Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #51 60ml

April 24, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #51 60ml

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #51 60ml

By Ekaterina Mironova

An expertly blended eliquid from Beard Vape co, consisting of vanilla custard and chocolate sauce, the perfect dessert.Prominent Flavours: Vanilla Custard and Chocolate Sauce.

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #51 60ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Beard Vape Co - #51 60ml

got my shit all fucked up fuck what's up
okay we don't have anybody that stock
before we're doing it ourselves so so he
decides when I'm fixing my beard to
start it it's a good way to start a show
fixing the thing I don't want to be too
repetitive the fake beard yada yada yada
if you haven't watched it watch the
first two we explained it thoroughly in
that one and we're gonna explain it
together you could explain it again yes
some people watch the flavor that they
want to buy well I might be buying this
flavors all what's the review but
sometimes when they read the name they
don't know anyways and especially this
ones numbers yeah either way J pussied
out and he shaved his beard off because
it was too hot not pussy out it was just
a spur of the moment we had three hot
days and apparently that was enough to
cause a man to shave his fucking beard
off so we're doing the beard vape juice
line and they sent us with they sent us
five flavors but they also said this god
damn of the year they sent a fake beard
you know what this punishment I'm hating
the rest of your juices even if I like
this shit but they said go sideways
they say there'd be sunglasses this is
cool I like these they sent a beard Veit
wristband can you see that and they sent
the juice and a flavor description so
because you shaved off his beard and we
aren't doing deer bait
I decided Jays gonna wear the beard and
he's nice enough to do it so I'm doing
it there you go
our next flavor is what what's the
number number 55 number 51
it's a custard
okay number 51 they don't have they
didn't name their flavors that every
flavors named after a batch number or
like a VIN number this is number 51 Oh
read the finger description it says
custard with a dash of custard now on
this site eliquid calm we're we're like
just referring to for the video -
they're saying that it's vanilla custard
with a hint of chocolate
okay so a vanilla custard with a hint of
chocolate as soon as I see the word
chocolate because even though I love
chocolate most chocolat babes have a
sandy gritty kind of aftertaste yep so
I'm hoping this doesn't I smell just
custard I don't smell chocolate if
there's chocolate in there it's very
fucking inside and maybe there's no
chocolate maybe when you talk if these
guys message you that make the juice
maybe they'll say hey there's no
chocolate in there I smell strong
custard yeah yeah
it smells great start the finishes I
like custard a lot custards one of my
favorite this is a tapes this is this
custard I spelled just custard
it comes in 0 3 6 12 and 18 mg we nodded
and three because we're dripping the
viscosity is not mentioned and it
doesn't say on their website either I'm
gonna check on vapors and autumn and see
what he has on there he has beard vape
code that's where you can get it in
Canada that we know of you have to
remind me to say that you know because I
well you know what the other one and the
other one for the thick oil we we didn't
even have to tell them this was later oh
yeah but he he uh he has all the links
on his website to where his juices
sorbet okay now anybody that watches the
channel knows that I'll review juice
that's sold in Canada and I'll also
especially review juice that's made in
Canada this is made in California but
the reason why I'm doing the review is
even if you live in Canada you can get
it very easily does the website called
vapors Anonymous and they're based on
their they're based out of Manitoba
correct me if I'm wrong they only have
two of them well he'll probably get more
hopefully he'll get more yeah I
encourage him to get that yeah step up
your game boy yeah so even if you live
in Canada um the reason I'm reviewing
the lion is because you could still get
you go to vapors Anonymous and he
distributes it he ships it from Manitoba
so it doesn't have to cross the border
so you can get a broad right to your
front door without any issue and I'm
gonna put a link to his website and I'll
also put a link to beard babes website
and their Facebook page you need to drip
it number of 51 we're doing yeah and
it's supposed to be on their card it
says custard where the dash of custard
custard with a dash of custard but on
the website it says custard with a hint
of chocolate and when I smelled it I
spelled custard from start to finish
chocolate doesn't really have the smell
no you know you should be able to smell
something if you smell of flavoring
itself I haven't done the review yet
because we just got it but this is
totally off topic moshi cloud Edition
is a really fucking sweet tasting
chocolate this one right here it's it
tastes really okay ready yeah I like it
