Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #42

April 24, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #42

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #42

By Ekaterina Mironova

#42 E-Liquid by Beard Vape Co is a fruit cup and whipped cream flavoured liquid.

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #42

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Beard Vape Co - #42

Haidee film is Rachelle and we're here
to do another one quick one ejuice
review this time we're going to be
looking at beard they've chose number of
42 and it's cold cold fruit cup so you
can find this at premium vape
if you use the code vwm 10 you're gonna
save 10% off your order
so three milligrams of e juice coming
fresh out of the box this is a 60 mils
looks just like this still got the
plastic on it so I'm not going to look
at the description of the juice I will
list that description right up here I'm
gonna go ahead and take the plastic off
this because I did not review a I did
not open this to review today when I
have filmed everything else and found
out I had no um sound and figured you
know what I'm up here it falls in the
kind of flavor profile the other ones
were so I shouldn't have to rework I can
just simply dry bring the cotton off and
try this and it's helped it it was easy
to get this plastic off all we're gonna
kind of just break it like that let me
smell it I'm smelling definitely a peach
and a pineapple maybe even a little bit
of cherry in there so we're gonna be
trying this on top of my minikin 1.5
with my recoil RDA on top we're gonna
beat it at 50 watts I have it at a point
three build so let's give this a go and
see what we can
oh I hate that about plastic snuggle in
there or that it's still on there I can
already tell you I over drip so this is
got a gurgle
there's the pop that's interesting
I definitely tastes like I'm eating
adult for like a fruit cocktail
there's even a little bit of pear in
there and I almost want to say there's a
COO Oh some kind of cool uh cuz it's
like a coolness factor but it's
definitely not menthol this is really
really good I think I'm liking the fact
that that pears on the back end it on
the inhale you're definitely getting
like a pineapple maybe with a little bit
of cherry on it but on the exhale I
definitely taste a very fresh um pear
which is so nice and that coolness
factor that this ejuice has that's not a
menthol sets it apart so this is
absolutely really really good I do enjoy
it again I would definitely check it out
at premium vape supply again this is a
really short aegis review so I hope you
enjoyed it if you did please give it a
thumbs up leave any questions or
comments you have down below and as
always I'm hoping you're having an
amazing day or night whenever you're
watching this
stay tuned to the next video and until
then stay pond

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