Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #64 E-Liquid

April 20, 2018

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #64 E-Liquid

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #64 E-Liquid

Beard Vape Co #64 is back in a 10ml sized bottle. This product contains a blend of Hibiscus, cotton candy and cream flavourings.

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #64 E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Beard Vape Co - #64 E-Liquid

hi guys will to my review of the number
64 liquid by beer vet company Bev 8
liquid is made in the US it's available
in 1530 middle-east quantities number 64
is only available in a 70 VG 30 PG blend
and nicotine options are 0 3 6 12 and 18
number 64 is labeled as a cotton candy
flavor and is described as cotton candy
is better known in the UK as candy floss
and by all the names around Europe but
it's no less popular for its sweet and
sticky deliciousness this creamy
hibiscus cotton candy flavor liquid by
beer vape company is a sensational blend
of that sweet candy Foss flavor mixed
with a creamy hiss piscis garnish so
let's see how it tastes hmmm weird
okay so it's an unusual juice yeah it's
very light than refreshing and it it's
almost like is it I want to say what
you've been hanging in a way is really
unusual yeah it's not as sweet as you
with it being a candy floss flavor you
really it's not as sweet as you think
it's probably one of most poshest candy
floss flavors I've baked on the viscous
comes through really well and it's quite
bright vibrant and floral
almost getting like a minty flavor right
at the back of the throat and I know I
don't feel I know it's not supposed to
be in there it's obviously something in
in my head that's picking that out mmm
unusual very unusual there's a sweet
this is very sort of sweetness in the
background to almost is that subtle to
the point it
you could forget is there and that's a
tragedy I think if it was slightly more
sweeter it lifts the juice up a bit more
saying that it's nowhere near a subpar
juice it really is a great juice bit
it's gonna divide opinion hmm that's
another weird thing soon as the vapor or
the majority of the vapors left your
mouth you're left with nothing and they
almost meats you want to have a drink
rich does it give you is it the first to
ever give you cottonmouth oh I think
it's just me being me it's highly
unusual the creaminess that the flavors
or the description is not there can't
pick no creaminess up it's out at all
it's quite quite grainy texture in it
it's really unusual it's not a bad
flavor there's nice flavors in there
it's just going to be one of them ones
you need to try it before you buy it
because you could pits on this or stuff
up and you know you probably won't like
it try this stuff before you buy it
I urge you it's a nice juice it's
probably just not one for me
yeah I think that's the review done and
yeah I hope you found it informative
please rate comment and subscribe make
sure you hit the subscribe button right
now find me on Twitter at ginger
underscore vapor and find me on
Instagram search for ginger vapor thanks
very much for watching guys and I'll see
you soon okay so it's vanilla Costa
flavor the description says that
oh the vanilla is quite a tasty sort of
vanilla it's not you

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