well I could bake this a lot I might not
to Jack this come to me that's a good ok
then I'm wearing the fucking beard in
all these videos this this one here this
is custard with a touch of custard - a
custard this is really good I like it
I'm a custard fan I like all the
different it's ok this one here is what
was the last one we did we just did
number 32 which is cinnamon funnel cake
and it had it had a good taste to it but
I was mentioning how it didn't have a
lot of maple this tastes a lot like it's
very similar well you could be tasting a
bit of that on the lips yeah but this
has way more cloud volition this is this
is really good could be up a few
percentages like it does produce a
little more it's not like Mac's PG stay
like this yeah and you can have this in
a tank and it's not gonna leak but you
go I'm sorry you can put it in a dripper
it's not gonna leak but you can also put
in the tank because I mean it goes up to
18 it's actually 85 VG 15 PG oh it is
there you go I found it finally online
okay this is that's that one I'll look
up everyone on here okay right on this
is 85db 15 P thank you my vape store you
know can you find I beep store that was
for see if they're the same what does
number 32 well just go like this
Google is amazing I love it without
sounding stupid this is a because God
knows right I don't like to sound stupid
there's a hair this is the kind of
flavor that it's a it's a more mature
bait like in 1819 year
who has a sweet tooth might not like
this as much you know 60/40 the other
one was see there's different variations
so the other one that had less cloud
production was 60/40 that's number 32
this one here is an 85 VG which is why I
noticed right away I got more cloud it's
good I really like this this is - this
here I've never seen those flavors that
are like baby coke bottles and blah blah
blah although the good flavors
they tend a lot of the younger crowd
likes them yeah you know I do a sweet
tooth but still the point is this is the
kind of flavor that your father and
grandfather he was into vaping would sit
back with his newspaper in vain it is a
very mature Seasons flavored like it
tastes really really good it's like I'm
gonna drip a little bit more because you
just thank you yeah it's very good if
you really like it no no I've got a lot
of juice where is that I like it it's
good it's so far I really like this one
sticks out for me I like it this is this
is a fucking nice juice yeah this is a
number 51 my beard vehicle throat it
there's none to speak of it doesn't
sting out of the nose it's fucking
smooth and smooth out how's it taste in
develop no it's custard on the inhale
custard on the egg scale it's how a
custard should be like when it's just
fain custard that's how a custard should
be it says on on this site the ronnied
liquid dark on it says vanilla custard
with a hint of chocolate wrong eliquid
calm and show that collar of your ass I
don't have you're just trying to up
their sales but I don't taste good in
no all the other stuff all the other
sites that I saw that did did a
description said custard with a down
customer gets out there's this I mean
that's what this edge eliquid dot-com
you shouldn't be adding your own take on
somebody else's products this is not
missing anything no I wouldn't change a
thing it's a very delicious custom this
does not need a hint of chocolate this
is good though just the way it is I
wouldn't change the Fitz not too sweet
you can tell there's not a bunch of damn
sweetener in it it's really nice I
wouldn't change a thing
this is the third one we've done yeah
okay so we've done number five we've
done number 32 and known them and now
number 51 and I have to say that I like
all three of these so far like I don't
want to be a yes man that likes
everything a week but that's fucking
it's done well that's our opinion yeah
that's how we feel about Jesus later so
this is a good we're not trying to we're
not getting paid for fucking tasting
these juices or anything we're doing
this for fun and if we fucking like
something we tell you if we don't
fucking like it we tell you that's done
very well but it's at the same time if
you're like a 19 20 year old girl and
you like fruity babes and stuff sure
they seem to ship for you they say this
you're you this is something that at the
end of a hard day you come home you want
to relax you're watching sir this is put
your feet up and relax I like to watch
Xena Xena Warrior Princess is John Xena
no Xena Xena Warrior Princess you like
John Xena no I'm not going to judge you
but it's uh you just sit down you relax
with a nice fuck with a nice mature
flavor oh wait till he gets back just in
case he wants to add anything but I'm
done it's a really good flavor thank you
so much guys for sending it I'm not
giving it a positive review because you
sent it
the review because it's a well-done
juice you're gonna call a spade a spade
this juice is well done it's textured
it's a nice creamy exhale I like it a
that's beard vein batch number 51 great
stuff you guys have a great night have a
good wine did you want to say happy
vaping no no I didn't oh good

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