Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #71 60ml

April 24, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #71 60ml

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #71 60ml

Beard Vape #71 is a truly delectable eliquid which combines sweet and sour sugar peach to form a truly potent flavourful mix. Sweet, soury and ready to vape all day.Prominent Flavours: Sweet and Sour Sugar Peach

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #71 60ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Beard Vape Co - #71 60ml

is a shot no TV and welcome back to the
next episode of isn't worth it
today beard Paper Company
all right well let's go right into this
little gift bag here first thing that's
kind of cool don't people see that at
night it's got the beard guy on the
front profile list on the back your
vapor company official beard I think I
can skip that one
ah the glasses I guess you can't do a
beard a pro company review without the
official beard glasses
so there we go and juice juice and more
juice alright I think that's it
number 5 this is New York style
cheesecake with strawberries on top
again it's got the VG PG ratios on here
that's pretty awesome
it says 60/40 blend fresh cotton let's
check this out
well let me take these off so you can
actually see my expression I can really
taste the strawberries on top it was a
smooth sweet strawberry
I can taste it amid the Cheesecake going
in and the strawberries on the exhale
it's delicious
it's good I like it it's not a plastic
label either so presentation very good
man no it's just a guy with a beard and
shades but he was that American big
convention and that's what the dude look
like but you just weren't a hat he was
showing a chair taking a nap he was kind
of cool I think was this oh boy this is
gonna be everything
71 well it's a sweet and sour sour sugar
peach 70/30 VG PG ratio I'm still very
impressed with the label the label is
not made out of your normal paper that's
pretty cool so what's the time you
notice how you label kind of rubs off
your juice and you're not exactly sure
what you're what you're vaping on
anymore is kind of have to remember this
it's kind of almost like first aid tape
that's been printed
so every smooth peach flavor to it
a nice low exhale can taste a little of
the tartness that they're talking about
what if I did it just a normal exhale
I can taste that sugary peach so there
is that sugar peach flavor in there
what with hints of tartness but that's
our yeah I have to say that's really
and that's one of the better peach
flavors in a pad then it tastes really
peachy it's peachy so let's see here we
have number 64 this is a unique blue
raspberry hibiscus twist although I
really like their packaging it is a lot
to do one after another after another
after another I'm interested about the
hibiscus thing I don't know how I feel
about the adding of hibiscus but
everything else has tasted good so I I
will reserve my thoughts until after I
taste it
oh wow I'm glad I reserved the right to
speak until after oh my gosh that was
really good huh
that was unexpectedly good I did not
expect to hit that kind of a flavor that
had this cos twist just changed
everything that is quickly good
that could be with all day vape that
that is really good it's smooth it's got
just enough you know complexity they
keep you interested it's got an
interesting twist in there that just
kind of brings out some some other the
it is interesting enough that it tastes
good and I think I could they put all
day and it's so complex that I wouldn't
just get bored of them and they purrs
tongue making the same boring juice all
day long that is amazingly good I'm very
impressed with that one so far I have to
say number 64 is my favorite one out of
the three that I've tried so far number
51 custard with a dash of custard
hmm I don't think I would have ever
expected that it tastes like custard and
it's custard with a dash of custard
that's uh it's custard I almost think
that I would mix this with the
cheesecake and have my strawberry
cheesecake with custard
I think that would be pretty good
actually nothing that's bad at all it's
just it's just a straight custard but
it's a very high quality custards it's a
good delicious custard it's just just
custard for those of you that you've a
beard already you know what this is do
you know what number 32 is it's a
delicious cinnamon funnel cake holy crap
oh my gosh oh my gosh I feel like I'm
not a fair or a carnival or something
does that taste like
maybe not so much funnel cake
specifically but like a Cinnabon or
something I mean it's Wow
oh wow okay
something just moved into the first
place spot that that that is my favorite
flavor so far number 88 a familiar
chocolate mint cookie let's see if this
is going to put Girl Scouts out of
it's kind of like a thin mint meets an
Andes chocolate mint it's very
reminiscent of a Girl Scout cookie it's
good it's really good
it's so sweet and so chocolaty and it's
really delicious
I don't think I can vape it all day
because it is really sweet and I can't
make too sweet of things all day but if
I'm after dinner and I want to dessert
but I don't want to eat a dessert or if
I'm too full to eat a dessert
I could easily vape this and satiate my
cravings for something sweet this is
delicious my least favorite was just
like straight custard it was just
nothing but custard I did like it I
didn't enjoy it I would vape it didn't
say didn't like it didn't say it was bad
it's just my least favorite of the wine
my favorites fill a funnel cake with a
really close second is that that has a
very heavy viscous twist that's really
really good after that I don't know we
had the peach was good the mint was good
and the strawberry cheesecake was good I
really wouldn't want to try out the
strawberry cheesecake with that my plant
custard I think that's going to be a
really superb and if that tastes like
what I can imagine it to taste in my
head then that might rise to the legs
pretty quickly I have to say there's not
a favored labor in this line that I
would be like smell my nose at not not a
one the whole line is good please try
them out I think you'll be very very
pleased with them with Atlanta flavors
are I've been pretty fortunate all the
juice I've got to try so far I really
enjoyed so I'm
join this process of reviewing really
delicious juice so if you haven't seen
my last week's video just click right
here and you can check that out and stay
tuned for my next video after this one
and you can see some more delicious
juices and I picked up at the American
vape convention so is it worth it yes or
no a resounding yes just go to beard
vape as always please subscribe
and vape on

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