Vape Review of Bear Berry by Coil Hunny E-Liquid

April 16, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Bear Berry by Coil Hunny E-Liquid

Vape Review of Bear Berry by Coil Hunny E-Liquid

Berries, berries, and even more berries. Bear Berry uses sweet and sun ripened red, black and blueberries to create this masterpiece of an eliquid. Delectably sweet without being overpowering, Bear Berry is your next all day vape. Prominent Flavours: Red Berries, Blackberries, Blueberries

Vape Review of Bear Berry by Coil Hunny E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Bear Berry by Coil Hunny E-Liquid

what's up YouTube good beeps back here
again for another juice review we've got
alpha and lambda and Omega it's working
so we're bringing you berry berry today
tell them about bearberry bearberry it's
made by coil honey it's a the flavor
profile says to take a trip to the berry
patch and enjoy the taste of sweet Sun
ripened red black and blueberries this
was given to us at a vape northeast by
underdog distribution for the purpose of
this review they were really cool guys
almost of the week from yes colorín
colorado they're really cool dances to
join them at vape North East or in North
West they're gonna call it at Colorado
and they told us they put us up and we'd
be able to hang out so we might be going
up to Colorado gonna be a good time so
also we're provided by another company
cotton candy cotton and it's premium
vaping wick ready to use no-boil cotton
completely flooded I would say it's
fluffy it's like it's a it's pre boiled
down and has no flavor no odor and so
far it ripped the juice in no break in
taste yeah it's really good so far so
let's give this a rip get down to the
berries oh and he's also coming 150 ml
bottles we got a thirty unicorn to try
but it does come in this unique
qualities are pretty cool too it's like
a like a honey bottle
that was so smooth it's it's the
smoothest group I think I've ever had
like very wise there's really no throw
head at all it's it's almost like a like
a hundred percent VG type to use but I
don't it's not it's just a maxim easy
but this is so smooth I know you get all
the berries I can't distinguish the red
and the black and blueberries it's a
full body berry blast but it's almost
like there's a creaminess to it but it's
not creamy and it's not milky at all
there's no cream in the profile but it's
so fascinating Riggins
the vapor is almost like cream and it
deeper I don't know it's it's just so
smooth that it gets like creamy and no
bite I give a purpose for day yeah yeah
this hasn't an all day baby it's in all
days even on this you get the full berry
flavor that milky vapery not milky
flavor but milky vapery cream eautiful
greenest smoothness to it beautiful like
I said I can't tell that the profile I
can't I get different berry notes on
yours but it's still just rating very
very smoothness and I know they have to
list out berries but I can't pick out
two blackberry two red berry the
blueberries I can't
yeah it's not made like that unless like
maybe you are so kind of like very
efficient oh I have no idea but it's
it's bearberry for days let me tell you
it's straight on berry smoothness so
it's really good
I can't get enough of that this is
really really good you may have a
flowing single I wonder why you see not
used to it this is so I can't get over
how smooth it is it's just it should be
called very very smoothness you're not
this crazy hot bill I are like a super
fat staple coil building here that I
built we've known that crazy hot build
it's there's no bite there's a super
smooth yeah it's just really good
and if she's given to us the last night
we waited we should have picked it up
because they had to 150s there and we
were just talking to him and we were
walking around so much and we couldn't
get it he had one more in three that he
gave me for nothing along with this one
for the review but that's all he had
left he told me to give him a call and I
mail it out to us and I was like a real
review it and I'll see you know I'm not
really keen on just straight berries
when I tell you this one I'm probably
gonna order it tonight or tomorrow I'm
probably almost really good he's bottled
in California USA the factions awesome I
love those drew my attention since you
walked into the expo yeah like I feel
like a mustard cab
take a mustard cap but bear berries
definitely a plus on point they have a
whole nother line like underdog carries
the mass majority of these massive
company distribution so to say I'd carry
all of their juices we don't know but of
this one I would 100% say I vote yes I
vote yes so that's 2 over 1 Omega if
you're watching you're voted that's no
matter what we're I'm sure he would vote
yes this is delicious I think you would
too and I know when we were there he was
too talking about it we all wanted to
pick one up but they were gone so at
least they sold them they didn't have to
give it to three Schmucks like us I
really enjoy I would think that
everybody that loves berry was enjoying
this so if you enjoy berry make sure you
get a hold of who did you give them the
website yeah website is that it's not on
here so just coil honey bear berry and
I'm sure it'll come up Google's helpful
for those types of things yeah so this
is definitely taking a trip into the
berry patch all day yeah summer times
coming up to is a perfect summertime
babe yeah I'll give you that in this
kind can be it's not bad I wouldn't say
it's one of my favorites but it's not
bad it's good it works and I like how it
takes it in like almost like the cotton
bacon it was like super absorbent us the
Japanese organic I love but it takes a
while I'll let us sit there and soak in
and I think that's my favorite but I
like how these just instantly wick and
it's so much easier but thank you for
joining us again and make sure you check
out casado org not blowing smoke gorg
make sure you check out all the
different links below to buy this we'll
try and find a couple different sites
but you can only find the one I'll drop
down to one but I would check it out I
would buy it and I think that's about it
I believe so yeah and don't forget to
watch I got the giveaway for the DNA 200
April 6th will be the giveaway
des and we will announce the winner on
April 6th or 7th will do the drying out
of 6th in a video on the 7th or will do
the video on the 6th and drying on the
6th SC when we get together and do it so
get entered it's on the Bluebird review
yeah so check that out and do it that
says I think it's like hashtag good
giveaways and where you shared it on
what platform yeah and we encourage you
to share these videos if you enjoy them
share them on your social media so we
can get some subscribers we can get some
comments below you know comment below
let us know what you think let us know
if you have something that you want us
to review you know you're thinking about
sudden you're pondering on it should I
buy this should I buy that there's lots
of stuff we'll give your arms and
interviewed our opinion might be
different than yours but you'll get a
different opinion opinions are like
assholes summer stinkier than others but
anyway you guys have a great day good
beeps out we're out

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