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Bazooka Vape blends your favorite iconic fruits with mouth puckering sour crystals! Watermelon Sour Straws is beyond delicious with its gushing watermelon flavor and wicked sour notes! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: 60mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Bazooka Vape Watermelon Sour Straws BEASTLY BECAUSE Sour is the name of the game with Bazooka Vape! If you enjoy tasty fruits with a nice sour kick to it, you simply can’t go wrong this these BEASTLY flavors! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of BAZOOKA VAPE WATERMELON SOUR STRAWS

today I have bazooka sour straws
watermelon edition hey there ladies and
KJ angio is back in the house this time
I have an illiquid review of watermelon
sour straws from bazooka vape they're
located out of Los Angeles California
nice 200 mil bottle we're talking right
here it sells for $44.99 over at vape
society supply or you could get a sample
pack of all three of their flavors for
$4.99 each and 15 mil bottles okay I did
purchase this I did pay for I did not
get a free for review
I was curious after I had the strawberry
ones I'm like I got to try the
watermelon ones out I'm going to try to
get the Apple ones also there's a sour
apple version like to try that as well
so this shipping on this is going to be
six dollars and 43 cents from vape
society supply the ratio is a 70/30
blend 70 VG 30 PG nicotine strengths
available are zero three and six
milligrams as I mentioned there are
three flavors in their product line they
have strawberry green apple and
watermelon today I'm going to review the
watermelon sour straws the flavor
intensity of this one I'd say is
moderate okay so there's like low
there's high moderates right in the
middle that's where I'm at
steeping is not needed for this e-liquid
you could purchase it from vape society I will put a link to them in
the description down below so you can
order your own bottle today alright so
the packaging is very much like the last
one in fact it's exactly like the last
comes in this nice box right here as
warnings on the back on the side here's
what it looks like on this side here's
what it looks like you open up the
and inside you have a tray that comes
out which houses the main bottle just
like that and you also have these two
empty 15 mil unicorn bottles that you
could take with you on the go in case
you don't want to carry the big boy
around you know so here's a look at the
actual big bottle itself that is a big
bottle right open up the cap nice
unicorn tip easily fill any tank with
this or use it to drip although the
smaller bottles might be easier to work
with you know but it has all the
warnings the California prop 65 underage
sale prohibited as bunch of other stuff
as well
really like the design of the bottles
the budget of the bottle is like a
bazooka shell okay like you put in the
tube you know it's a bazooka that's what
it is alright so let's go ahead and do a
smell check oh my gosh it smells so good
smells just like those watermelon sour
straws in the little trays really good
indeed let me do a taste test oh wow
totally watermelon candy all the way Wow
sourness it's got watermelon it's got a
sour note to it it's sweet but not too
sweet okay alright today I'm going to be
vaping this in the twisted messes RDA I
got the IPV 400 that I just reviewed and
last I had it was 130 watts I think I'm
going to leave it there it was vaping
really nice at that wattage right there
alright let's do a few drips on here
make sure I'm all freshly juiced up slap
the cap back on here we go
Wow that flavor is really really good
really delicious indeed it's so true to
the form of the real candy you know and
I usually don't like candy vape so I'm
going to tell you right now the reason
in which I don't like them most candy
vapes have this weird kind of aftertaste
I don't know if it's the type of
sweetener that they use but it always
leaves a funny taste in my mouth and
also on the end of the exhale I don't
get that with these flavors not at all
so if you've been like kind of shy to
try candy vapes because of that weird
aftertaste that I'm talking about you
won't have it here definitely not here
it's really decent so delicious man oh
man it's just so delicious so delicious
like I said I don't like candy babes
usually I love this one I actually love
the strawberry one a little better but
that's because it's in my flavor profile
of strawberry vapes you know but this is
exactly the same just watermelon it's
done just right and it totally earns and
deserves a KJ antio flavor idiom five
out of five stars every day all night
and day this stuff is bomb right here
okay all right the vapor production it
is a 70/30
let me drip a little bit more and you
know the way I do my vapor production
tests can do in that way and going to do
one that way okay had to turn the fan
off before I do this test don't want the
vapor going everywhere it is a hot one
today again in Southern California all
right here we go
nice dense clouds they drop down they
definitely stay in the air all right
here's one for you guys out in YouTube
land definitely clouds up rather nicely
wouldn't you say so I know where I'm at
this flavor I'm going to give a vapor
production rating of 4 out of 5 stars
that's what I think it deserves really
great I mean it's almost four and a half
stars it's like so teetering on the edge
you know really a lot of vapor dense
paper stays in the air what more could
you ask for you know so that's it that
is my take on watermelon sour straws
from bazooka vape go get yours today
over at vape society I don't
think you'll be disappointed if you like
the flavor profile you're going to love
this juice alright so I think that's
about all I got for you on it I really
thank you guys for watching if you
enjoyed the video you know the drill hit
that thumbs up button show me some KJ
Andy oh love and if you haven't
subscribed go ahead and subscribe I got
a lot more stuff coming up folks all
right you guys take care have a stellar
day be excellent to everyone most of all
remember me I'm KJ Andy Oh your host
with the most see on the next video

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