and-mortar and ask
them to get it in because it's some real
good juice and so today we're gonna run
this here in my K box I am running it
down my
any vape fury tank and I'm running this
on the 0.5 ohm on the rebuildable head
and I'm running it at I know you can't
see it in the K box but if you count if
you have a K box and you count the
numbers there you can see that it's at
30 so I'll take a couple rips on it tell
you what I'm tasting and tell you what
it's doing coming in you're getting a
nice creamy creamy cream cheese it's um
very it's very spot on die with this
cream cheese a spot on it's very very
delicious on to that the strawberry I'm
getting hint I'm not the cheesecake
really actually overpowers to me more
than the strawberry but you are getting
that strawberry on the tail of it and
it's almost a it's borderline candied
strawberry in my opinion it's a little
bit sweet for me but it's uh it's
definitely it's not fresh strawberry but
it's not over-the-top candied it's like
in-between it's very very good mix on to
it and I need exhale I'm getting uh I'm
getting about the same thing I'm getting
that creamy cream cheese and I'm getting
that strawberry but I'm also getting a
little graham cracker right on the end
onto that let me take another trip on
through that again
yeah definitely I'm getting a little
graham cracker right on the end very
very good
all right people again the name of the
company is a beard vape co link will be
down below check it out and flavor we
took a look at was there number five
which is a New York style cheesecake
which strawberry on top I'm gonna give
you guys on your flavor I'm gonna give
you guys a nine out of ten like I said
it's just that strawberry is right on
the wall of being fresh and it's
borderline candy that's got a little a
little bit too much sweet sweet for me
it kind of mmm
and but other than that it's a very good
mix and like I said I like the way that
graham cracker right on the tail you're
bottling the only thing that you're
missing is like a some sort of
traceability I love the cloth label onto
it kind of feels like almost like a
first day tape or the kind that you'd be
on a tag of your shirt but other than
that like I said I'd like to see some
sort of traceability and that's about it
so I'm going to give you guys under
bottling a packaging I'll give you nine
out of ten also alright people that's
gonna do it for tonight so until the
next time keep vaping

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