Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #32 E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #32 E-Liquid

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #32 E-Liquid

A uniquely flavoured Cinnamon Funnel Cake e-liquid which works remarkably well, a great tasting vape with the savoury and sweet flavours complimenting each other incredibly.Prominent Flavours: Cinnamon Funnel Cake

Vape Review of Beard Vape Co - #32 E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Beard Vape Co - #32 E-Liquid

hi guys welcome back to veto and smoke
poll here ke ladoo nani like we do here
that's right and we'll check for flavors
from there build week or the eagle yeas
I've got four flavors from there build
vehicle we've got the drop earrings and
the not so drop orange which I'll go
through in a second okay these juices
web things me see for the purpose of
review by vapor for life so guys uniform
of the WWE par and then the number four and you can check out the build
a vehicle unite with okay they've also
given a vehicle spoke a bit don't smoke
view of a special 15% discount code and
it's VPS 15 so be BS 15 for 15 percent
off so thanks to people for life from
doing that so pale so guys I'm going
forward to that's when I'll actually
have a lot about the build vehicle and
not actually tried any other of jerseys
so if you look over our beautiful lakes
website these are sailing for $19.99
don't forget you get 15% off and you can
pack them up and the usual nutty things
jamesy or three sets of twelve and and
these are nice the darker gray portals
are actually a 70/30 VG PG and the later
three is sixty forty so 60/40 so these
are higher VG so kite as you can see a
calm and a lot of cardboard box and
built right now over we got a little
picture and you get everything that you
need to know on the box as well open it
up the box we do get a soft ml glass
bottle and it's got a glass dropper and
save and there as the bottle as well
source penny way working for that okay
so you can see you've got all your
information and everything else on the
label the botanist in the stuck-on look
quite on mainstream
as well such good quality presentation I
certainly presenting our care and
attention but what does the juice taste
like the first one mobile case is number
71 I'm number 71 as a cannot spend on
peaches and cream it says on the Box
sweet and so on sugar peach Oh
quick and shout so much sugar peach very
interesting at all velvet color of at
least nice and clear we can almost dark
yell whatever guys that could be
interesting as well so guys stand back
and be ready for that stopper yeah I've
got the stompy I've got the one on coil
or 0.9 coil 23.7 watts
let's go fir with number 71 Oh peaches
guys peaches are the dominant flavor
here and you're packing up like leave at
the back is rare when it's on it's not a
fruity peach it's like the little
sweeties you get that are cobbled and
sugar I can see exactly what I'll try to
do here it's just a little candy sweet
that you can get very very nice I love
peach lips to be honest games but that's
as like a it's that sweetie peach which
is really coming through it's very very
good you get that you get the peach
peach is a dominant flavor you get like
a sweetness to it and then you get a
back trim as well at the end which kind
of smells it Mills I easily an Aldi a
bit and step out and Wally's flavor is
available you want to have another one
very very good very very good okay guys
we're going to move on to number two or
should I say a number of 24 yes number
24 that's one is salted caramel malt let
me clean out the whack I'll be back on
that you guys so I'm back I've got a
clean wet and we've taken a number one a
24 a lot
eighty-four salty caramel malt is week
one of the pretzels were one of those
big drinks so here we go I'm excited but
that's one that's one she's making it
play school for it it's not as sweet as
I was expecting to and it's caught in my
mouth which is really nice and you're
packing up they'll pick up that caramel
games but it's not sweet it's almost so
it's like salty that's exactly what the
20c is but it goes creaminess to it
it's creamy up more than sweet if that
makes sense it's not linked up kind of
soft it's not like that it's like a
creamy caramel flavor
towards caught in your mouth much
this is which I should call this again
what is it carpet is like the almost
like the fudge bar you get except
caramel and it's got cream s but very
nice very very nice very waterish I want
to have another beep get great for
getting up the main thing about that's
one gauges when you think I carry mail
you meet like of really really sweet and
heavy it's not that at all it's very
very weight my first one it's very very
late and it's creamy too is well and
suspicion either then all DV but that's
seen something from economy very very
good okay that's like in stocks Bible or
live like number peering age we are
going to check out number 52 and that is
one from the 60 40 DB PG inch I will
check you later number 42 and that as a
delicious sermon funnel cake or on the
office cinnamon which changes the work
of a Connecticut he a song by I've got
clean work as I wonder getting very very
foggy so are doing number of softy to
know it is a delicious cinnamon funnel
cake by Tommy
oh you're getting the cinnamon really
really hot not cinnamon flavor if you
like some engage you will really enjoy
that it's not hot like or cinnamon you
know it's not like lies a little bit
more meal but if you're getting that
sentiment east
well what about I can't basket your BS
in the background is real but they mean
for you are here as that settlement
really really sweet
it's not hot but it's calling your
mobile I can piece it note it reminds me
of one of those camp bungees you're
using you can get and the little button
keep from like the pickoff means the I
love them is not our overpowering
cinnamon which could put out what people
are so we put off by it but you do need
to enjoy that can a sermon funky cannot
fly ball it's not too bad though so much
Marquis because not like five seven
engage but as you like that Keith then
you will enjoy that one's not too bad
not too bad
I could be fit and that same something
you so excel in it
what does it could be good I cups I know
that's all I'm going to China is number
finds and I've been saving this one for
last don't really exceeds a better
number fine it's a New York style
cheesecake wish already holy they do it
and they changes awake and I'll be back
icing all here guys I'm back and I've
got number five is a strawberry she's a
New York cheesecake with strawberries on
I've got clean wet and I know that those
from be pop for waste will be par for
lace calm check out in for a 15 percent
- chemical just use coupon code media's
15 so be des vape don't smoke okay I've
intentionally said that's one for last
guys because it's as good a topping is
going to be
it's going on our time tonight yes here
we go number five Oh doesn't and I
thought the phosphate I've just caught
the others been bang you'd be happy
straw these rapes all these flippy like
fresh strawberries not flesh rape that's
what orthotics but not like a horrible
cam increased Albany it's kinda like a
fresh fruit strawberry so with a little
bets me off you packing up our basket
obese and I clearly sit on it's very
very Ashley guys very very nice on you
is going to be tied cannot I feeling
that it's going to be good I love that
they believe our strawberry cheese can
do York cheesecake with strawberries on
top it's really sweet that sweet juicy
okay time Bershka abs and a lot of a
creaminess and the medal very very good
very good
it's very good guys very good I'm
can you say he'll June babe the gays
yeah it's not a horrible chemically
store but it's I mean 15 fresh fruit
store dealing with gifts you better stop
me yeah I clearly set up court my life
we should meet miss mail and you got a
lot of our basic ABCs be feeling
viennese engagement or so surprised that
is the best before last trade it's my
favorite so far very very good number
five the guy that is the face in a 4-3
loss bond bill that would be cool that
was trade to have trade 71 with trades
was that 124 and with trade softy to and
number five wenzer the new york
cheesecake with strawberries on top very
very good okay to be novel rate www-wait
calm these are $19.99 for our soft ml
glass portal use coupon code the DX from
BBS 15 or 15% off fantastic thanks to
pay profiling for sending these on three
father poppers overview but of course
that hasn't affected that tiny not just
going near that is main and main award
guys please nap over to facebook and
join the facebook group it's called big
don't smoke you can follow me on twitter
update don't smoke 82 by as always guys
more important in all that take care and

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